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Atlantis Childs

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 7 parent episodes, 3 colonies
This is my first adventure for Poseidon, but I've polished it over and over again so I think it's got the potential to be a great adventure.

The adventure is about the founding of Rome (yes yes, for that you could go play Caesar4 but it's not the same without Zeus' mythology!). Basicly you're Romulus (the original founder), an Atlantean who's told about an arriving catastrophe.
In the adventure I took maaany liberties with Rome's historical timeline and events, as well as with other myths, to make the story fit and interesting. Some of the historical events and myths that you'll be playing:
The founding of Rome ofcourse in the valley of the seven hills (although the map is a closeup of 3 of them and the Tiber)
The Punic Wars
The demise of Atlantis
The demise of Thera
You'll meet Eneas as well as Publious Cornelius Scipio
And some others which are best kept secret
Ofcourse you'll be thrown in the middle of godly conflicts as well.

I think the story ended up being very entertaining and original, I hope you like it.

So that's it, I would appreciate it if you could leave any comments about it as well as rate it.

Oh one last thing. You may have noticed that I'm not a native english speaker. All the adventure is in english and I have reviewed it over and over again to make it as captivating and enjoyable as I can. If you find any errors when you play it I'd like to know.
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File Author
Other notes:
-The adventure consists of 7 parent episodes and 3 colonies.

-I've layed out paths in all my maps hinting at where the housing blocks can be placed, but ofcourse it's up to you to decide where to build them.

-The story sometimes suggests where to place certain buildings, sanctuarys, etc. Sometimes it's mereley a suggestion for aesthetics, but in some cases if you don't follow the suggestion you're in for a looot of pain :D. So read the story carefully.
vombat I have started this company today (Olympian diff) and have completed only 2 first missions, so I will probably add the rest part of comments later.

First of all, take my congratulations.
The storyline is pretty tasty, full of details and nice humor, I really like it.

The map. Well, nice one too. You have done a lot of work there, specially with copper and silver veins, looks really natural. Maybe, a little too much of fertile area.

As for the missions:
First one.
A bunch of hi-economic allies let you don’t worry about money couple of years, so the start wasn’t hard so much.
I like the thing about to forbid some buildings, a much comfortable playing for me specially.
Well, looks like the harpy monster doesn’t work as it planned. The only place, where that damn bird couldn’t touch my industry was top left corner of the map (I have built some wood industry at the left island and still was attacked). To be honest, that was pretty annoying, because I decided to place the Pyramid near my first house block at the south-east corner, and a lot of car pushers was murdered by a monster on their way to construction place.
The terrain you prepared for sanctuaries (well, it’s looks like that) doesn’t look natural (say hi to utopia missions), but when I have completed the Ares sanctuary, the whole terrain looks really cool, so, again, nice move.

Second mission. After finding a save spot protected from monsters attack, the 3 extra harpy’s didn’t case damage to my buildings at all (but it was still impossible to built even a single SY at my main house block, which force me to build a two more far away from monsters). The deal with two Amazonian cities wasn’t tricky, but pretty funny (looks like they just move their armies from one city to another. Nice move), after completing Artemis sanctuary I conquered both pretty fast (got a nasty bribe costs before it, almost 12k at once).
P.S. Sorry for my bad english

[Edited on 06/01/11 @ 04:48 PM]

vombat Looks like there is some bug, after competing the first colony mission (It was Mithralica for me), it's get disappear immediately. The black marble gifts from Troy aren't enough to complete Majestic Pyramid and there is no way to import it (Troy was conquered and destroyed soon, so no more gifts).
Also, there is some problem with factoria traders from other cities, they can't get to my city at all.
vombat Have just finished it.
Founded another bug - after completing 3rd colony mission all hills landscape on parent map was completely disappeared (buildings left, but hills was gone. pretty funny, cuz all of my sanctuaries weren't count as sanctuaries, but still worked). But actually this can't stop me to finish this amazing adventure.
I Can upload the final save if someone interested.
File Author
Glad you've liked the story so far, it's what took me most of the time to make the adventure.

Well the thing with the harpy is not exactly to find where it won't attack. The story says to 'bridge' the problem because you'll need to use bridges along with water to take care of the harpy... I'll give a hint later if too many find the Harpy too annoying.

I just remembered, when you complete the second episode in the story it actually mentions what I intended the player to do with the harpies... it says something like "fortunately Atalanta arrived, we were running out of.... to ..... them".

Mithralica disappearing isn't a bug, it's intended, it'll come back after you're done with the episode.
What was not intended was having Troy being conquered before you have enough b. marble, sorry.
This is strange, I played this episode and found this problem, but in theory I modified the gift event to give you more b. marble and moved Troy's demise to much later (and calculated it so that this time you have enough). I'll check it again then. Can you tell me how much b. marble were you receiving each year? what about the orichalc? did you get enough?

I didn't get the factoria traders problem, who are the "factoria" traders?

The bug about the hills disappearing is just bizarre... I've never experienced that, and I played the adventure for several times... hope someone can shed some light on this.

So Vombat, now that you finished the adventure, did you like the whole story?

PS I'm also not a native english speaker, so I don't mind either.
vombat RamiK
Thanks to your reply.
About the harpy. I used a couple of chain-bridges, but monster cross over all of it, founded some like a save spot at the top north corner, as i mentioned before. Anyway, harpy didn't hurt any normal buildings, only SY's and industry, so thats not a big deal. I was just a little confused of monster, which crossing over whole huge map area.

About marble and orihalc gifts. According to my savegame, I've got only 2 black marble gifts from Troy (every December, each gift consists 48 marble), after 2 years it was conquered and destroyed by evil Greece, so I miss around 150 marble to finish the pyramid. As for orihalc, I've got enough, after summoning Bellerofon i still got 68 bars.

