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A Capital for the Mayans

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 4 parent, 1 colony
In this adventure, you play the role of the ruler of the west Atlanteans. You have to civilize the Mayans, by building a great city, which will be named Chichen Itza. However, there are many obstacles between you and your goal, therefore your good intentions may turn into disasters for others.
This is definitely not an adventure for beginners. I have tested it only at Hero. Depending on the player's skill and luck, this adventure can be a killer or just above average in difficulty(at Hero level).
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Map Design4.0

Playability: 5
Balance: 4
Creativity: 4

This is one of the most brutally challenging adventures I've played. Twice, at the end of an episode, I expected the final victory screen, having clearly overcome the nastiest mess I could possibly have been dumped in. Then I discovered just how wrong I'd been, when things got even uglier. It seems strange to lose track of a mere 5 episodes, but it sure felt like more and I was too absorbed with playing to stop and count.

At some point, I hope to play this one over, though I imagine that knowing what is coming will make it considerably easier.

Map Design: 4

The parent city map is large and has some large, flat building areas. Still, you will likely end up doing some messy city restructuring towards the end.

The colony requires multiple sanctuaries and a substantial offensive force on some rather small islands.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story was much more than the usual "well, now you've got a colony and conqured another rival and have 3 gods on your side blah blah..." Maybe I'm just a sucker for anything that hints at romance, but I found myself sending gifts to a certain lady ruler, even though I'm familiar enough with the game mechanics to know it wasn't going to actually get me anything I would need. Which is to say it managed to get me thinking of it as a story, rather than as a game, which isn't bad for a few pages of text.

In Summary,
this is an excellent adventure worthy of play by anyone who is willing to take some hard knocks.
Map Design4.0
Before, I thought I judged this pretty unfairly, and in order to give it justice and finally review it again (which was something I wanted to do for a year now but keep getting distracted by RL issues), I decided to play it again and this time, with a little experience I had before on this adventure.

I have to say, I can't believe what happened to me before. I must have missed how awesome this adventure was. :o The last episode in particular had me addicted.

Playability: 5
You've got to think smart and develop your city fast. Definitely, look out for those obvious illusions of perfect city-building parts of the map. They are designed to confuse you and will definitely destroy you in the end if you don't take heed to what is said here. Great adventure and definitely worth the 5 rating on playability. :)

Unfortunately, there is only 1 colony episode in this adventure, with only 1 colony map, which kinda hurts replayability, but due to the last episode being so addictive and just so awesome, it makes up for it. ;) There is also a challenge in the colony map, where you'd get to invite one of the most annoying heroes (for me, that is) to your city to kill something that's just too damn bossy to refuse to share its territory with you. But there's a trick to it, where you could lure it to a small island, where it will never bother you again. :) I won't reveal that trick though, for you'll have to experiment that for yourself. :)

And now, last but certainly not least, the last episode. *phew* Wow!! The last episode was so enjoyable, it pretty much tipped the fun I had all the way upto the charts. :0 I was so addicted to it, that I ended up replaying it again and again and again. It surely tipped the WOW factor for me, and what a way to end the adventure. Beautiful! :)

The first time I played the last episode, I was utterly shocked to find the number of enemies I was dealing with here and because I upset my enemies in the preceding episode, I faced way more enemies than was scripted. So in turn, I faced armies worth 15,000 dr followed by a 40,800 dr army. Then a 48,000 dr army along with a 15,000 dr one and then 2 more invasions worth 40,800 dr and 14,000 dr of bribe value.

Now, since I had 120,000 drachmas at the time, I could've bribed most of these armies with one twitch on my purse. However, I decided to choose honor and chose to fight every soul and defend the city with everything I got. So thus, I ended up fighting an army worth around 180,000 drachmas on my city and as this rather huge army embarked on my shores, the towers thus, let their orichalc weapons rain down and many echoed cries of dying amazons surfaced on the beaches of Chichen Itza that day. They panicked, with fear stricken unto their faces and as amazon after amazon fell to the ferocity of the orichalc towers, nevertheless they attempted to storm the defense, with miscalculated steps which would only prove fatal as each amazon warrior faced certain death everywhere they went.

The Atlantean defenders, despite being vastly outnumbered, marched to the battlefield and as they proceeded to the gates, echoing cries of dismayed Amazons were heard as each warrior fell to the numerous projectiles cast by the battlements. How could the Atlanteans be so strong? What is this power they have? How could our swift movements be traced so accurately by their weapons?

Destined to find out the answer, the remaining amazons eventually forced their way into the final gauntlet, only to be slain without mercy by Ares' guards.

