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Woody Woes

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 9 (5 parent, 4 colonies)
My third adventure is specifically designed for colony lovers. There are five parent episodes and four colonies, so the clever counters have already established that the adventure switches between a parent episode and a new colony every time until the last episode. I've tested it at Olympian difficulty only, and I must say it was rather challenging.

I did some extensive testing, to make sure that you have access to all you need in every episode, no matter which order you play the colonies in. I hope everything works, I am so sick and tired of playing this adventure. Please don't hesitate to post a comment whenever there is something amiss. It's not easy to balance an adventure with four colonies and the last thing I want to do is restrict the freedom of choice and obligate the player in the adventure text to choose one colony over another. Of course, some choices will pose more challenges, or might make things easier, but telling that would be a bit of a spoiler, now wouldn't it? :)

Update: Fixed some issues with allowed buildings.
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VenLady Hi, it's always me :)

I am playing Kos as first colony.
I should build minor Shrine to Demeter, but I can't obtain the needed sculpture! I could obtain bronze from a rival (maybe), but I don't have sculpture studios... any suggest?

[Edited on 03/21/09 @ 01:53 PM]

File Author
Oh noes, oh noes.

I don't have Zeus installed on this comp, so I can't check right now if it is actually a slip-up, or if there is some other way to get sculpture. I fear it's one of these little things I looked over when testing... as I said, at one point I was completely sick and tired of playing this adventure - I basically made sure the player had access to the needed materials for every episode, no matter in which order the colonies were played. That's why you do have access to bronze if you choose Kos as your first colony (you don't need a lot for one sculpture and you have a resource you can donate to butter them up). But while making sure I had bronze available in that episode, I probably overlooked allowing the sculpture building.

In my three submitted adventures, I had little errors like this. I REALLY should start playtesting a bit better. I will definately take a look at this tomorrow when I have access to the game, and reupload if needed. For now, an Ambrosia will probably be the necessary course of action. Me is sorry.
VenLady Thank you very much. :)
For now I will go back and change colony... hope won't find other bugs.

(No sculptures in any place of the world....just bronze!)

Edit: sorry, sorry, sorry!
I am playing Malvetos as first and my Mithology tab is empty.... how can I build sanctuary to Atlas?
Sorry again!!!!

[Edited on 03/22/09 @ 04:47 AM]

File Author
God farking damnit! So angry with myself now... :)

There's absolutely no need for apologizing, I am the one who screwed up. I looked over every allowed building in the episodes and now it should all be okay.

Thanks very much for reporting this, I am sure that there are enough people out there who wouldn't give a damn and just use Ambrosia or move on to another adventure when they encounter something like this, and are not bothered to report the issue. It's because of comments like yours that these bugs actually get fixed - I would have never found out otherwise, since I really don't play that adventure anymore.

So sorry for the inconvenience and again, thanks! I hope the adventure is not totally ruined for you now.

[Edited on 03/22/09 @ 09:20 AM]

Might I suggest sending your adventure to a team of playtesters before releasing it? There is only so much you can test yourself. I always send my adventures to a team of playtesters before releasing it, and they almost always find things I've overlooked.
File Author
Yeah, I thought about this myself. I always seem to overlook small little things. So either I need to find some playtesters, or I need to find the patience to play through the entire adventure myself a few times.

But certainly for adventures like these, with four colonies, playtesters would be nice. Can I find playtesters on the forum?
Absolutely, the forums are a good place to ask for volunteers.
File Author
Okay, I may just do that with my next adventure then. As I said, all of my three submitted adventures have had these small errors and it's starting to become a little embarassing now... :)
VenLady I did it :-)
Everything is working now...
GLWizard I am trying to play through this adventure as well. I have enjoyed what I have seen of it thus far (though I will admit that the lack of real estate in the home city is driving me a bit nuts). However, I am currently having trouble with my first colony, Kos.

No matter what I do- or how many bridges I place to ensure my new citizens can reach their new home- I keep getting messages about my buildings being cut off from the rest of the world. The structure is subsequently destroyed (by my superintendents, presumably- this is especially amusing when "they" end up collapsing their own maintenance shacks...). (It's particularly maddening to see my new homes collapsing due to my city being cut off, even as the stream of new citizens indicates I'm NOT cut off...)

I have tried looking at the adventure in the editor, but have been unable to see anything there that would cause this problem. Any advice that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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