Nevermind about factoria traders, i fixed it adding some extra bridges to the appearing spot.

About the hills disappearing. I replayed a mission before 3rd colony and after completing the colony mission it's gone and everything was ok.

Btw, I got some huge lava eruption right after completing the final scenario, but i didn't complete both quests, that can trigger the Zeus wrath. Is it right? Haven't got this event when i played first time.

Well, I liked whole story, it's kinda dramatic, full of nice historical events (specially i liked the Pompey eruption), the 'dream part' was a nice addition too. So, again, really nice work!
The only thing that needs to be improved for my opinion - to divide this bunch of quests, which Gods have forced you to do in last scenario into some previous missions.

I will upload the final parent city i've got soon, maybe this will help you a little.
File Author
I've just finished testing again the episode and I've got it figured out. There's two problems:
-The majestic pyraimd somehow ends up using a little more black marble than what it says it will use.

-The gift event is completely unreliable in this case. Apparently when the delivery of the gift falls on decemeber it only triggers the event on the even numbered years, although it's meant to happen every year. This is not the case if the delivery falls on another month.

So what I did is to switch the city that gives the gift to New Atlantis and mention in the story that you've sent a search party to Knossos to get what's left. It'll do I think. I've now updated the adventure.

About the quests in the last episode. You're probably right, too much quests for one episode, but I wanted to get the player the opportunity to have all of the conmemorative sculpures of the gods that come with the completion of said quests.
The only quests that you MUST NOT complete on the last episode if you don't wish for the wrath of Zeus to happen are the 6 quests that Hera and Aphrodite give you (2 for Hera, 4 for Aphrodite). This quests trigger 6 different 'events' of Zeus' wrath, so if you complete only one then you will get one of those catastrophes.

I'd love to see your city, to see how you used the terrain and how you placed your housing, sanctuaries, etc. I'll upload the final save of my city too so that anyone who's interested can see it.

[Edited on 07/04/11 @ 09:46 PM]

CycloneGU I just came upon this quest and was considering trying it, but hearing that there are so many quests in the final episode is a bit of a hinderance to my wanting to try this. Also, quests are usually adventure goals, and two is usually the most you see in an episode, so I think that's a good rule of thumb. I do think it would be a cool storyline element to have one of the quests in an earlier episode be to Hera or Aphrodite and have Zeus do something to a segment of the map in the final episode (not triggered, it just happens, say, five months in). It shouldn't destroy half the map or anything, obviously, just be a small map invasion and if something DOES get destroyed - well, it's a small hinderance to rebuild that bit elsewhere but it can still be done without losing half your population and shutting the city down. Just a thought, but I see it's been a month since your last update.

[Edited on 07/03/11 @ 12:27 AM]

File Author
I'm sorry to hear of your hinderance because of the quests. I'll try to explain a bit better their purpose:

In the final episode there are 6 quests which are optional. These are 4 Aphrodite quests and 2 Hera quests. As I said, completing them will unleash 6 catastrophes (each triggered by the completion of one of them). Now, on to the stroyline: The final episode is a 'test' of your skills, if you are not seen as worthy then Zeus would destroy the entire city. As this is a little harsh I didn't want to put a time limit to trigger these catastrophes, so I included the tests so that the player may choose to see what would have happened if the storyline ended in failure. The quests being from Aphrodite and Hera is just coincidental, in part because in previous episodes you already have done quests for them and so you already have their monuments (so you wouldn't need to complete these in order to get them).

Actualy there is only one other quest which is an episode goal in the final episode. So there is no need to do the others if you don't want to, and specialy if you don't want your city destroyed.

There are other 4 quests by other gods because I wanted to give the player the opportunity to place all the god monuments (because I love eye candy). Also they play a minor part in the storyline. These 4 quests I would say that it would have been better to place them earlier in a more distributed way as you and vombat have told me. For this adventure it's too late because it would mess too much with the storyline, but it's a lesson learned for the next one (which is already being designed ;)).

Well I would finally say to you that I believe the adventure's got a great storyline that you would enjoy while playing it. Focusing on some optional quests on the last episode shouldn't turn you away, although I thank you for your opinion because it helps me become a better adeventure builder.

[Edited on 07/04/11 @ 09:46 PM]

CycloneGU Well, I have just played "Overcrowded" by Nightwolf. He has his quests tied to a different sort of event; each and every one lowers the military readiness of a different rival so that they can be conquered (you start with 11 unconquerable cities and you slowly make them beatable). This also proves to be a bug, however, in that if you don't do one of the quests, you fail the entire adventure without even knowing it at first. I spent 40 game years trying to rule the world, but not completing a mission that does not carry forward into the final episode actually screwed me out of the entire adventure. Not worth going back to redo, and I have stroked it off my list as "complete" since I did beat the other 10 and finished my Pyramids.

The thing is, tying quests to utter disaster makes little sense storyline-wise; I mean, if the text said something like, "Zeus warns you not to help Hera or Aphrodite in their missions; doing so would be utter disaster", it would be a forewarning, but again, I see no point to putting them in. I've seen a case where a city request gets buried under the god requests; if you can't answer a city request immediately, you won't get another chance until it's too late. Not good.

But again, it's your call. Putting a time limit on it ramps up the difficulty, but I also dislike it as it ruins the open play aspect after the final episode by ruining a completed city (unless the time limit was an earlier episode, in which case that set of events vanishes from the quest). Granted I don't do Open Play, but you get the idea.

[Edited on 07/05/11 @ 02:41 AM]

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