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The Crisis

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Difficulty: Beginner
Number of episodes: 5
This adventure is my first one in the poseidon editor, and is easy and quite short.

It starts with a you producing resources, then building a small military, following into sanctuary building (which isnt as easy as you think). The buiding spacehere is small, and most food allowed is harvested.

Then there is a constant barrage of famine requests.

All in all this isnt so hard, but with a tight building space, a big city will need to wait.

No colony episodes. Not the best world map, but i try and keep things interesting with events.
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Woutichon The map could be improved - the city map, I actually have no beef whatsoever with the world map - but apart from that, it's not bad so far. A bit easy, but that was indicated. I'm currently in the third episode. I have some other minor issues, but also good things, I want to report about. I will most likely post a full review with these points once I am finished.

However, I can't seem to place Trireme Wharfs and Piers. I suspect the entrance to the sea is too narrow for ships, you might want to look into that. Not gamebreaking so far, but wrong nevertheless. :-)

I'll post a review soon!

[Edited on 02/22/10 @ 03:26 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
There are no real game-breaking errors, so it is playable. However, for me the adventure quickly turned boring. In my opinion, there are not enough goals to keep the player entertained, partly because most of the goals can be completed prior to the episode. In the last episode, all there is left to do is wait until some cities appear on the map, while "fighting off" some god invasions (fighting off, meaning rebuilding some stuff they destroy). And that's about it. In fact, I could have easily let the last two episodes run unattended and still win.

Balance: 3
As indicated, the adventure is easy. I played in Olympian and never experienced any difficulties. This is pretty subjective and for beginners it might be a good game. You also indicated that in your post, so no biggie. I actually liked the first two episodes. I couldn't give Balance more than a 3, though, as better goal planning can help a lot. In episode 3, for instance, I needed to build a sanctuary which I already built in the episode before, and all there was left for me to do was to send my spearmen and boom, episode completed.

Creativity: 3
A trading partners goal is really not enough for a last episode. But even then, waiting for a few cities to appear while you can basically let the game run unattended, that is just not fun. There was nothing more left to do for me in the last episode. Adding a quest or two might have been nice, and each quest would then "unlock" a city. Just that would already have been enough to improve the fun a lot. I do like your land trade routes of the original cities, you actually went through the trouble of meandering them through the mountains, which looks really nice.

Map Design: 2
You said that the world map could have been a lot better, but actually I like the city map a lot less. I've definitely seen worse, but it's still a bit bland and unnatural looking. Also, as I indicated in my post above: you have water, but there is nothing you can place near it, as I suspect the entrance to the sea is too narrow. Another thing, urchins is your fourth type of food and you can build urchin quais, but you have no urchin spots!

Story/Instructions: 4
I actually liked the idea and the concept of the adventure. It's a decent story. The adventure text is nevertheless rather short and "summarized", it could have been longer and more interesting. But nevertheless a good effort.

Additional Comments:
I wish I could have given more points, I really do, as I would hate to scare you off into making another adventure. We need adventure builders around here, and congratultions already for the effort and for posting it here for us. The first two episodes were interesting, but the lack of goals in the last two episodes turned the adventure boring. I'll post additional advice and separate small points in a next post, as I don't want to make this one too long. :)

[Edited on 02/22/10 @ 05:52 PM]

Woutichon A few to-the-point tips to improve. Spoilers can be included in this post.

- Sanctuaries:
If you allow the player to build sanctuaries, always keep in mind that he might just decide to start building them, when they're not listed as a goal yet. As said in the review, I already built the sanctuary to Ares before it became a goal, making the third episode a rather short one for me. The same could have happened in the case of the sanctuary to Poseidon: it was already available for build in the third episode and was the only goal in the fourth one. If the player already builds it in the third episode... well, there would be no fourth episode, really, as it would have been won immediately. So watch out with sanctuaries you allow, and if you do, make sure there are other goals to compensate.

- In the first episode, bronze is available for import and sculpture for export. There is no sculpture studio. I suspect you don't want the player to have access to a good money source too soon in the game, which is a good thing, but it looks better if you just don't have sculpture available for export yet in the first episode. That, or explain something in the adventure text that you have attracted some good sculptors to your city and can finally put that bronze to use, something like that. This way, it looks kind of sloppy, as there is no reason why you can suddenly build sculpture studio's to start making money, while you couldn't do that in the prior episode.

- Spend some time to double check your map. No urchin spots, while they are a source of food and urchin gatherers are available, looks sloppy. Also, I couldn't build any piers or frigete wharves, and even if I could, there was not enough straight coastline for me to build all trade piers and still have room for a single ship wharf. Also, you have a few good spots on the map - I like the swamp area and the little hill in the southwestern corner - so spend a little more time to make the entire map look like that. Now it's just a plain, bland and unnatural patch of land with a few forests and rocks, that's not enough to make it look interesting.

- Easy goals make an easy adventure, and if you indicate that in your introduction post, like you did, that is not bad. But easy goals isn't the same as boring goals. As indicated above, your goals are the main reason I couldn't give you more points. Some of them could have been completed before, and the ones that weren't, I just had to turn up the speed and wait things out. When the cities finally appear on the map, they even automatically open up trade, so there is not much else to do in the last episode but wait.

[Edited on 02/22/10 @ 05:58 PM]

File Author
Thank you... for all the comments i actually checked the urchins and they are in legitamite spots.. but i try and play y adventure and nothing.. so there are actually urchins.

I'm not the best mapper, just because I really find it hard on what is a good balance and what is natural. I'm working on another adventure... which i might think of grouping these 2 together as an "disaster" series. (famine, next one is Isolation)

I am spending ALOT more time in this one and it should be much better than before. I've added a lot more scrub ground, which makes it look nice, a copper mountain and other things that i dont want to spoil ;).

As said this is easy.. and actually there were some issues before hand. Wine wasnt originally part of Apollonia so Manors were a no-go... And I should have allowed only ares sanctuary, then Poseidons.. then everyone elses (Atlas in case you dont know)

However thank you for not going "this is rubbish" like any map makers.. it takes practise right?
Woutichon No worries, I tried to give a constructive review and I'm glad I didn't discourage you with it. Adding scrub to the ground makes the map already look a lot more beautiful.

And you can allow more sanctuaries to be build, just make sure to keep in mind that required sanctuaries in an episode can already have been built by the player before. Ie. make more goals than just a sanctuary one, if the sanctuary was already allowed in a previous episode, so that the player has something else to do in case he already built the sanctuary.

Looking forward to your next one!

[Edited on 02/24/10 @ 05:11 PM]

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