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June 13, 2000 8:37 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Misc. Comments
Impressions's Kraken has been busy on the official forum once again, and has posted a couple of little things which I thought might be worth mentioning...

First off, we have a comment about the interface shown in the screenshots released last week:

I'm glad that you like what you see. It took a lot of effort to get it right, and it's still not entirely done. We're all convinced that the work paid off with an interface that's more compact and easier to use.

We also have a snippet about the flags which can be seen in the shots:

Those are placeholders. Their function and final appearance aren't yet designed.

June 12, 2000 11:10 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Artwork Comments
Impressions's Kraken has posted the following reply to the various comments in both our forums and on the official one that the graphics in Zeus look a bit too cartoony:

Individual building graphics are still subject to change. The overall look, though, is that desired by our Art Director and Lead Designer. Zeus is intended to have a slightly more whimsical overall feel -- it's a deliberate move further away from photorealism.

That post is here.

June 11, 2000 8:45 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Screenie Speculation
Well, it sure didn't take long. We now have several threads in the Zeus Discussion forums talking about the screenshots which were released on Friday evening.

The most active of those at the moment is this one, in which Cherub Bradius turns detective and uses all his Sherlock Holmes skills on some of the shots.

1 more quick thing - thanks to Angel Zen for fiddling about with this news page to make the columns here <-- and here --> display properly .

June 10, 2000 5:13 PM Angel Reckless Rodent
AVault catching up...
The Adrenaline Vault have now posted some screenshots from Zeus. Don't get all excited though, since they're exactly the same as the ones which were posted yesterday on Impressions's site.

June 10, 2000 10:31 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Zeus Preview @ Gamecenter
Well, now that all the major gaming news sites seem to have gotten their hands on the Zeus newsletter, I guess we'll be seeing plenty of previews popping up all over the Net during the next few days.

Anyways, hot on the heels of AVault's pretty nondescript offering yesterday, Gamecenter has posted something a bit more substantial, complete with 4 screenshots.

It's been added to our ever-growing previews page.

June 10, 2000 8:10 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
NS Problems Fixed
Thanks to Sinuhe for pointing out a problem in NS which forwarded you automatically to out "you are lost" page. That's now been fixed .

June 10, 2000 8:00 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
More screens to come soon
That's what Itchy is promising in this forum thread:

We put those screens together yesterday from the latest build - the Art Dept. was looking to put in a mix of structures, activities and landscapes. Hope you like 'em.....more will be on their way shortly.

June 10, 2000 4:34 AM Angel Reckless Rodent
Welcome to Zeus Heaven!
Good morning everyone, and welcome to Heavengames's newest little baby, Zeus Heaven!

This is a site dedicated to Zeus: Master of Olympus, the upcoming latest installment of Impressions Games's city-building series. We hope that we'll be able to probvide the same level of service as we have at out other city-building sites, Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven. This site will be initially run by some old faces from those 2 sites, namely myself and Angel Jayhawk. However, as time goes by, doubtless we'll see some new blood coming through .

I suppose that's all for now...please take some time to have a look around the site - bear in mind, though, that not all the sections are fully ready yet (the history section in particular will get a few updates during the next few weeks and months).

If you have any comments, then please email me at the link above. Oh, speaking of links, I'll do something to make them more visible in the next couple of days, so there's no need to email me about that .