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Mt Adastros

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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 1
Open play map i made after being away for a while. Several events over a large time frame. Replayability possible with several cities randomized. Please message if you encounter a problem or glitch.

i believe i have updated the spelling to be correct and also added some more invasions.
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Mazeppa Fantastic map!!
File Author
feel free to rate it for me ;)
Map Design5.0
Map preview looked really nice and interesting. I'll admit Open Play adventures isn't usually my go-to. Without episode goals or objectives I feel it lack purposes, knowing there wasn't going to be a grand ending to provide the sense of accomplishment I seek. Well that's just me and don't bash me for this. :)

Before I proceed, I wish to point out the slight inconsistency with the name/title: the downloaded zip is "Mt Adrastros", while the contents (pak, set, txt etc.) are all "Mt Adastros", inside the worldmap/gameplay it is "Mt Adrastros". To load the adventure correctly, we will need to create the adventure folder and match with the pak name ("Mt Adastros"). This will not affect the actual gameplay per se.

My comments and review as follow, may contain spoilers.

Playability: 4
I played this on Hero difficulty, it was very much playable and enjoyable.

Like any other adventures, picking the right spot to start with is the key. I picked a spot near the marshes on the left, and worked towards northeast. The episode starts with a meagre amount in the bank, so tax and export were required as soon as possible to keep the city afloat, while expanding it slow and steady. Mt Adastros was pretty much self-sufficient since it was able to produce all the basic resources, including those for sanctuaries. The right choices of worship made the adventure a whole lot easier. More on this later.
Lot of events throughout the adventure. More rival cities appeared over the time, and their interactions with Mt Adastros shape the adventure. Unlike sanctuaries, monuments were optional but a good way to fill employments.

Balance: 4
Generally no issue at gameplay. Some of the rival demands were very huge, I reckon a challenge to players by design, some of them may seem ridiculous but definitely compliable if feeling generous. Though most of the time I just flatly refused them. Mt Adastros was prepared and backed with drachmas and military after all.

As previously mentioned, the easy Route One was to rush Zeus and Apollo. Basically made Mt Adastros immune to gods and monsters. This combo took a chunk of difficulty out from the adventure. So for a greater challenge, simply worship the others first. In terms of usefulness, Athena and Dionysus were better than Hades and Demeter. Blessing also amplified supplies when built around sanctuaries ie. Foundry, armory and studios around Zeus; Fleece and oil around Athena etc. Monsters were non-threat (thanks to Apollo, and their spawn points), but heroes are easily summoned for any military assignments.

Creativity: 4
A hint from the author that rival cities appeared during the gameplay will be random. A nice idea but will have to replay the adventure again to find out. There were 2 surprise disasters, one of which I was lucky to dodge. At the later stages though, it was just tributes, gifts, more gifts and even more gifts from allies/vassals, whose favor ratings doesn't seem to go down at all. Not sure if a bug or as intended, since it wasn't game-breaking so it's all good.

Map Design: 5
Map was spacious and full of resources, it still required careful planning especially on elite houses, the large sanctuaries and some monuments. Shoreline was actually limited despite seemingly otherwise at first glance. Meadows on the hills looked very nice and aplenty, although most of the meadow were wasted; only olives were allowed but neither wheat nor grapes, and sheeps only required a small slope of meadow on the side, or one tile IYKWIM ;) Copper ores wasn't made easy by the long route behind the hills, a well-designed hurdle. Lastly, kudos for the disasters that doesn't wreck the city.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well there isn't a story for this Open Play. I'm putting the average point here as not to drag down the adventure score.

Additional Comments:
Fairly solid overall. I stopped the adventure after all 3 monuments were done, 4 max sanctuaries, at over 650k drachmas and 6k population. An open play once a while wasn't too bad after all, a freedom to build at my own pace albeit some pesky demands and events. And just need to remember to replace the sheeps too. Maybe I'll check out the randomized cities with a new playthrough some time again.

Good job and thanks!

[Edited on 02/23/20 @ 07:21 AM]

File Author
thank you for your review i appreciate your input very much. I am currently working on another campaign, one with a more in depth story and what i think is a harder difficulty. I hope to have in on the site after another full playthrough. Feel free to check out my other map called Hermepolis and of course your input on that map would be appreciated as well.
theroarmonster I haven't been able to get this map to work on the steam game.
File Author
hmmm whats it doing? i have all the files im sure there. Mine is off the gog website but it should still work.

Just make sure you move the .pak file out of the folder that it comes in when you check it out in your documents.
File Author
judging from the downloads i would say people enjoy this map?

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Map Design5.0
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