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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 4
Develop the craft of producing bronze products with Hephaestus's help. This is not a very difficult adventure - however you'll have to take care of lots of things. There are two different approaches to this adventure, depending on your decision in colony episode.
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rubleep I downloaded your file and I think it is corrupt. I will download it again and see if my disk was bad.
joshofet I don't know what you mean with corrupt rubleep, but if I put the pak and txt file in a directory "Lemnos" in the Zeus Adventure directory, the game starts normally.

I could play through the first episode without finding corruption. Because of the small trade volume it was certainly boring to wait until it finished, so the adventure might need some tweaks, but I have seen no corruption yet. Also the second episode, the colony could be improved, the third episode does seem to have a bug, but it can be played. Some goods that you seem to need just are not available. You can finish the episode without them, and in the final episode it does eventually come together, but it does take an awfully long time.

So if the designer is still around, please contact me so I can give some pointers on how to modify the adventure. It is not corrupt, but in its present form not very enjoyable. That can easily be repaired.

[Edited on 10/21/07 @ 12:09 PM]

joshofet I contacted the designer through the mail address given in his profile, but he indicated he is not actively involved in Zeus Adventure Design anymore, and will not be modifying the available three scenario's he uploaded (Lemnos, Cyprus and Demeters Cult).

I will review the three adventures in their present form shortly. All three are playable, and enjoyable, and will get favourable reviews from me.
Map Design4.0
Lemnos is the second in a series of three Adventures designed by Pauletikos. It consists of four episodes, three parent and one colony. I played at Olympian level.

Playability: 3
The map is a bit more difficult than Eleusis (Demeter's Cult), but still not very hard. Do not worry if you seem to be out of supplies, there is probably a gift that will help you. Like in the earlier adventure requests have a very short time for compliance. Without advance knowledge you can only comply timely if you happen to have the stuff lying around, but otherwise a late compliance is the best you can get. The first episode is troubled by Hermes shutting down land trade repeatedly. With marble in very short supply and fleece your only source of income, that makes it more difficult then necessary. I don't know why I didn't plan my city near the lake area, but I was happy I did. In the second episode I seem to need olive oil, but by the time I have it available, I win the episode. Maybe there is an alternative scenario, which I happened to miss.

Balance: 3
The military attacks in the second parent episode come a bit early. Maybe the designer had expected otherwise, but I always focus strongly on the victory conditions, and the hints in the text file. Still with a little help from the gods and clever use of the terrain it is a surmountable problem, but there could have been more warning. Here it is. After the rather hard first episode and the problems mentioned with the second, the third parent episode ends a bit disappointly easy. I tried to keep monsters at bay using rabble, which normally works quite well and often results in killing them, but maybe that was a t lower difficulty levels. The monsters are at most irritating.

Creativity: 3
Pretty standard. Seems like a pretty much linear adventure. The parent city map allows for continued sandbox play, I had lots of unused space.

Map Design: 4
The maps are nice, much detail. They do add to the challenge, though some challenges will take players a bit by surprise I'm afraid.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story is very short. The instructions are clear, but could be worked out more into a story.

Additional Comments:
I actually liked the first adventure by this designer better than this one, which I played first. Specifically the first episode I think lasted much longer than necessary, I was just waiting for it to finish. I may have missed something, maybe the designer intended a different style of playing. In hindsight I think all in all the design of this one is better. I would have liked a second colony, with just four episodes it is rather short (even if the first lasts too long).
ttantt I have attempted to play this adventure in Olympian and I cant seem to finish the first episode. Because the Kraken is in the waters, you can have no urchin, and Hermes continually stops trade and later in this episode there is no trade at all because Hermes returns before land trade resumes. Needless to say, I cannot make the housing goal. Has anyone accomplished this yet in Olympian? If so, hints would be truly appreciated from all you more experienced players. :)

