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In the shadow of Mount Olympus the citizens of Olympia compete in their own perpetual Olympic games, the contest for survival.

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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Very playable and enjoyable adventure with an intesrting take on hygiene and food.

Balance: 4
The food resources are sparse so you need to develop carefully but still, very manageable if you don't overextend. So that was challenging without being overly kard
The 12 marble a year was kind of annoying when you are building big temples. You should have increased it a little while the adventure unfolds (similarly to onions) as sometimes you sit endlessly waiting for them to arrive.

Creativity: 4
I really liked the fact that you can only resort to Appolo to fight desease. I didn't need artemis in the second, so i don't know if she is usefull and reactive enough to grant you food.

Map Design: 5
Intersting map, with not so much space but still sufficient to build a power city with a bit of planning

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions are a bit sparse, but at least very clear

Additional Comments:
I don't know if that was intentional, but putting saly moster as the only objective in episode 3 or 4 while having built the sanctuary of appollo make an insta win, without having the time to develop your city accordingly. So a bit annoying

Tips for cerberus: if you don't want him to ruin all your agora, build your city at the opposite to him (north), and build an empty agora (with a maintenance office) a bit before your city, toi bait him. Once destroyed, he will get back to his spawing spot, then rebuild and repeat
Map Design5.0
I wholeheartedly agree with most of the points made by the previous comments, that the author made a very detailed and interesting adventure here.

I played this on Hero difficulty. Below comments may contain spoilers.

Playability: 4
So it's possible to take a detour and do the whole adventure without the patron God Apollo. Episode 1 we need Hercules, his requirements of 1500 people require a rather large starting city of 100 shacks, or even more to compensate the number of people lowered by the occasional diseases. There will be plenty of workers, so all exports should be priority and as many as possible. It will be a challenge to keep the city fed though, with limited boars and little imported onions. Any excess and plenty of armors should go to Amphipolis, to exchange for Onions. During this period Cerberus may be annoying, but with luck (to win dem games) and other requirements done, Hercules will arrive for some clubbing in no time.

Episode 2, sorry Apollo, still not gonna worship you yet. Instead his sister Artemis should be the priority. Important to place her sanctuary as close as possible to the Hunters for blessings. Remember to occasionally pray for meats too. With fresh water now it will increase the number of population, and build more exports. Marble prices will flactuate and the low amount of import means it'll take some time to gather them, be it for Artemis or for Theseus.

Episode 3 will have another monster to deal with. Still a no for Apollo. And since we don't have him, this episode will not be an insta-win; instead, this may be quite a long episode. First to get marbles for Athena sanctuary, then to produce olive oils for the elites, while at the same time to prep for Achilles (fast). Hector roaming and targetting the bronze will not make this easy. Once military is up we could deal with the rivals that claim tributes.

Episode 4 require most patience. Gathering resources to build the Zeus sanctuary may seem forever. With goats at least food is no longer a problem. Slowly evolve the common houses to full, and expand more military.

Episode 5 is pretty direct. Infimaries and parks are now available to fill-up your city. Olympia should possess a large army by now and battle-ready, especially with horses available now. Conquer Sparta (and other rivals too if you may) and you're done!

Balance: 3
Definitely a nitpick here, there were slight inconsistency in difficulty between episodes. For the tougher ones, it was more like due to the long period of time taken to gather every resources. I reckon things will be a lot rougher and takes even longer on higher difficulty.

And then there was the issue at episode 3: if Apollo wasn't "ignored", we will miss the chance to build Athena, oils and other stuffs. This was a real impact to the subsequent episodes. An additional goal for episode 3 might have prevented this, as for the players we could simply ignore Apollo beforehand.

Creativity: 5
Very creative. Using the lack of water, infirmary, aesthetics and limited food at the start, to act as speedbumps to city growth, and the clever purpose of huge goals (with limited supplies) to prevent players from rushing thru the episode. Well-placed events here and there too.

Map Design: 5
A great looking map. Landlocked and no seashore, the Olympia hills look very natural and flatlands are large enough to build freely. Watchout for disasters between the hills, and notice the few meadows hidden between the woods and wolves.

Story/Instructions: 4
Short and concise. A well-written story straight to the point.

Additional Comments:
There was a rather funny glitch though. Completing the quest "Horn of Amalthea" from Dionysus gave me a statue of him, but it turned into a statue of Zeus at the start of the last episode, that's a funny sight. Also, I suppose I could feel sorry for Apollo and finally build him a sanctuary? Nope, only 3 max sanctuaries allowed, sorry Apollo. :D

This was really enjoyable. Thanks for the great adventure!

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Map Design5.0
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