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The Sea People

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 4 parent, 1 colony
In this adventure, you lead the Egyptian city of Avaris, and you have to defeat the Sea People (The Oceanids). After Atlantis had sunk into the ocean, the allies of the Atlanteans started their mission of vengeance, by destroying every city in their way to your kingdom.
You'll have to face a lot of invasions, and also some unfriendly gods will try to crush your power.
This adventure contains some historical events, such as the invasion of the Sea People or the battle of Qadesh, and some purely fictional events that you'll discover in the storyline.
Again, sorry for my English, especially for my grammar.
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Dancing Hoskuld Oh, its one of those games where cities demand stuff you have no chance of getting. I just got a demand for 24 marble when there is none in my city nor any city that produces it.
File Author
Dancing Hoskuld, you're right, but it's not a bug. I've tried to make the player understand that there is no real need to fulfil the demands of the enemy cities.
hannabad I'm playing this at "olympian" difficalty, and believe me, it's very hard!! had to load to o previous date I don't know how many times, it's a real challange!! trying to get marble to the temple of Athena right now.
ttantt This is a very hard game. I like it though, except for the fact on the episode where you have to conquer all the cities. There just doesn't seem to be enough fleece to maintain a large city. Very difficult. But keep it up, we need more difficult adventures!
hannabad I agree with ttantt. I had only 12 fleece each year, and spent it all on my soldiers(had more than 100 riders). So the ordinary houses couldn't evolve att all. had a population of about 6000 so it took all the avalible space on the map becouse of the lack of fleece. I think it would be better if at least one of the rivals had some fleece
File Author
Well, I've tested it only at Hero, and I didn't need more than 4000 citizens and 10 estates. Also, almost all my common houses evolved to townhouses.
Hannabad, though you played at Olympian, I think you didn't have to have so many soldiers. Remember, you could rely on Qadesh (if you protected it). 6000 citizens were also too many, since your only resources were wheat and wood.
If one of the rivals had fleece, the economic aspect of the adventure would be much easier than it should be.

[Edited on 12/10/09 @ 12:22 PM]

File Author
Updated, corrected some errors in the text. Also the last episode is a bit easier now.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I've played this adventure at Olympian level and I have to say... Wow!! What an adventure! My adrenaline and fun factor was so high it totally went off the charts! :) Playing this adventure, I've experienced many moments of hair-twisting situations. From the countless wars against the hittites and the oceanids, to the slaying of the Chimera, to the mere solving of the fleece shortage problem etc etc. Every single problem manifested themselves in each episode demanded you to think out of the box and be creative, which is how I tend to enjoy things a lot :)

One particular moment was one of the most thrilling, neck-griping invasions I've had in a VERY long time - specifically in the last episode which took me 5 tries to get it right! From this episode alone, I've had to fight 3 life-pinning invasions at the same time, all around 100+ soldiers each, and not just in one time, but 4 times! This was due to not paying tributes and making my masters hostile towards me. The winning strategy that made me win the final episode took Athena and my working walls of towers as major involvements and my palace, being switched simultaneously at different locations, all filled with Towers where I expected the enemy to occur the most.

It was indeed, this strategy that opened the path for me to win the entire adventure and this risked even my entire population. After the mass of attacks I defended against, all my housing blocks ended up devolving all the way back to just mere huts and on one occasion, I had 900 lacking workers needed, but that sacrifice was definitely worth it! :)

Indeed, during the first 'en masse'/'ganging up' of invasions from the oceanid cities, the military decline I've been waiting for 10 years finally showed up, but having to deal with invasion interruptions before completing this feat was a much greater challenge than I thought. But I enjoyed this dearly and after the ordeal, there seemed to be no more scripted attacks which provided a sort of breather and conquering my rivals with 64 horsemen and 6 triremes along with help from either Tyre or Thebes was like a welcome home treat for me.

