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News Archives - October 20, 2000 - November 6, 2000

November 6, 2000 1:02 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Wallpaper Tips
More thanks to give out, this time to C. Neill, who sent along the following method of spicing up your desktop:

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site Zeus Heaven, and to drop off a tip you might not have thought of: I loved the startup screen backgrounds in Zeus, and was able to make them my wallpaper by going to c:\Impressions Games\Zeus\Data\ and double-clicking on any of the following:
any of the Zeus_FE_... files
any of the Zeus_load_... files
any of the Zeus_map_... files

This (for me) brings the image up in a Netscape/ IE/ Neoplanet browser window, where you can then right-click and 'Set Image As Wallpaper'. Zeus_victory is a personal favorite. I find the images look best when the wallpaper setting is on 'stretch' (rather than 'tile' or 'center').

November 6, 2000 12:59 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Zeus: Sequel of the Year?
Thanks to Angel Thunder from AOKH, who sent news my way that Zeus: Master of Olympus has been included in this GameSpot poll, asking which is the best sequel of the year.

So, get voting!

November 5, 2000 8:14 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
It's an "Ekplixi"
Seems like the Zeus bug is sweeipng all round HeavenGames at the moment - the latest victim is Cherub Sunshine from Age of Kings Heaven. Whilst browsing around in the music folder, she found...well, let her explain it:

I went into the "Zeus" folder then I went to the "Audio" and then "Music" folders on my hard drive, and I found this song which is sort of funny. It is not in the game like the other songs, it is just a extra which was added.

This song does show that the impressions crew really was having lots of fun making this game. The song has voice from the game put into the song, so it sounds sort of funny.

I don't know if any one else has tried this, but if you haven't, you really should.


Over on the official forum, The Ancient One pointed out that "ekplixi" is the Greek word for "surprise". Hmm...

November 3, 2000 4:04 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Quick-Reference Cards Released
Impressions have also released some quick-reference cards for Zeus (in several different languages).

November 3, 2000 3:57 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Zeus Gold in Europe
Impressions have just announced that Zeus has gone gold here in Europe and will be on shop shelves soon (thanks Sinuhe).

Now, where did I put my tent and Thermos flask...time to do a bit of camping in front of my local EB, methinks.

November 2, 2000 3:21 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
P&M Gets the Gus Treatment
Another of our walkthroughs has just been posted - it's Angel Gustavia's little ditty on how to get through the Perseus and Medusa adventure. We also have a quick little message from Cherub mouse detailing another way of getting through 1 of the missions in that adventure.

Click here to check out what's new.

October 30, 2000 1:48 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Core Rewards Winners Announced
The official site has just been updated with news on who the 3 lucky winners of the first Core Rewards contest were:

I, Ares, was pleased with your efforts to find Zeus' name far and wide. I have selected 3 champions to receive my gifts. For the site which drove the most visitors to the land of Zeus, I pick El Hombre for his submission of the Sierra Studios site. Many people visited us from there and paid homage to the greatest god of all. The champion who submitted a site closest to my heart is Reckless Rodent, who showed me a land where Zeus is praised above all else, and all conversation centers around him - HeavenGames! Finally, all warriors know the value of luck on the battlefield, and this day luck was with El Presidente, for his submission of the Gameboyz site. Each will receive a framed, autographed Zeus: Master of Olympus box. Praise be to these champions and all other heroes who entered.


October 30, 2000 12:00 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Zeus on the Cheap
Thanks to Angel Draco for letting me know of a couple of special offers available right now on Zeus (at least for those of you in North America):

Zeus is on sale for $24.99 at Best Buy stores in
America. It's $27.99 at CompUSA stores all this week.

October 27, 2000 6:05 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
New Core Rewards Contest
Impressions has posted a new Core Rewards contest thingy on the official Zeus site. Here's what this one is all about:

I am Demeter, goddess of all that grows, and I summon you to help me search out a richest harvest of Zeus pages across the internet. Till the ground and unearth websites throughout the land! Find all pages where Zeus the game is praised. Or create them with the labor of your own hands! A copy of Zeus personally autographed by his creator will go to my champion - the one who submits the greatest crop of pages. To become a hero, enter a link to any page where Zeus is mentioned. Only one entry per domain name is allowed. I, Demeter, will look at all entries and select my champion on November 7th . Whoever has the most valid entries November 3rd by 3pm E.S.T. will be the winner. May your harvest always be bountiful!

