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Tenochtitlan. This is an adventure based on both the history of Atlantis and Mexico City.

The time is 10,400 BC. The capital Atlantis has already sunk into the Atlantic, but Atlantis still thrives in parts of the globe. Notably the kingdom of your father in the Caribbean.

As the story is told, you are betrayed by your brothers and exiled in the West. There you will found a new city, Tenochtitlan.

Tenochtitlan is the original name for Mexico City. It was actually founded by a small but aggressive tribe. They settled maybe around 1345 on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. Once established, they fought and conquered about 50 city states around the lake, part of the
Lacustrine Cities. I wish I could have properly shown the relationship of the cities in the adventure to the proximity of Tenochtitlan, but that was just not possible.

As I understand it, Tenochtitlan was connected to several of the cities and the mainland by several causeways that had bridges that could be raised to prevent invaders. The actual city layout is of the island in 1519. At the center of the island was a main temple complex. I tried to recreate this slightly diagonally with raised land to better allow for construction.

Since these were aggressive people (once fielding an army of more than 200,000 men), I felt that this should be a military adventure. You have only one trading partner to begin with and still need to acquire Atlantian technology. You must first conquer four cities that actually would have been on the coast of Lake Texcoco. One of your first aggressive cities is Texcoco, which was considered a highly cultured city at the time and may have made a good early adversary.

As you continue, you will need to conquer larger empires that actually would have been nations outside of direct control of the original citizens of Tenochtitlan. Eventually ending in dealing with your traitorous brothers. Also, since this is an island and is drawn
as such, military activity must take place on the water. So, expect to deal with naval warfare.

The names are actually taken from the kings and others of Tenochtitlan.

As Mexico City sits on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, perhaps Tenochtitlan actually sits upon an even more ancient city founded by the remnants of the once great Atlantian people.

I have wanted to build an adventure based on Mexico City for several years. It has been great fun researching the histories of both Tenochtitlan and Atlantis. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I have had creating it.
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joree Help!
I can't get this to load and I'd really like to play.

Yes, I've done the "copy the .pak file into the Adventures folder" etc.; in fact, I copied all the files as a hopeful fix to the crash but it didn't work.
And yes everything is spelled correctly.

Here's what I get when I try to play the adventure:
No adventure text;
Open play, no goals;
Partial shots of the map, symposium invite, and the thingy panel on the right (I'm sure it has a name and I'm sure that I know what it is, but I can never remember it; must be my brain tumor asserting itself again);
Then total crash into one of Billy's GPF's.

So, any thoughts?
Danielle Great game!!! Just the way I like them - long and somewhat difficult. My only comment would be that the cities are placed to close together in the world map and it makes it hard to see them (especially with my bad eyesight.)

I hope you make another game. I will be looking forward to it.
David That was a great adventure but it would be awesome on Age of Kings: The Conquerors
Chip This is great. Please more. Thanks.
File Author
With the assistance of Maggie in finding a good mp3 recorder and some helpful hints, I have completed audio files for the adventure. I just sent them to the miscellaneous downloads section. So you should be able to find them there in a few days. I must admit that I have absolutely no idea of how to say "Tenochtitlan", so my attempts will no doubt be funny. Anyway, I do like the idea of adding audio files to adventures and hope to do so the next time I do another adventure (I am mulling over a couple of ideas).

David, I really couldn't get into Age of Empires and such. Please feel free to translate this into one of those adventures.
osiris i have the same problems as joree.
no mather how i copy i still get open play etc.
any suggestions?
File Author
Hum, Osiris:

I think the problem is that this is a Poseidon adventure. You must have the Poseidon Expansion Pack and play it as a Poseidon game. If this is not the problem, please e-mail me and I will try and work it out. If it is a larger problem, I will try and resolve it and advise accordingly.

osiris Well Bradius, i think that's the problem,
we europeans have to wait until august before
we can buy poseidon.
So, i am playing with zeus still.
Is there no possibility that i can play this
adventure with zeus?
Thanks for the response.
Stringbags This is one hell of a difficult adventure at Olympian, early invasions, no towers, requests for food that is sorely needed, trade in short supply so money is short, wow!

I have only managed to get to the second episode I may have to knock the difficulty level down:(

homegrown Bradius, this is an excellent adventure. Somehow, I was able to support a city of 9000 with 18 full chariot companies and 6 triremes. Difficulty is right up there with some of the best. Wonderful story and implementation. The three quests in the last episode topped it all off very nicly. BTW, did you envison the Citadel of Poseidon on the central mountain surrounded by the city's hippodrome. It fit wonderfully. Thank you.
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