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Fire And Water

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This adventure does NOT require Poseidon, also deals with Atlantis. Your dreams have been disturbed with the destruction of that great city. Can you prevent the disaster that looms ahead?
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Dancer Lovely adventure. I really liked all the unexpected events and tricks and at some time I even thought the mistakes. but I made it.
It's nice to have so many small test to perform. All completely different. It made me forget that sometimes the maps were a bit simple in design.
And of course I made the main city way too large, but you probably expected that to happen...

Mpowers Really enjoyed the adventure. The defence of the one city was incredibly tough with the serious time limit! I barely had troops ready in time to save them, the first time I didn't have them at all yet.

Teach me to take my sweet time.

Thanks for the work.
Frank For some reason I keep getting "text file not found", when it is actually there! Please help!
File Author
Normally, the "Text not found" message means that the name of the folder is wrong (should be FireAndWater, note the capital letters). But the installer I use is supposed to take care of that. Any chance you renamed the folder?

If not, try copying the FireAndWater.pak file into the adventures folder. This has been known to fix another problem.

Ramanopopolus The author has a great story line here ... it's too bad it crapped out following the parent episode which follows the first (and only) colony episode... almost as if the adventure were unfinished.
The first colony episode presents a choice of four sites relating to four tests ... leading me to think I have four colony episodes to play. Great! I thought. But after the first colony (returning to the parent), you're required to suport 3 triemes ... after that, it's open play! What happened to the other three tests (colony episodes)? You really expect me to play this four times to experience each test? Can't understand why it wasn't completed, after all, the maps were obviously there and all the author had to do was include three more colony episodes!
Please finish it, Gadget Don. You have a great idea here. A few more rivals, some monsters, disasters. Could be quite a challenge.
Thanks ... Raman
File Author
What Ramanopopolus encountered was the dreaded "Open Play Glitch", where a player finds that the adventure suddenly slips into Open Play. It can be avoided by copying the FireAndWater.pak file from the FireAndWater folder into the Adventures folder. The people from Impressions have said we should install the .pak folder in the "right place" which is why I don't put a copy in the Adventures folder to start with, but I'm rethinking this.

I sure hope they got the Glitch fixed with Poseidon.

MikeToth I just want to know how he got 11 episodes. I can only get 10?!?
MikeToth BTW. Just wanted to also mention that this one, and Athena's Anger are one of the only few that I have actually re-played several times. Very nicely done.
Old Zeus Really great adventure. Lots of different things to do. Lava time limit and limit on troops was very clever.

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Quite honestly, this one only provided mediocre fun for me. Probably the biggest reason was sheer disappointment. I downloaded it because of the hints of an engaging storyline. However, the story quickly faded. I was especially annoyed with the misleading episode goal of the Thrinacia colony episode, which (when coupled with the lack of story text explaining what will happen if you don't help Cyme) gives absolutely no warning that you only have 3 years to win the episode. The maps throughout this adventure were all barren and boring. Of special note is the Odessos colony map which has a flaw on the hill; any building you place there cannot trace pathing down into your city. This prevents you from using the hill for anything. Too bad, because it looks like the designer intended it to be a nice location for the temple. Then in the last two episodes back at the parent city, a goal is to build Hephaestus's sanctuary in order to produce bronze. However, the design prohibits you from having more than one sanctuary, so you have to tear down the two you have already built in prior episodes. Not fun. :( Now add to all this a lack of episode goals and a lack of much scripting throughout the episodes and you may understand my below-average rating.

Balance: 3
This adventure is definitely geared towards beginner or maybe intermediate-level players. Even they might find moments of frustration (losing the Thrinacia colony episode without warning). Advanced players will really find little to challenge them, even if playing at Olympian level. For example, some of the later parent city episodes have only one goal which is easily attainable within one game-year. Also, you are never allowed to build elite housing in the parent city (I recall only one episode out of 10 allowed elites).

Creativity: 2
Unfortunately, I found mediocre creativity. The maps are all sparse and barren. The storyline is sparse. The episode goals are few and don't really fit the storyline well. Some of the monster invasions are pointless because you already have Apollo's sanctuary in your city from a previous episode. And in the last episode, you can quickly tear down Hephaesus's sanctuary and replace it with Apollos. If you've pre-positioned marble, wood, and sculptures, you can even complete the sanctuary just before the 3 monsters attack - which means Apollo defeats them automatically. There is a general lack of interesting scripted events. Someone made a comment about a lava event being triggered as a cataclysmic ending event for another 'time limit'-type gimmick, but I never saw it. I was probably finishing the episodes too quickly. When looked at as a whole, the creativity seems like a general mish-mash that doesn't fit together very well.

Map Design: 2
The only map that was even remotely interesting was Odessos, and it has the irritating flaw on its hill. The others were all sparse. It seemed as if the maps had been thrown together with minimal effort. I suppose the maps will appeal to those players who like lots of open space to place their cookie-cutter housing blocks.

Story/Instructions: 2
The opening introduction in the first episode really captured my interest. That's why it was so disappointing when the story quickly faded after that. Also, the remaining few sentences that were presented in each episode sometimes seemed nonsensical to me. The words didn't seem to match what the episode goals were indicating. Finally, the lack of clear instructions in the Thrinacia colony episode is very frustrating.

Additional Comments:
By the time you finish playing this one, you might feel like I did - like I was playing an early 'beta' version, which contained only a skeleton of what the designer had actually planned. Too bad a more fleshed-out version was not released. Can't say I recommend this one to advanced players, but perhaps beginners or intermediate-level players will like it.

[Edited on 10/05/06 @ 11:43 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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