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Demeters Cult

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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 6
Slightly challenging, but not to hard. Anyway -I recomend you to play it at beginner level for the first time.The adventure has a lot of triggered events, so it can develop in many diferent ways. Would you like to try them all?
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Perseus Boy,ur a builder. in the 2nd episode itself u create food problems. no allies, and wood needed for demeter's sanctuary.How the hell am i supposed to construct?????
Urchin spots are too little 2 entirely depend on them no food This is a not too good adventure. i rate it 2/5

[Edited on 12/18/05 @ 12:15 AM]

Andyblast OK, This is definitely not more than Beginner Difficulty. Here's how:

1. Demeter's Sanct. can be built in episode one with wood obtained after a little bribe to sparta with marble. EASY.

2. Kept waiting for Cerberus in Ep. 2, maybe authro just forgot (intro: Hades may get angry, you get wine gifts, total 32, one quest, no monster).

3. Why the 32 wine gift, need for Dionysus Sant. is obviated.

4. One can get Achilles in Parent 3 MUCH before Hector attacks. Also, Apollo is also do-able MUCH before that time.

5. 2 colonies are differing in difficulty levels by a lot. They provide same res.

6. No real constraints. Lotsa land, lotsa food (Urchin throughput is no problem before Demeter is up & running), lotsa armor, lotsa land trade.
File Author
Hi, Perseus! Demeter's Cult is SLIGHTLY challenging. What I mean is: it's not difficult, but you must use your brain to solve certain problems. Urchin posts do their job quite well, build more granaries to transport the urchins ("get"). Try to import max. food from Athens in 1st episode. Geting wood from Sparta should be no problem. Try fullfilling Demeter's
quest - it's not a goal, but it's very easy to fullfill and in return you'll discover Olympia, providing you with lots of food.

Hi Andyblast! Your oservations are mostly correct. (2) Cerberus is not planed to come to Eleusis (colony only). (4) I think mass destruction is not very funny, so I wanted to give you the possibility to avoid massacre - that's why it IS POSSIBLE to get the heroes even before they are really needed. (5) Indeed! I wanted to have it so. YOU choose which suits you more.

Thanx for playing my adventure!
aschmied So, I completed episode 1, but when it took me to what should have been episode 2, it took me to an unamed open play with no goals, no info, nada. Have I done something wrong?

Map Design4.0
Demeter's Cult is the first in a series of three Adventures designed by Pauletikos. It consists of five episodes, four parent and one colony, where you can choose between two different ones. I played at Olympian level and chose the Halicarnassos colony. The Mt Pelion episode seems a little bit harder.

Playability: 3
The map is rather easy. There is an ample supply of resources, and if any seems to be getting scarse, or unavailable, there will be a gift to satisfy your needs. There are some quests that need not be performed to satisfy the victory requirements, that may influence the way the adventure develops. There are also some monsters that need not necessarily be killed, but again, their death may trigger other storylines, I didn't check. One point that I found annoying is that (almost) all requests have a very short time for compliance. Without advance knowledge you can only comply timely if you happen to have the stuff lying around, but otherwise a late compliance is the best you can get.

Balance: 3
The whole adventure is a bit too easy to my taste. Military could have been a bit stronger, though I'm not sure a large attack from Sparta in the Mt.Pelion colony was scripted or the result of my (standard) refusal to give in into extortion. If it was scripted, the attack was too strong. Bribes are not an option to me, regardless of the money I have. Trade possibilities are often a bit limited, some trade items, such as armour and wine, are available, but sometimes cannot be traded, or cannot be used. I do not mind hostile gods attacking, but Hermes shutting down land trade for four years in a row would have been annoying, fortunately there was no land trade.

Creativity: 3
All right, there are some special effects, but they do not appear to play much of a role in the scenario. It seems the designer just wanted to show what can happen in the game.

Map Design: 4
The maps are quite nice, much detail. The colony maps are a bit small, but large enough for the purpose.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story is rather short. The instructions are clear, if there are alternative scenario lines, they are not mentioned. Some instructions suggest that certain of your actions could trigger effects, but it is not clear whether these events are really triggered.

Additional Comments:
After finishing the adventure I played the Mt.Pelion episode separately. A warning about the dog attacking would have been in order, but if you feed him a few citizens regularly, he will do little harm. More problematic was that Sparta became hostile and attacked me with quite a large force. Just to see what would happen, I gave in, planning to refuse paying tribute, but when I satisfied the victory requirements, the game took me to the parent city, and I still had to deal with Sparta. Shouldn't I have become a vassal to Sparta when I surrendered? Defeat can easily be avoided, so it is not an issue really.
Chrissiem Well, the first time i played this adventure, I got stuck at episode 2 with no food and no wood.
Then I read the comments here, and replayed it, trying to get wood from Sparta in episode 1 by sending slab over slab of marble to them, everything I got.


After 10 or more years, i received 8 planks of wood. not even enough to build the temple on the sanctuary!
10 Years further, Sparta still wasn´t ready to give more wood.
Then i lost the nerve to wait for another 10-100 years for Sparta to be nice enough to grant some.

I don´t know how you managed to play this!
As far as I´m concerned, this adventure is a complete waste of time.
LadySappho I enjoyed this one. Getting what I needed out of Sparta took a lot of gifts but they did, eventually, help out. The trick is never to demand what you need but to wait until the option to request it comes up. Then they'll send it right along, with their compliments. I didn't have issues with food at all. I just set up a urchinery on the little island and placed a granary nearby to take the output. I then put a couple of granaries near the housing set to "get".


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Map Design4.0
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