Click here to enter.

October 27, 2000 12:26 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Bradius's Briefing on Jason
Today we see another addition to our walkthroughs section, as Cherub Bradius gets in on the action. He's written up a series of hints and tips on how to survive the Voyages of Jason adventure (the map you see here is Corinth, 1 of the colonies you can build up).

Check out what Bradius has to say here.

October 26, 2000 6:07 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Downloads Section Now Live
Huge thanks on behalf of all at ZH go out today to Angel Spineman, who has finished working on the new-look ZH Downloads Section.

It functions exactly like the one we have right now at Pharaoh Heaven, so anyone who has previously submitted cities and scenarios to PH will feel right at home. So, if you've got a city you're particularly proud of, then head into the downloads section and submit it to us .

October 26, 2000 4:14 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Core Rewards Update
Impressions's Marketing Weasel slapped up a post on the official forum giving the latest state of play regarding the Core Rewards competition:

Nope, you guys just submitted more entries than poor Ares can keep up with. He's sifting through them and will post his champion shortly. I know he's late, but... who's going to tell a GOD to hurry up?!

October 25, 2000 5:52 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Debut Day for Walkthroughs
Today sees the debuting of our brand new walkthroughs section. Now, I know it looks incredibly sparse at the moment, but we're working on getting it full as fast as possible (this time, the walkthroughs will be based on the full version, not on the beta).

A word on the format as well - each staff member here at Zeus Heaven will write up a general report on each adventure telling how he/she did it. These are not meant in a "you must do it this way or you'll fail" way, but should merely be used as a guide. Hence also why we'll have several reports on the same adventure - they're different every time you play them.

For the moment, then, enjoy .

October 24, 2000 2:05 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
More on SoundFrags
SoundFrags? I hear you ask. What in Olympus is SoundFrags?

Well, it's 1 of the cheat codes released yesterday by AVault. The only thing, is, nobody knows exactly what it does. I just got this email from Keith Bean with some info about its possible purpose:

In the zeus readme file there is mention of Soundfrags, and is used as a correction for sound cards that studder when the various gods appear, so I'am not sure this is a cheat at all.

If anyone out there is experiencing sound cards shudderings when the gods appear, bring up the cheat box (Ctrl + Alt + C) and type in SoundFrags - if it works, and solves the problem, then please drop me a line so I can clarify things. Thanks .

October 24, 2000 8:21 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Worker Percentages
Long-time forumer RSC carried out some tests recently to try to establish how many people in a typical Zeus city actually worked, and how many just lazed about doing nothing. You can find the results of his survey right here.

October 24, 2000 6:03 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Vox Pop
If you have a spare moment or two over the next little while, please take some time to fill out the new HeavenGames survey. It's totally anonymous, and will help us to target our services more effectively.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation .

October 23, 2000 3:34 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Cheats Confirmed and Posted
Thanks to the people who emailed me confirming that some of the cheats listed on AVault do in fact work (James Blond, JJ and hdrider). I've collated what they said and posted it on our new cheats page.

You can stop emailing me telling me what they do now .

October 23, 2000 11:00 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Zeus Cheats at AVault (perhaps)
The Adrenaline Vault has posted a list of cheats which are supposedly in Zeus. I buzzed Impressions about them, since cheats are usually only forthcoming after a few weeks, and through the official site (if the C3 and Pharaoh experience is anything to go by). I was told that they're "dubious", since the cheats were encrypted into the programming.

October 21, 2000 6:14 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
GameOver Review
GameOver get the distinction of being the first site to post a Zeus review; a positive one, as well - Zeus gets the big 90% rating.

It's been put on the new ZH reviews page.

October 20, 2000 12:35 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
Troubleshooting Tips
Impressions's Apollopalooza has posted a bunch of driver troubleshooting resources on the official forum. Well worth a visit if you've been experiencing problems installing or playing Zeus.