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Megalomania + Voice

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This is an updated version of my original Megalomania:

1) Sound Files added after all these years.

2) Cosmetic changes to maps

3) Parent city trade rectified to follow playtesting experience.

4) I am curious to know if I have hit my Olympian target audience.

Please send feedback by E-mail:

-- Jeffry R. Fisher
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deepakm Dude u say u have compressed the whole folder, but when i decompress it its different files.
and i put the .pak file in both /adventures folder and /adventure/megalomania folder but it doesnt come in new adventures option, it comes in orginal adventures and if i start it, it quits to desktop, can u help me....
joshofet Prompted by a question in the forum about sound files I have downloaded this adventure. Could it be that the updated version of Megalomania does not play with Zeus without the Poseidon extension? I have tried to put all the files where they belong, but when I start the campaig it says Open Play, no goals, and when I enter the city it crashes.
File Author
Hi, I've been away for a few years, but I'm ducking back in to play again and answer a few criticisms.

My apologies for the zip file. It got all of the files in the Megalomania folder, but it didn't get the folder itself. I don't have the same computer I had when I created this adventure, so I just went through the download and installation process myself. Creating a "Megalomania" folder and placing all unzipped files into it made it accessible as a Zeus adventure.

Sadly, the disk on which I designed this adventure crapped out a few years ago, and I can't find a backup. Therefore, I can't make any changes. However, I am considering writing a new adventure with twists to challenge Olympian-level players (if they still exist).

The forum input I was using was evaluation of the gods (and goddesses). I thought some of the gods were under-appreciated, so I tried to make an adventure that would make naysayers think again.

The monster sans hero is one element: Please note that the Oracle of Apollo is available.

The outrageous population requirement is another element. I did it because this adventure is meant to be played at Olympian difficulty. If you play it at a "lesser" difficulty, then the high pop will overwhelm you with unemployment. Also note that Aphrodite is available to draw people in and keep them.

Gyms may be absent when you first want elite housing, but you can still demolish part of a common block to use a gym in place.

This isn't a beginner's scenario for players who need all of their needs met on silver platters. You must think outside the box (and play this adventure at Olympian difficulty). Come back when you're ready to be tested by the gods of Olympus!

PS: See notes on the original Megalomania, before I added voice files (

PPS: In case you hadn't guessed, my challenging toward the end was Zeus-style, tongue-in-cheek bravado in the spirit of the "See you in Atlantis, *mortal*" audio that comes with the game. In reality, I know that this adventure pushes the envelope of advanced-tricks, so it's not for everyone. If it makes you feel any better, I am about to try it again myself after nine years away, so I have forgotten everything. Wish me luck.

[Edited on 01/22/12 @ 04:31 AM]

blunderwonder I played this when i was very young and recently got the zeus/poseidon games and i have played them all the way through in about 4-5 days...

this was the first custom adventure i have done, have to say i enjoyed it, though i feel as if it were a very macro way to play with some of the more lofty goals. That is not to say it wasnt fun, the first episode had some micro type stuff but by the time i had gotten past episode 2, i had so much money i could basically do whatever i wanted. Also, and thank you for this, im not particular to "disasters." i dont like watching my city be ripped apart by things like earthquakes and things unless i know in advance where they will be, i would rather it just be difficult to have enough money/stuff and get those things through raiding or what have you.

thanks it was fun


i think it would be neat to make one like you did though, where its very difficult to produce any income, and add some sort of warfare into it though, so that you cant continually bribe people off, but maybe make only 1-3 pts of invasion or something of that sort, it would make me care more about the worldwide view of my city also, as i will very often ask for donations and things just because i can :P

for instance in your first episode, some invasions would have made it a bit more interesting, and not just using the rabble, i mean if you had wanted you could bribe them off or just give them lots of gifts to keep them away etc

[Edited on 02/04/12 @ 07:19 PM]

Mazeppa One thing I learned from playing this adventure: I'm an a**hole when it comes to managing big cities, lolz. Fortunately though, Aphrodite kept my people from emigrating, though their opinion towards me was horrible. Haha!! :P

I would refrain from rating this adventure as this was submitted back in 2001 and maybe perhaps modified in 2003. So I can understand why the adventure was not as difficult to me as it promised. But, playing this adventure was in all honesty, very easy for me and I never had any life-threatening troubles or flows of adrenaline playing this adventure.

First off was the fact that you gave the player a choice on what sanctuary to build early on one episode. Now, this was something I liked. :) However, the odd thing was, it didn't really look like as though it was a choice in the end :( . For example, I built Artemis sanctuary after saving my game so that I could raid for money and for fleece; and some other stuff. Unfortunately, doing so only resulted in getting 1 fleece which I think you'd agree, wasn't very rewarding. So the sanctuary to Demeter was a no-brainer thing to construct in the beginning, cancelling the Artemis sanctuary, followed by the sanctuary to Aphrodite given that you had to make a 5 digit yearly profit in that one particular episode.

Second was the money-making thing. The fact that I had a 6 digit income by the time I finished said episode diminished the fun I had from fighting invasions; the fact that I had to bribe bribe and bribe more meant that my sentry towers were just sitting there, giving me the middle finger because they were bored and wanted some action. So that strategy didn't really appeal to me whatsoever :( . Also because of that, this also negatively impacted the 'choice' you intended for the sanctuaries. Why on Earth would I have to end up building the gates of hades when my 12,000 population and my 3 well prospered allies would provide much more than the money hades sanctuary generates in a prayer?

What would've been nice to me though, would've been to:
1. Disallow tax offices and actually work for your drachmas by sending constant raids using the amazons if you built the artemis sanctuary, instead of sitting on your fat a*se in your big, lofty palace all day whilst a tax officer gives you a biscuit; and watching your people turn into criminals and laugh at how easy your watchmen would kill them... For 20 years..

2. as a complement to no. 1, increase the resources raided in each rival city. Since you've intended this to be purely on Olympian, that would've been ok, no?

Now THAT would've added to the choice you might have intended in episode 2 -
To build hades sanctuary for the money bonus and the mints?
Or to build aphrodite's so that people wouldn't emigrate due to either no wages that you'd eventually set up or the unemployment factor?
Or to build demeter's for the meadow bonus so you could grow your own resources and the wheat prayer instead of buying the beverage?
Or to build Artemis' for the amazon soldiers you could send to raid your own resources and the meat prayer?

Also, 3. Add a treasury goal instead of a yearly profit goal in one of the episodes. You don't want a player to have too much of a money advantage that'd he'd up bribing every invasion sent, do you?

The monsters were frustrating but that added to the fun and challenge, which I adore :) . Also, the fact that you didn't add any gymnasiums available, but using elite housing was also something I like as it allowed me to think out of the box and be creative with my city management. So kudos there on that. :) It was something creative and not what you'd see on every adventure. :)

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