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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 7 episodes: 5 parent, 2 colonies
Hey all,

This project has been laying in the fridge here for far too long. It is my first adventure, so any structural criticism is more than welcome. I have tested it quite thoroughly, but I won't be surprised if someone else still finds some minor bugs, balance issues or other things I have missed - definately feel free to mention them to me and I'll do my best to fix them ASAP!

I tried to include an immersive story and I really hope that I succeeded. I am not going to give away too much already, just enjoy yourself playing through this adventure and following along.

There are seven episodes: five parent episodes and two colonies. If all went well, I have zipped the files in such a way you only need to unzip the contents in your Adventures folder and you are ready to go.

Enjoy, and please leave some feedback! Thanks!

EDIT: File already updated, check my comment below!
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File Author
Apart from my thanks, I want to give my deepest apologies to the people who already downloaded this file. I think I have been a little too fast with uploading. In a later episode you have to have 4 trading partners: that is actually an old goal that I forgot to delete.

The goal should be attainable, I think, but I updated the file in order to show you the adventure as I intended it. Apart from that, it's a goal that more or less has been included in the following episode, so it's a bit redundant to leave it there. It wasn't my intention, it was just something I forgot to delete. Sorry!

As I was updating anyway, I took the chance to correct some small issues like, for instance, the parent city giving the colony more goods as a gift than it had set aside.

I am still hungering for any comments by the way! :)
vaixnet Hey this is a great adventure Woutichon..
The last episode was a bummer.... i couldnt fit zeus's sanctuary and the hippodrome together
Bad planning on my part :(

The story was great and i was hooked on quickly
Great maps were too... except on a colony map the mini map shown was too small.

Thanks and keep making more adventures!

[Edited on 03/08/09 @ 03:47 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Balance: 4
(Could have been a little more balanced regarding episode difficulties)

Creativity: 5
(Very creative with story and maps)

Map Design: 4
(Great Parent city map!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Great new story ...was hooked on quickly)

Additional Comments:
Overall i'll give it a : 4
Its fun but could have been a little more difficult..cheers!!! i enjoyed it:)

[Edited on 03/08/09 @ 03:53 PM]

Austerpark2 How do I get Sculpture and Marble to finish the Shine to Ares. There isn't any available. Hoping for a quick answer.

vaixnet "How do I get Sculpture and Marble to finish the Shine to Ares. There isn't any available. Hoping for a quick answer.


Well I got through this by raiding a rival with marble and for the sculpture i requested another rival...its hard to request rivals , u need to give lots of gifts to them to raise the opinion... the button changes to ...

Enjoy the adventure!
Im back to playing zeus after about 4 years and thoroughly enjoying the custom adventures posted on this site :D
File Author
Thanks for the comments and the review! I'm very glad you liked the adventure. I realize it is not too difficult, hence the "Mortal" rating I gave it.

I have one question, though. Which colony was too small? I suspect Patalonia, the olive colony, since it is the smallest available map... However, I tested this episode in Beginner and Olympian difficulty and found that in order to complete the episode goals, the map is just big enough. I like to force the player to think outside the box and abandon his cookie-cutter housing block, especially on a colony map where building a large and thriving city is not really necessary, because you're playing the colony for a single episode anyway.

Yes, it is intended that materials for the shrine need to be requested from a rival. It is a minor shrine and it should not be too hard to get the needed materials, especially because the rivals with those materials have need for things you can produce. I don't believe in requesting too much from a rival, but you don't need that many materials for a minor shrine anyway. In the Ulsalis colony, where you need to build a sanctuary, triremes for raiding are available and begging should not be needed anymore.

[Edited on 03/10/09 @ 12:10 PM]

Valentinavale Thanks Woutichonfor this adventure! The start is intriguing and the text is captivating, unfortunately
Hi, i'm stuck just at the beginning with the request to build a sanctuary to Ares. I have no marble, nor statue and i guess i have to persuade my rivals to give me some. I have tried and tried to cover them with gifts of everything, so much that they reply "please do stop sending wood, chees, orichalcs,,,!!"
I succeed to raise their opinion a bit, but still not enough so that they agree to send me some stuff. And when i ask, their opinion drops to angry. I have read the advise to fight them, but I cannot go and fight them, because i have not access to oil nor to nice buildings, therefore i have not an army. Anybody can suggest a solution?

[Edited on 11/27/15 @ 01:32 PM]

File Author
Nice to see this is still being downloaded. :)

I currently don't have Zeus installed and it's been a while, so I'm not sure. But I do believe that, by the time you have to build a sanctuary, you should be able to build triremes and raid for the required materials.
Valentinavale Thanks for answering, but building triremes and raid them for statues and marble was my first thought. Unfortunately it is not available the icon to build triremes, nor the nice houses that could give me soldiers to hgo and raid them. So I am stuck! :(
I have covered them with gifts for many years, but they still refuse to give me what i need and they get mad at me!
I still love this game, even after so many years I still play it with great pleasure and i must thank all of you that have posted so many adventures for me to play! Thanks again, Daniela.

[Edited on 01/08/18 @ 05:13 AM]

File Author
Hi, just tested this again on Olympian difficulty up to the first colony episode (3d episode)

I assume you are talking about the second episode where you have to build a shrine (not a sanctuary) to Ares with a few materials you can't gather yet (namely marble and sculpture).

Those materials are produced by two rivals, they need wood and orichalc respectively - which you can make. Granted, it's not the most pretty way of achieving things, but giving them the stuff they need softened them up nicely enough to grant me some marble and a sculpture. For a minor shrine, you don't need that much. Just make sure to give them only what they need. After a few large gifts, the request button should change from "demand" to "request".

Another tip I can give to anyone playing this adventure: build up your housing gradually to avoid unemployment issues, in the first few episodes there isn't much to spend your workforce on.

[Edited on 12/28/15 @ 02:03 PM]

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