What an episode. Thanks for putting on such an addictive scenario. Wow!! :D - But there is one small criticism I would like to add: It would really be nice if those invasions at the start were repeated throughout the last episode. For example:
- A player subduing a 3 full-scale invasion would be rewarded with a "city conquerable" trigger like you did here, giving the player a chance to conquer it.
- Another 3 scale invasion (2 if the player conquered the city), with a reward of another "city conquerable" trigger in the second city.
- Another last full scale invasion with the same reward but for the last city this time.
- The 3 full scale invasions repeated throughout the episode at least once every year or so. :)

It would add so much to replayability and would've really be twice the fun for me, destroying all those warships and amazon warriors forever if I didn't choose to conquer those cities. :)

Balance: 4
The difficulty level was very consistent with each subsequent episode, which it is expected of you to overcome as you delve into the deeper episodes of the adventure.

However, in order to survive this grueling and intense adventure, try and be slow and steady with each adventure. Don't rush into things (unless you're building the Ares sanctuary at the start in which case, you'd better hurry up!), as you'll have plenty of time to decide when to proceed. Fortunately in this adventure, it allow the player is have an option whether to continue or stay in the episode.

For instance,
- In Chapter One, you can take as much time as you need in building the Observatory Kosmika and proceeding to the next episode. The major hassle events would cease 10-20 years on and you can use that wisely to build up your cash. I stayed here for 30 years, building my income to at least 120,000 dr before moving on.

- Chapter Two allows the building of sanctuaries and conquering a rival. You could choose to finish the episode when you can, which allowed me to go back to 120,000 drachmas after spending around half the amount. :-S

- Chapter Three is quite tricky and it is easy to move fast right into Chapter Four and lose there. (I did the first time, and it really sucked :D) but as long as you don't build the Apollo sanctuary and you get up the Hercules hall (not really that hard), you could finish whenever you like - and even prepare for the hell that is Chapter Four. Also, last time I checked, I think there weren't any invasions here. So all you need to watch out for is cerberus and Hades. That's right, Hades and his trading post-killing habit. :)

- Chapter Four. That's right, utter hell. :) But if you were prepared in Chapter Three, like building that massive tower gauntlet like I did below the clifftops, you'd fare a lot easier here, though your hovel population will take quite a bang when defending your city.

- Last Episode. Literally, you're in the devil's cauldron, forced to hold an apple on your jaws. :) But really great fun if you're prepared. ;)

Sometimes, I've found the preparatory phases a little boring though, and could've used a little bit of action, which was why balanced is rated a 4 this time. :)

Creativity: 5
A very militaristic adventure, for those who love these types of play like I do. :) Though at many points, there is some emphasis of tedious economic management (like having to stockpile the fleece in order to complete the last objective; if you didn't have any sufficient space nearby for Hera's sanctuary that is) and then release all stocks to be distributed in order to generate the 6,500 people in townhouse objective.

But a factor I really love that comes into play here is the raiding you need to do in order to provide yourself with the scarce resources you need as well as the many different varieties of rivals you could choose to raid. This expands your choice options as you could either raid the fatty economically prospered cities and could request some additional stuff from docile enemies who are impressed that you've attacked their rivals, or do it the other way around. It's possibly one of my favourite styles of play and this adventures allowed me to put that method right into action from the very start of episode 1. :)

Yet another factor that comes into play here is the fact that you have think out of the box at times, which I like. :)

For instance, the middle episode that requires killing Cerberus, you could do by either getting Apollo's sanctuary up (and fulfil 2 objectives at the same time) or get Hercules. Getting Apollo means you have no time to be prepared for what's coming up, but Hercules allows as much preparation you like in order to prepare for the last 2 episodes. A really alternative type of decision-making I really enjoy. :) - Or the one where you could depose the beast in the colony episode by trapping him somewhere, which could make your life much easier. :)

Map Design: 4
A great map design from Orichalc. However, my comment still stays the same as before, with the parallelogram-ish tree placement in some areas of the main parent city map that negates the map's natural vigour (or.. whatever that word is called).

I also saw a cute little green smily face sticking out in one of the ramps in the bottom left of the top part of the map, sooo.. yeah. :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Like I said before, a beautiful story which tells a sort of sequel story to the aftermath of Atlantis' demise. The Atlanteans established on colonies in Mayan lands. What happened to them?

Well, this adventure explains it. :)

Additional Comments:
I might upload a few screenshots of it and maybe a .SAV file when I have the time. :)

[Edited on 10/05/15 @ 04:28 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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