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Holding Earth

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Well here we go. The minor details of this adventure have been sorted out and I want to extend my biggest thanks two two testers, who spent a good deal of time making sure all was infact functioning correctly.

This revised edition has removed the bridging problems of the first adventure, and I have also made the colony Florintis easier to navigate if you choose to go to this colony at a later time during the game.

Have fun all, this adventure is here for all playing levels and has been tested numerous times now, all with success.

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Maggie Okay, someone needs to GET Bob... pay him back for his devilishly sinister maps!

I finally finished this adventure... after almost giving up when each new flood wiped out my frigates, piers and other fragile things like wheat farms and black-marble industry. (Grrrrrrr!) Hint to future players: BEWARE THE WATER!

Determined that no map of Bob's was going to defeat me, however, I did push on and eventually built a lovely, if fractured, city. A very challenging adventure, but also doable. Everyone will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when finished. Thanks Bob!!


DJF Once again Bob has managed to help you lose your mind when you think all's well! This was the best map planning I've seen yet, with all the surprises. One question, how did you get that "merchant ship blocked" scenario, I've been toying with the editor, and can't figure it out. Keep up the great work Bob!
Trevor Hall I played this to the end, with one difficulty.

In one episode, I was left needing sculptures, which could not be imported or raided. I did solve the issue, but it was an unusually difficult feat from a small colony.

The rest was straightforward play, with the final episode the simplest, probably due to good buildup done earlier.

The main map has plenty of building land, and ample dock space.

Floods were moderate, with the usual trick of set to slow speed and re-build immediately working OK. Attention is needed to creating bridges, especially after the floods.

The economy of the main island led to a balance well over 300,000 at the end, and never short of cash after initial build up. (This makes flood or other repairs easy to pay for).

I built up a large army and navy, useful for quick conquest when needed. I was ready for much more military trouble than I got.

There were some unusual industry restrictions, which I suppose were designed to make the profit goals more difficult, or perhaps set a limit on population size? For example, no oil press when olvies can be imported, and are gifted.

Monsters are easy to dispatch, provided the city is stocked with the usual resources ready for the hero.

In Conclusion
I enjoyed playing this. I liked the scenery, and played to the end (at "Hero" difficulty). There were no fatal bugs, but just one odd quirk I described.

Maybe this could have been more difficult in places, for example a little harder to call the heros, or tougher goals for population or profits.

adorina Hi
A very good and challenging game indeed.
I have loved every step of it, even when my frustration begged to get it's hands on you for putting me through all the hardship ;o)

I don't want to give away too much for future players, but one comment though....
I saw that someone had a problem with completing Heph's sanctuary in the 2nd colony episode. I really had to swollow my pride there, and start some serious buttkissing to solve that one. My biggest problem was to feed everyone properly, but finally I managed to padle through.

At present, I'm doing my best to build Poseidon's Citadel. Just hope those diabolic floods of yours aren't gonna give too much trouble.

Thanx a lot bobT, for a great, well-planned and challenging adventure! I'm really having a ball here :o)

Mazeppa The map looks great here. Dying to try out one of yours. One problem: what's with the exe file complicating the whole thing? -.-" Why not just putting the normal .pak file instead? I srsly don't know what to do with it; oh well. :(

EDIT: No probs, I finally figured out how to use the exe file :) . Annnnd I just finished the adventure. I wanted to write a review but I was just so hooked on this adventure, I really wanted to play it again after I finished! :D Truly, this is one of the nicest maps I have ever played. REALLY good! :D

[Edited on 08/15/14 @ 02:14 PM]

Mazeppa Sorry for double posting, but this is a tad too urgent for me to avoid resorting to this.

Out of curiosity BobT, was your Poseidon game patched when you made this adventure? I've managed to spot a really nice game bug playing this, and I tried to reproduce it by setting the same environment where this bug appeared by making a test adventure and playing it through. Sadly, that stubborn bug never appeared. :(

I'm using the Poseidon 2.1 version, and I believe you might have used the unpatched Poseidon version when you made the adventure. I don't know if it's true, so I need you to confirm if my deduction was right. :)

[Edited on 01/02/16 @ 03:59 PM]

I'm not sure if BobT's email is still working. I did a little detective work and as best I can tell, the Poseidon patch was released in late 2001, I believe in October or November of that year. Now, if you will read this forum thread here:,620,0,all

It appears likely that BobT did NOT have the patch installed when he made this adventure. At least that's the way I read it. As best I can tell, this adventure was never updated by him at a later time, either. Hope this helps.
Mazeppa ^ Oh hi Gweilo. :)
Thank you so much for the work you've done in order to confirm my suspicions. Highly appreciated, and I have to consider that in the future in case I've found other appealing bugs like that. :)

Regarding the bug, I've finally managed to re-create the same bug after so many trials and I have to say, if it wasn't for BobT's unique way of map-making and scripting tidal waves, I would've never even discovered this in the first place. :)

More specifically, it was a bridge bug that when done in a very specific way, can enable you to extend bridges on land. There's also another method I've discovered that allows you to even use bridges to link mountains together and create rafts or flotsams on rivers. Immigrants and walkers could even use the bridges as an alternative way to travel between mountains, thereby opening routes to mountains that were previously inaccessible. And the great thing is that there's no visual bug glitches (for instance, the cliff climbers technique with the avenues on cliffs which produces ugly visual glitches) and a save game can still load the same image again, much unlike some other bugs I've found. And this is very beneficial. :)

Now, since my adventure is based on a .sav file, this bug has really great eye-candy potential and I believe it beautifully complements a different style of play I've been trying to implement in some parts of the adventure I've been creating thus far. I'll definitely use it simply for these purposes, and I'll definitely put up a sort-of guide on how it works. I had to combine quite a few different things in order to reproduce this bug, and was quite tedious to do so as a result.


EDIT: Just imagine (1) creating an Indiana Jones style of adventure in .sav file form, and placing an escape bridge between 2 different mountains, just like the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Or possibly (2) a grave robbing scenario in .sav file form on a mountainous colony map that depresses to the centre, representing a graveyard of royalties, like Saqqara was historically, and beautifying burial ground entrances with bridge tiles. (There's one really beautiful bridge tile in particular that when damaged, could represent a sort-of mini-gateway that has cool appeal). And you could possibly add orichalc to the centre, with a goal of getting "X orichalc" for parent city, representing gems precious to the deceased ruler there, or something like that. :)

Or.. Or possibly (3) a colony episode starting in .sav file form, where a bridge between 2 mountains might be the only route to escape from say.. A huge Assyrian army lead by Shalmaneser III that would destroy a certain village visible in the map. Slap a population goal where you must rescue as many people as you can, with a time limit. Then a flood comes and destroys the bridge where the enemy soldiers are, whom are trying to hunt you down, and if you fulfil the goal, you win in the next month. (I seriously think I could use this idea in a "History of Sumeria" adventure I've been thinking of doing much later, in .sav file form). I can think of so many stories that could use this bug beautifully. :)

[Edited on 01/04/16 @ 08:28 AM]

Mazeppa, I like the way your mind works! Very creative.

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