Thank so much.
blunderwonder Im not the most experienced player, but I got past the first episode on the 2nd try, the first time was a complete failure. After the first episode its considerably easier because you're already winning sort of. The idea is to get 1 block of housing, maybe 1 1/2 blocks, but only feed one, and put your housing in between the estuary type thing and the ocean, right tucked in between the northeastern meadow and to the side of the copper. Then, you're going to have 3 fishing stations, and 5 carding sheds, the carding sheds are very productive and will give your housing/trade/gift needs with just 5 of them. The trick here is that when the kraken shows up, he will go back and forth between the different sides of the penninsula. So right on the bank you have ~3 fishers next to the granary that feeds your people, and you set it to get fish. Then not connected by roads, you set up another towards the south east of the penninsula and another a little farther up the coast. theres only a few places where they will fit, he will completely destroy fisherys in the lake, so those are more like bait for him. The real problem is that you run out of money, so you have to get people in the houses, and quickly get them into tenements (1 block will suffice, for all of this) and set taxes to high, wages to normal. This will make you around 1500 money each year, 1000 will spent rebuilding fisherys. And you can give alot of fish and fleece away and try to get donations of money that will help also. Once you get it up and running its a simple matter, i left it on 100% because (i missed the gift of marble, but its not important) After everything gets going, hermes will invade every year so you cant trade for marble, but every 4th or 5th year, he doesnt invade, and you get 12 marble. So it becomes a sit and wait type game for awhile, but through taxes and tenements you can profit a tiny bit each year.

also very important to have like 5 or 6 graneries on the middle fishing station(because thats where most of the fish will come from, he almost completely avoids those little coves) and 2 at the northernmost one, and then 1 or 2 nearest the housing block and the fisheries on the right side of the lake type thing(2 or 3 fisheries there to use as bait, you can use more if you have some padding in the treasury, youll be fine either way, but no reason to put a big station there because he destroys it quickly) but also they will quickly gather fish because theyre right next to granary and right next to fish

it will seem very simple after you've got your taxes going, because then you will always be making money each year, and just waiting for marble

/e i wont give any spoilers, but for me the colony was super easy, the only difficult thing really is managing your money in the later episdoes because to kill the kraken you need lots of marble.. so it really does help to do the quest in the colony mission to make delos a vassal, that will supply much of the marble. Theres a few invasions but nothing talos/rock throwers cant fight off. The last episode is pretty drawn out because there is another monster that you really cant kill till youve already won. So your just importing marble, exporting fleece/bronze, in order to buy the 200 or so marble it takes to build athena/zeus sanctuarys. I think right at the beginning of the last episode i made a 2nd block of tenements to support building the sanctuarys(and extra tax income) and after athenas sanctuary is done(if you place the olive presses well for blessings you wont have a problem using just 2 of them and having plenty of olive oil) then one block at a time i gave them olive oil, and kept them with tenement level culture (philos. and gym.). I think even at the end of the adventure I only had like 10,000 in the treasury, it stays that way pretty much the whole time, barely enough income from tax/fleece sales to buy your marble, any extra at the end is probably from the gifts youve asked for.

/e one more thing about the beginning, its easier to donate fleece/fish and ask for donations of money rather than marble, because they will only send 3 marble, compared to 800 money, so you get alot more if you wait, plus its safer that way, because theres not really any invasions to worry about, you can put up 2 or 3 timber mills and give some timber to the one rival you hvae to keep them happy. No bronze is needed at the beginning, so dont even bother with it its just a waste of time, youll get gifts of sculpture, and if your quick you can accept the one for marble also. Also, with regards to gift giving, give the max of 16 of fish or fleece, because you can only give so many, and since its only 1 city that can help you, very quickly they will start turning down your gifts.

[Edited on 03/10/12 @ 06:46 PM]

ttantt Thanks blunderwonder for the tips. I think I will give it all a try! :)
Map Design4.0
The 3rd chapter requires you to build 2 temples that needs lots of marble wich can only be aquired with your ally argos. Unless you have like 80 marble stocked from the previous chapters argos will be attacked before you can build athena's temple to start making an army and will be destroyed, making the chapter not possible to complete. The instructions could have warned about this. Im not playing the entire adventure again just to reach that level with enough marble to save argos...

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Map Design4.0
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