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Realm Defenders

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 6
The kingdom is under constant threats. Orcish marauders are killing and pillaging everything in their way. The King task you with building a fortress to defend the Kingdom. You are the first Defender of the Realm!
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Map Design5.0
O Noble LeRatonMopeur, your humble servant Tontos welcomes you in the best ever citybuilding Game!

Playability: 5
No bugs, the plot runs as expected.

Balance: 5
Essentially military. Tough food production: meat based food is basicly difficult to rely on, thus reducing population number. Only mints allowed, other materials to buy. Overall trading low.
All that nevertheless functional to "we will never surrender" scenario.

Creativity: 5
Things change unexpectedly.

Map Design: 5
Good knowledge on terraforming. :-)
I absolutely loved the way you fixed the way in for invasions. I never had so many ferocious battles with no hope for enemy troops. (Trap 'em is my middle name). ;)

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good explanations on what it is and what's going on.

Lots of fun, hats off, especially if it's your first try on adventure's design.

[Edited on 09/29/19 @ 03:07 AM]

Map Design4.0
Realm Defenders by LeRatonMopeur is a fantasy-driven adventure that portrays a story of a murderous horde, with an intent on conquering a kingdom. In this adventure, players are incentivized to participate in a series of defend-the-spot and conquer type scenarios with increasing difficulty.

Playability: 5
As a player who loves the military aspect of Zeus/Poseidon, I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, and I also saw it as a massive improvement to that of Praya Maya, LeRatonMopeur's first submitted adventure.

From the first episode towards the end, the player is faced with an abundance of challenges and hardships, and so this discourages players from building a thriving city with townhouses early on. Event design in this adventure also encourages players to stay alert for any militaristic and economic opportunities, a food supply that constantly keeps dwindling and hence forcing you to either request or raid your allies to obtain food by any means possible, and tough invasions that occupy the grand-scale of this adventure.

In this adventure, you start with a handsome amount of drachma, which you are encouraged to spend wisely; boar spots are protected by wolves and hill-tops, and so a little strategy is needed to obtain the best yield for meat possible; a choke-point in the map is also placed, and invasions force players to set up fortifications to repel such threats and keep the city safe. Elsewhere in the adventure, you are also encouraged to decide your patron gods and which temple to erect. Whatever choice you make can influence the way you play this adventure, and this encourages re-playability.

The fun factor was off the charts for me in this adventure, and so this adventure definitely deserves the top-marks in this category.

Balance: 5
I totally agree with Tontos' comments above. LeRatonMopeur has given this adventure the best balance possible. Invasions in each episode proved nerve-wracking but winnable; they were mostly situated on one spot, which encouraged defenses to be built in a single choke-point (I actually did experience a surprise attack from a different point in the last episode! And this was really surprising, in a good way).

A dwindling food supply may encourage you to either beg for food from allies, or anger a nearby vassal and allow you to raid them when they rebel; additionally, a sanctuary to artemis is available, if you decided to build one in this adventure. Based on such examples, the adventure always encourages players to stay alert, whilst at the same time, also encourages players to participate with key city leaders in the world-map.

Monsters also featured well in this adventure, and a good strategy is needed to prevent some from causing havoc - especially in the last episode; a nice little surprise was also encountered in the latter stages of the adventure involving lava events, which provided much balance to the potential revenue one could obtain in the game's latter episodes, incentivizing players to seek alternative means of income.

All this shows how much balance the author was willing to incorporate in this adventure, and was indeed, well received.

Creativity: 4
I do like the creative aspect in this adventure. The unique city names, leaders, the story and even the events increased the immersiveness players could get in this adventure. Monsters representing orcs for instance, contributed to this immersiveness.

Trade routes were done appropriately (i.e. sea routes by sea, land routes by land etc), but it'd be nice to see these routes not drawn as straight lines - maybe curve them or blend them with the coasts and mountain terrains of the world map. That would definitely be more eye-catching, than simple straight lines.

Map Design: 4
Good map design was explored well in this adventure. Silver ores were placed in areas that allowed them to blend in with their surroundings, meadows were placed and designed beautifully, beaches fitted reasonably well in their locations, and trees were placed in areas that allowed them to amalgamate well in their landscape, whilst not placed so densely as to blind the eyes, which was well appreciated.

The only subtle criticism I have are that parts of the cliffs had visual glitches (green and black spots) which detracted from their beauty a little. Some aspects of cliff design were also too perfectly linear, such that natural quality wasn't well received. Scrubbing was also sudden in some places -- it would've looked much nicer if scrubbing density was a little more gradual and subtle from none, to light, to deep, instead of none to deep straight away.

But aside that, every area of the map also provided a lot of functionality, which was greatly appreciated.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story provided was well married with the gameplay and the events that unfolded in every episode, which was great to see. The objectives weaved well with the story, and the way the story was told gave way to an immersive world of orcs and also a world of threat.

However, some parts of the story were a little sparse, especially the final chapter's introduction. I totally didn't expect that I had to complete a quest in order to make the rival conquerable, and it would've been better if a narrative hinting such a required event would be incorporated in that episode's introduction.

It would've also been better if there was more background to the orcs: Why did they want to invade the kingdom? What sort of feud or grudge did they have? What's their history? Why were you selected as the one to defend such a kingdom? I understand that you are the son of the King, but why did he want his own son to defend the kingdom? A test of worth perhaps? A matter of pride? Or does he want to get rid of you?

Additional Comments:
Overall, I enjoyed this adventure. Congratulations!

[Edited on 10/09/19 @ 04:33 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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