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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 4+1 colony
Sent by your brother you begin a new city on the mainland, only to find things dont go quite as planned.

I have tested it several times and have not encountered any problems. Please notify me if anything weird occurs.

I put it as mortal but the beginning battles were pretty close as i had no money to play off enemies.

Dont wish to put any spoilers so play it and see what happens as i am pretty happy with the results.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It's playable, I didn't encounter many bugs. However, it's a very, very difficult adventure. I found myself constantly saving just so I can reload and do things differently. It's possibly one of the hardest maps I've played, but hey, I completed it after about 3 days.

Balance: 3
I had a lot of issues at the start, and at the very end. The final mission was very difficult, I had to reload dozens of times and clutched it in the end. I feel like some of the enemy armies were way too overpowering, and my soldiers could never catch a break and repair. But, it was still doable in the end.

Creativity: 5
It was certainly creative, I enjoyed the map of Tegime quite a lot especially. I wish we had one or two more colony maps, but still, it was a creative adventure.

Map Design: 5
I really enjoyed the map design in both the main city and the colony. They were quite challenging, but still well thought-out. Some of the natural disasters caught me off-guard, but even with those, it was easy to rebuild and replace the damaged areas.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was interesting, I liked that Demeter was included every time. I also liked the part with 'The Forge'. There were some typos and grammar issues however, but it was still understandable.

Additional Comments:
This adventure was draining. It took a lot of me not to give up multiple times. Like I said, I had to save/reload dozens of times to just clutch it. Near the end though, my army was strong enough to conquer all the rivals, even those that didn't need it. Just for pure revenge.

I had a bug happen. Near the start (SPOILERS) Hermes attacked my city, but he was stuck, unable to move in a single area near the north corner of the map. He stayed there the entire campaign. He was stuck between rocks and couldn't move around. So the entire invasion felt a bit pointless since he didn't do any damage to my city, and I constantly had the warning that my city is under attack. There's also an empty, green tile near the same area with a smiley face :)

Overall, it was very difficult, challenging, but satisfying in the end. I suggest giving it a go, but probably stick to Mortal.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Basically I'm echoing the points made by Samaramon (nice review by the way) and few comments below, with spoilers.

This adventure is quite challenging on Hero difficulty. Playable and there isn't any breaking bugs.

Both maps are well thought. In the parent map, the land is large and free for any type of housing blocks. The narrow cliff entrance is a great design for city defense. But it comes with a green smiley face :) There are a few nasty disasters expected to wreck parts of the city, it left some awkward tiles on the beach though.

Money is the key in this adventure. At some point money will seem abundant, yet no surprise it's barely enough for the quick succession of bribes. Some bribes are simply unavoidable especially when low on troops.

The colony Tegime is quite tough, especially if arrive with low money. The base city needs to setup as fast as possible, invasions and troop requests will come almost too quickly if unprepared. As one of the goals, here Demeter is actually not as useful as she will be later at Artamos.

Huge constructions, limited resources and the hold-on for military declines are the main challenges at the late stage. I must stress the importance of getting Zeus as soon as he's available - the absolute defense against gods and multiple invasions, saved my city and troops with well-timed prayers. Also it's cool to see 'The Forge' in here too.

Overall this is a challenging yet very enjoyable adventure, thanks!

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A beautiful map design that literally invites you to play the game; top-tier scripting that keeps you busy, aware and hooked at all times; and nerve-wracking invasions that test your ability to hold your own.

These three things made this adventure incredibly addictive to play.... And many incredibly surprising situations forced me to keep myself on my toes.

The fun-factor was off the charts in this adventure.

Balance: 5
There was never a situation that was impossible to get through, provided that you come up with a plan on what to do, which every chapter wires you to do so.

Many times, I found myself pausing the game and trying to come up with a strategy to deal with the challenges that surfaced every single chapter, but never was there a moment where something was impossible.

Things that force you to think out of the box, come up with a strategy, and act is what I really enjoy in an adventure, and this is a classic example of one.

Creativity: 4
Honestly, I'm really tempted to give this a 5.. really tempted. I loved how the story and gameplay juxtaposed each other really well in this adventure, and I also loved how trade routes blended with the world map to produce something eye-catching; Each chapter had different objectives to complete - and intertwined with the story, which was great to see.

But 2 subtle things kept this from being a 5:

1) the visual glitches. I'm pretty fine with that one odd visual glitch at the start of the game, but when the flood happened, the new glitches that resulted impacted the beauty of the landscape, albeit little.

2) The final 3 chapters felt a little repetitive, imo. I mean.. there are different objectives to complete, but the events kinda felt nearly the same, imo... just the odd good/ military request, a couple of invasions of 200+ men to fend off twice a year, etc.

It would've been great if there was some variety between these final chapters other than different objectives, or military declines... like, say.. Tydeas holding the other leaders hostage (as in the story), and you have to pay a ransom, or negotiate with him, or something really.. It would be interesting than having the same events to deal with.

But that aside, the overall creativity here was simply gorgeous; you can really see the effort and care the creator put into this.

Map Design: 5
Beautiful map design, one of the best I've seen. It made me think I was playing an actual impressions' map. That's how good it was.

Everything in the map was made with a lot of effort and so much care put into it. And parts of the map in both parent and colony maps also had functionality in storyline and gameplay, other than just a plot of land to build a city.

Not even that one visual glitch that appeared from the start hampered the eye-candy the parent city map had displayed.. and it would be a crime to drop 1 mark for such beautiful map design, just because of one small visual glitch.

Story/Instructions: 5
I loved the story, it was great to read. Cues were also incorporated into the story as clues for players to look out for in every chapter, if they took time to read it... and not once did they seem out of place with the story, or tutorial-ish.

Additional Comments:
A lot of favourite moments in this adventure.. but one that stood above all was Hades invading my city in the midst of all these 200+ man invasions.. I was literally scared, because out of all the gods, Hades was the only I feared the most as an enemy.

But thanks to your scripting, everything pulled through in the end. :) Great work, zeusposeidon133!!

[Edited on 05/11/20 @ 05:26 PM]

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