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The Harsh Storm

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 5
Venture your way from the meagre fishing settlement into a mighty kingdom resting on a cursed island. Uncover the plot of the olympian gods as you travel through this adventure of 5 parent episodes and 1 colony chapter.


Disclaimer : I have only beta-tested the early parts of the game. There should not be any problems, but if there are indeed problems, I apologize in advance.

UPDATE (28/3/10):
-Map-wide reduction in military strength
-God invasions are more merciful
-Disaster sites reduced slightly
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I played this adventure at olympian level. It's not easy but also not impossible. (until episode 4 - please see additional comments)

Balance: 5
The balance between incomes and expenses is one of the best i've seen in the game: you have some profit, but not to much.

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
As you said you can't maintain large cities. So you have to figure it out how to maximize the space you have.

Story/Instructions: 3
I don't spend to much time to read the story or instruction. So, i choosed the middle mark: 3

Additional Comments:
In episode 4 the objectives are:
1 - Support 1 trireme - done, even if i don't need a trireme to conquer rivals
2 - Support 40 hopplites or better - done
3 - Rule Porte Rhoda and Asgarde - at the start of the episode the two rivals are reducing their military strength. However, with 44 horsmen and Semiatia's help i can't conquer none of them. How many horsmen do i need because more than 44 means that have to reconfigure the city and i want to know how many elite houses do i have to build. Thanks

[Edited on 03/18/10 @ 08:14 AM]

File Author
Hello Dakaso

I have not tried to conquer port rhoda or asgarde myself, I stopped testing at the episode where I had to build a sanctuary to Dionysus.

The military might for both of the cities should be at 5. Which implies that it is not impossible to rule them. I am however, unable to give you an accurate number of horsemen needed to rule both cities for I have never tried any game at Olympian level.

I was wondering if you have tried attacking/raiding the cities consecutively because it might chip away their military strenght bit by bit.

And regarding the large amount of horsemen you have, it would be interesting to see how your city is built like, I hope you didnt use every inch of the land available... it might be disastrous...
DaKoSo I tried to upload the episode to Poseidon completed cities for you but i dont find it there.Maybe i did something wrong and i dont know what.
Anyway, 44 hormen doesnt seems a large amount. One objective is to support 40 hopplites so i have only one more elite house than that. I raided Porte Rhoda constantly because they have the wheat that i need for my horse ranch but their military strenght it's still up. And if military is 5 at the begining of the episode they reduce it from what, from 6?
DaKoSo, your completed city is available in the downloads now.
DaKoSo Thanks Gweilo
File Author
Hey dakaso,

After downloading your city, i tried raiding Phort Rhoda 5 times in a row, but unfortunately, the military strength was adamant. I do not know why this would actually happened, but a military strength of 5 is not impregnable since 6 is. However, it might have been influenced by the difficult you chose to play on.

Therefore I have uploaded an easier version of the game, the military strength of both cities will be reduced to 4. Additionally, seeing how you have extensively covered the island with buildings, I would feel horrendously guilty if I did not reduce the disaster zones.

Thanks again for your feedback and I hope you can advance through the game.
DaKoSo sorry for the delay but until now i did't find time to try your upgraded version.
so, i downloaded the new one, pasted over the previous and tried to play it from my last save (i hope that was all i had to do). ok, i am still unable to conquer one of the other 2 rivals, even at beginer level
Senseisan If I properly remember , military strength of cities increase slowly during the whole time they are active .
If a 6 shieds is decreased to 5 and you don't bother it with attacks or pillages , this city can increase his level to 6 and you are screwed ,as the 6 shields level remains despite the number of shields on the map and the city can no more be conquered whatever strength beeing your army...
Better having the opponent cities becoming actives only when giving the player sufficient time to build a proper army .
File Author
Thanks Senseisan,

However, I have checked the city design manual and take for example I set a city's military might to 5, the city will start from a low level of military might and will slowly climb its way up to only 5. It will not exceed the amount I set it to be.

As for Dakaso, I think you might have to replay the entire scenario again >< I am utterly sorry.
Senseisan That is in the manual and that happens are two differents things .
In his manual , Titanic could not sink ...^^
The way I wrote is cheap of use ...
If a city is set to 6 , then decreased by a scheduled event , his max strength is 6 , and it slowly increased to 6 during the time player's army is build . At upper levels of game , if you attack or pillage to prevent this upgrade , your losses are too big , preventing you to reach the necessary army strength to conquer , and if you wait to reach a good army strength , the opponent city reaches 6 .
And if they are two ...

The " city can't be conquered " level can be decreased only by a scheduled event in the scenario , not by attacks or pillage .

You also , as designer , can schedule several of this events , whith some years space , to provide more than one opportunity to the player .

( I apologize for my poor english , as I learned it fifty years ago ... )

[Edited on 04/15/10 @ 06:08 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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