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Lonely islands

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 6 parent city episodes and 2 colony episodes.
Monsters, Gods and the enemies of Atlantis will all be trying to destroy your city, and it is your duty to deny them and to turn Delos into a powerful economic and military stronghold.
This adventure is average or above average in difficulty (depending on what difficulty level you're playing). It is not as hard as "Two Worlds Collide", but is not as easy as "Birth of Atlantis".
This adventure is quiet balanced. Some of the episodes are economic, while others are more military-based.

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Map Design2.0
Introduction: My first quest playing by this author. Odd looking parent map, was curious to see what it's like playing it. Buildable and completionable (is that a word?), but was a bit more cramped than I would have liked.

Playability: 3
I know the map was designed this way, but the main island is much smaller than I would have liked. My first neighbourhood went in just fine, but perhaps by my own fault I stuck it (and the fishing) by the island in the front nearer the entrance and set up a hunting industry way in the back - an industry that flourished. Zeus-wide, selling meat and fish is pointless unless you are producing excess because the hunters will go to the selling point before the Granary, making the "GET" function on the Granary useless (and selling one at a time just seems...silly), so I already know not to sell Meat unless funds are extremely scarce and ask for food from allies. It still didn't stop me to start. I then found my way to the fertile colony - too many wolves, near every single fertile field, and a Fleece production goal. Are you secretly a masochist? I had some predator lunch going on. Lerna was just a bore. TOO easy if you will. Same with the final episode; see below.

Balance: 3
I usually had no problem finding something to do, but the colonies - at least Lerna, which I first played as a parent city dedicated to Dionysus - didn't have good goals and the colony was just a case of go in, get in done, get out, move on. Otherwise there was a good balance between the types of goals, though I did see one case of a redundant goal (the hero required it). Also, I see the balance between military and economic episodes (though for me, EVERY episode is an economic episode, I take my time). I already ruled the world by the final episode and finished it in a year or so after adding a few houses and two boats; I wish a monster came along to make use of Apollo or something!

Creativity: 4
Lerna lacked creativity completely. Go in, buy Fleece (you don't even need the Olive Oil or too much science, just a ton of Tenements), fish or buy Wheat, extract Marble with five workshops each, and get out. Sell the white stuff as you go to get some money back. Big deal. Other than that, repeating the same goal from Episode 1 in the first colony also seems repetitive; why are we demonstrating this feat twice? All goals in the second-to-last episode were monuments and I took 19 years to build them due to the import levels. I also got thrown off by the appearance of a monument that we ended up NOT being asked for and I had started building it earlier; what a waste.

Map Design: 2
Personally, I found the map design challenging, but below average. Lerna wasn't worth exploring, and Magara had a ton of dark land such that finding fields was difficult (and with wolves next to every one, good luck with your Fleece production). When it came time to build the second sanctuary back home, I wanted Apollo for his monster fighting ability, but I didn't find a smaller island big enough to house him, forcing me to occupy some mainland space with him (I later noticed a big one across the map and placed monuments there later), and but for a plague later otherwise didn't need him. If the parent city map covered more space and the islands were a little bigger, I would be a bit happier; as designed, Piers were dotted about and difficult to transfer stuff to and from at times. Maybe I could have done it better, but having my industries on the lower tier cramped my space.

Story/Instructions: 2
Full of spelling mistakes. For this reason, I had to dock a lot of points since as written it makes absolutely no sense. I can figure it out, but that isn't my job, it's the author's job to properly tell the story. Even so, the first part of the story was decent, the rest just seems to be inconsistent and actually doesn't match the way I played. For one, Ares wasn't needed to conquer Taenarum; my three companies of footmen were enough to do it. It's possible to rule the world two episodes sooner than we are asked to (so everyone liked me by that point, no haters). If another rival appeared during the monument episode (maybe 4 years in) and started invading every three years, that would make a storyline improvement, and ruling them would be an ideal goal (make them unable to be conquered until the final episode, and when military decline pops up, we fling everyone plus Ares and a vassal at them). Or make Cyme unconquerable but leaving you alone; that also works and a military decline there makes the final goal accessible (like Troy in The Trojan War).

Additional Comments: Playable, but not entirely enjoyable, sad to say. I like being able to finish it without too much trouble, and I did have a little work to do to get there, so I didn't rank it lower for those reasons. I just wish the storyline was complete and had a little more variety - oh, and did I say bigger islands would make me happier? In any case, if this is the author's first quest, not too bad; just use a spellchecker and have someone proofread it next time!

EDIT made to a mistaken city name.

[Edited on 07/06/11 @ 03:25 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Balance: 3
Creativity: 3
Map Design: 4
Story/Instructions: 2

Additional Comments:
Normally, I'm very detailed when it comes to doing a review. However, in this case, CycloneGU pretty much summed up almost everything I had to say about this adventure. :)

Regarding Map Design, the different scrub intensities you instilled on the maps was something I was looking for in every adventure. However, on the Megara map, there was too much scrubbing and this affected the scrub factor part of the score in the map design category. But the maps are pretty much nice and realistic in a way, but I truly didn't like the shape of the beaches in the parent city map in the eastern-most island - in my opinion, you could put in more creativity for that, but I don't really mind as it was simply a minor thing :). Also, I'll have to disagree with CycloneGU about the relative "smallness" of the map. I just took this as part of the challenge and by the time I finished the entire adventure, I still had room for more population and stuff, so it wasn't too much of a problem to me. :)

Regarding story/instructions, the first episode started nicely. You are one of King Atlon's sons dispatched to found a new city in the southern part of the continent. It was fine here, however, from episode 2 until the last, everything was sparse. I was also disappointed with the colony stories too. In my opinion, you could add something unique here. So this affected the rating badly I'm afraid. :(

For Playability, I pretty much conquered my rivals by the second episode. All of them :), so whatever scripted attacks layed in wait during the next to last episodes were pretty pointless given that I conquered everyone in episode 2. If you either 1. Disallowed armories in the second episode, 2. Make everyone become rivals in every subsequent next episode or 3. Put military to 6 until the point where you want them to be conquered where you'll put in military decline events there, I wouldn't be able to achieve such a feat that early on. :) Because of my weird success and that there were no attacks in the following episodes where I thought there'd be, I played it again to make sure. Actually there was, but it wasn't too troublesome and I took advantage of rival diplomacy to ensure there were no unscripted attacks as I played on Olympian mode. :)

Furthermore, before playing this episode, I initially thought it was gonna be a greek adventure, but frankly, it wasn't and this surprised me. Next time, try not using Greek city names like Delos, Taenarum, Megara or Lerna for an Atlantean adventure situated in Atlantis. This only serves to confuse the player as the names were Greek by their own right. Try to use the original adventure names, or just simply google a few. Otherwise, you could make some up. :) I was also amused that you used names such as "King Kong", "Tarzan" and "Robin Hood" etc as leader names, lolz.. But you could try to somehow "hellenize" them in a way, you know, like.. Tarzaneus etc, just to make them more realistic (and amusing if you intended it to be so ;) )

All-in-all, I hope I wasn't very harsh on you here, and I sincerely hope you'll be making more adventures (and improved ones :) ) for us hungry folk. :)

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Map Design3.0
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