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In Times of Need

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Difficulty: Titan
Number of episodes: 8+1
Hello o/,

welcome to my second Adventure. This one is called "In Times of Need" and it's all about using the Gods's blessing to your advantage, even if you end up angering them. It has 8 Parent Episodes and 1 Colony and while the Gameplay should be fun and at times tricky, the story was really my focus this time, with a story with about 5400 Words put into it. I really hope you enjoy both the Map and Story that's attached to it.

In terms of difficulty it should be a bit challenging but nothing too major. Money will be the issue early on as your only source of income will be wood.

I tested this on Olympian and there were times where I ran out of Food or Money so I hope you will find a challenge here as well.


More? Yes More would be nice. More Fleece. More Olive Oil, More Sculptures. More Wine. More Room. Just more you know? The Gods could give me more but they are too self absorbed to actually make a difference, unless we make them.

I hope you will enjoy this adventure. I really enjoyed reading your reviews for my last one, in fact that's why I even made this one. I suddenly got motivated to start another Adventure while I read through a review. So please keep them coming! Thanks for your Feedback!
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Beautiful island map, and I love the title you chose.
Map Design5.0
I'm going to ramble about this adventure instead of writing out supporting paragraphs for each rating because it was just. that. good.

This was one of the most well-written campaigns I've ever played in this game, full stop. A legitimately well-written story with believable and convincing plot points, with a creative and challenging motif that had me looking forward to how each problem would be solved through the clever strategem of exploiting the gods' vanity.

The map was small and required actually careful city planning to get everything on there, but at the same time, provided me with the tools I needed to succeed through trade and careful construction. Fitting in the elite housing AND a sanctuary AND another supporting housing loop or two AND the economy necessary to keep all that going was a perfect challenge.

Balance-wise, the military invasions were a little too easy, mostly because they were predictable (assuming you don't save-scum prior to attacks). That being said, my designated sanctuary spot was west-south-west of the tree-covered mountain and my export and storage area was right at the entrance from the island, so Ares' invasions HURT. Economically, it was just the right amount of challenge; I was out of the danger zone by the start of the second or third mission, and comfortably wealthy.

Seriously, I'd give you a 10/10 on creativity and story/instructions if I could.

Critiques and suggestions, if you wanted to make it more challenging:

-increase the military strength of the invading cities by a bit (2 shields for the first few missions are fine, but a little more punch in the middle would be good; you could drop it back to 2-3 shields at the penultimate episode to make them conquerable by the limited forces you can make).

-I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of cliff errors; might just go rotate your way around the compass and see if they jump out at you.

-Add an optional sea invasion point with a couple of landing positions (I suggest the mountain swamp area and the western bay near the dragon mountains).

-Slap an "Ares Invades" event in (maybe for every 8-15 years or so) after you're a few missions in as a 'the gods have asked him to personally mess you up for destroying their temples' kinda thing (the mission where he drops a second dragon would be a good spot to start; "My dragon doesn't seem to be doing enough; I'm going to personally mess you up").

-Decrease the amount of bronze that your colony gives you; 16 is a nutty amount, especially if you've already stockpiled sculptures from having Hephaestus' sanctuary. I'd have been happy with 8/year, especially since you can still buy it from them.

Please don't take the above list as being critical of your piece. Like I said, it was on level with the published adventures, and the above suggestions are simply there because the story was so good that the tiny little things (like what I've listed above) seem larger by comparison to the quality of the thing overall.

For anyone else who's gotten through this ramble, congratulations, but stop delaying and download this gem of a campaign!
Map Design5.0
Some spoilers ahead.

Playability: 5
Moderate on Hero level, I'd imagine on Olympian would be a lot tougher. No bugs, the gameplay was smooth. An excellent adventure with real focus on city planning, less on military.

Balance: 4
This adventure brought a new level to city management. Early episodes were somewhat tough if without a proper plan. Starting up the layout, we really needed to be prudent with spaces, to stay simple whenever possible. The city would survive just on exports, enough to pay for bribes and limited imports if necessary. True to the story, once made available taxation was really broken, which made the late game somewhat easy. Money wasn't a huge issue unless the city required major revamps constantly.

Creativity: 5
I liked that the adventure was designed as fast-paced yet not too hectic. Brilliant idea that tie-in to the story, it justifies "tearing-down" each built sanctuary so each god would have their very own moment to showcase their stuff, and city's layout would need to adapt accordingly too. A very smart creation.

Map Design: 5
Compact but fair. Some tight spaces to maneuver, and each space around the map ultimately counts. Though the cliff doesn't seem to serve any real purpose aside from few trees. My city did end up using almost 95% of the land. That Zeus sanctuary at the end, what a sight.

Story/Instructions: 5
"More is good", which the story doesn't need much more because it was really well-written. There were helpful tips for each episodes too, what more could we ask for? lol

Additional Comments:
Simply superb. Can't find enough superlatives to describe this gem, NotDonne's provided a nice review and summed up most selling points, I'll piggyback some afterthoughts for the players:

-As the author suggested in-game, avoid reading the helpful corner (and these comments lol) if you'd like a blind challenge.

-Trees were really important throughout the episodes, handle with care and best not to remove any.
-Keep an eye on priests who snatch the sheeps/goats, they'd deplete soon enough and couldn't be replaced w/o meadow. Once a sanctuary was completed, best to move on to the next episode quickly, and remove the sanctuary before the priests reach the little ones.
-In Athena's episode, grapes and olives were made available. Before going for Athena, it'd really worthwhile to consider rebuild Demeter just for these.
-For those who needed space, Jason's requirement (4 elite houses, 2 ranches, and 3 triremes) would suffice for military needs - at least on Hero or lower.
-I agree foreign military could use some variety and buff (ie. higher bribe amount). If managed well most stuffs, especially bronze and their products will never run-out, be it from self-produced, imports or raids.
-For some reason I didn't get any Ares invasions throughout, and only 1 or 2 Poseidon invasions AFTER I rushed for Zeus. Don't dally around and to end each episodes fast probably helped I guess - w/o Zeus I would't imagine the horror Ares could do on such a compact city.

Overall a really impressive adventure. Definitely recommended. Thanks Acas!
Map Design5.0
love the map and the challenge it creates. it really limits your city and you cannot just build freely. i had to restart the whole adventure 3 times just so i could build my city correct and not spread things out. great story and was a decent challenge. i feel this is a Goldie locks story, not to challenging but not to easy it is just right. Also A++ for the story telling

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Map Design5.0
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