A similar thing also occurred in the second last episode where I survived by merely a hair due to an unscripted attack from one of my masters. I neared the end of finishing the Athena temple and before I knew it, the victory screen showed up JUST MOMENTS before the invaders reached my palace - just INCHES away! :o

The Chimaera in that episode was also a big problem. I figured out I had to get rid of this things first before doing anything else, and the fact that I put my elite housing in the part of the land meant that it was more than a hindrance to take care of. Summoning Bellerophon was hard enough to do, considering that wine had to be raided, you had to rely on your colony to provide the beverage of bronze and stockpile it at the right time and that you had to amass 10,000 drachmas. However, preventing the monster from destroying your Hero's hall because it was a mythology target was something else. The invasions didn't make the episode easier too, but this style where I had to think out of the box was something that got me to praise this adventure :)

Balance: 5
At first glance on the last two episodes, it seemed that the balance seemed a little off - especially with around 4-6 attacks of approximately 100 oceanid soldiers. However, this proved to be illusionary. In actuality, it was just perfect and by no means achievable. The last episode is very tough, but it's not impossible.

Objectives were doable and sparse enough to give a feel of commitment for the episode, powerful hair-raising invasions in the last episode demanding an out-of-the-box strategy to counter off, countless opportunities of do-or-let die situations such as sending military to help defend your allies/colony etc etc. And the fact that all this were present in all episodes was a bonus to me. :)

Creativity: 5
For the innovation of problem solving and thinking-out-of-the-box in every situation displayed in each episode deserves maximum marks in this category. It was a pleasure to experience. :)

Map Design: 5
I loved the parent city map, and in fact, I could really imagine just standing on the very delta of the nile itself. Not only did it represent an appealing map of the river, but also represented reality in itself; for example, meadows having placed in the edges of the river which reflected how the nile was realistically fertile only at its edges which were used to grow crops. The sparsity of the northern land however, I believed was appropriate.

The map for the colony was also appealing given that meadows were used to aesthetify the land and the world map was good too :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Here in this category, I don't rate a story based on how many grammatical flaws in English someone has or punctuation errors etc, but on the plot and the setting of the story, how the events in each episode reflects to the storyline itself. In this regard, the storyline presented in this adventure was beautifully written and quite imaginative such that it drew focus on the reader and gives him/her motivation to read through. It was an enjoyable read worthy of the creator's time and effort for this. It was a 5 in my eyes. :)

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 03/06/14 @ 08:01 PM]

File Author
My first 5.0! Thanks a lot!

Looking at your very thorough review, I seem to recall how difficult it actually was(and I remember I played only at Hero :). I don't remember exactly how I won it, but I did use plenty of towers too - which normally I don't do at Hero.

When I made this barbarians-at-the-gates-style adventure, I had in my mind to build something like the Zeus equivalent of Mediolanum(probably the most beautiful mission in Caesar 3, where elephants and hundreds of infantry relentlessly besiege your city). I wanted to recreate that feeling of a city under constant attack, and your very appreciative review makes me think that I've succeeded in this respect.

As for the's my favorite monster by far :). I did create a few simple, childish adventures before I did those posted here, and Chimera appeared in every single of them. I almost always killed her with rabble, though I believe I did summon Bellerophon when I tested The Sea People :)

Maybe I'll start playing Zeus again. :) This game will never die.

Mazeppa Hi, orichalc

Thanks for reading through my review :) . This adventure was truly perfect for me and really deserved the maximum mark out there :).

The invasions at the last episode truly made this a memorable experience in this adventure, and I remember having used more than 20 towers in one place alone and a pathway of around 10 or more towers in another place separated by a bridge from the palace :) .

I recalled many times I had to restart from that particular save-point as it frequently resulted in either my Athena temple destroyed (and I needed her as well as Bellerophon) or my elite housing block annihilated. But luckily, I managed to pull through. :)

Sadly, I'm too unfortunate to have never bought Caesar III and never had the chance to play it :( ; though its been dusted there in my to-do list for 2 years ever since I saw it at and been planning to get it ever since. However, given the details you've illustrated about Medionalum, I believe you've really achieved that effect, especially in that episode. :)

Chimera was also my most favourite monster out of all and I too, even used it in my first created adventure - it was I recalled, something similar to your Corinthian Empire one, but mine had a really lousy storyline and was something I really shunned away from. :)
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Map Design5.0
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