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Atlants on the East

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 9+2
Hello! It is me, Haspen, after months of being lazy.

Once upon a time, I sat down, and began wondering... what if, something went wrong during one of the adventures of Atlanteans? Suddenly, I got idea about making a 'spin-off' adventure, based on Life in the Mediterranean, one of the campaigns of the Poseidon Expansion pack.

This adventure is quite huge, I would say - it have nine parent city episodes, plus two colonies you can pick from four possible spots:
If you want abundance of resources, go with colonies at Topazus and Erego - if you want a little more difficult game, go with tiny Kition and almost resource-less Fascium.

The difficulty of the campaign goes quite crazy in the two last episodes, where you will be besieged by monsters, gods and disasters in the same time.

I checked twice to make sure there are no game-breaking bugs, and I apologize if the mission briefings are terrible in quality - I'm neither an English major nor a native speaker of said language :P

It's my largest adventure so far, and I would love to receive comments, critique and reviews if you want to make them :)
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franz91 hi Haspen,
I liked this adventure very much. But one thing was annoying.
In the penultimate episode, a tidal wave rushed through my housing districts, destroying them.
Is that intended to be happen?
I had to start over by building my houses in the southern area, and this worked fine.
franz91 ahhh sorry,

it is the last episode where this tidal wave happens
File Author

Well, it's wrath of Poseidon you're dealing with. Tidal waves are bound to happen :P
JRFisher I'm almost done, and I hope to have a complete review soon. I am amazed by the complex political and trade dance. I'm quite busy in the home stretch trying to maintain access to critical resources.

There may be some dead ends for those who try to be too efficient with their imports (the loss of a trading partner might leave you without a key resource or the means to retake it!)

My advice is to keep stores of commodities needed for military development... and for summoning heroes. Basically, if you don't make it yourself, then you probably need some socked away (and hope that no monster, god or invader turns it to rubble!)

[Edited on 06/12/13 @ 06:06 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Overall, this was a highly entertaining adventure. I did not run into any dead ends, but some disasters (as have been noted above) might make some players unhappy. Also, in such an intricate dance of allies, colonies and vassals as sources of certain critical materials, it might be possible for a player to be cornered (be deprived of a resource and not be able to restore that resource without it). However, that would force no more than a replay of that one episode.

Balance: 4
Terrain and resources were sometimes problems, but they were solvable. Some of the later challenges might rise to the level of "Olympian" (tedious) level of difficulty -- like having to beg and pray for both a hero's resources *and* a large sanctuary worth of marble. However, for those who can take destruction in stride, the challenges were appropriate for a wealthy home city in its 8th & 9th home episodes.

Creativity: 4
Even with so many episodes, each had something new. There was also a good rhythm between building and fighting. However, all intercity connections were sea routes, which meant that all trade *and* all military moves were by water. There were no trading posts, caravans or overland invasions/threats. There were a few goals that were either redundant (hero & sanctuary) or trivial (end-game population). There were also some features that were left untouched (predictable), such as settlers' entrance and exit points on every map.

Map Design: 5
The maps were both beautiful and functional. The home city has room for all needed building, but it is cramped enough to force compromises (like demolishing a no-longer needed 104-stade hippodrome to make room for a sanctuary). Wedging housing and production into place meant that wolves were constantly relevant in (for me) three places throughout the game (and monsters were always real trouble). The late flood (already mentioned above) dramatically resculpted the shoreline to give a delightfully fresh geometry to a map in its 9th episode. I wished I had more ramps connecting high places to low-level ground, but I took that as part of the challenge.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was fabulous! It had a nice consistency that beautifully explained events and most episode goals. Two nits: 1) When offering choices between more sanctuaries than the number a player is allowed to build, an ep's instructions should tell players the limit. Otherwise, a player won't know the limit until it has been reached. 2) There's one ep text that says "Poseidon" will watch over the city. I think a different god's name was intended, because Poseidon belongs to a different part of the story.

Additional Comments:

Design note: On a World Map, never locate a place name above an ally/rival/colony/home city; the shields and coins (military and econ strengths) will cover the name during play. Only distant and mystery places should have their names located above them (it's too bad that the editor itself didn't have such a constraint).

Though we're not grading on English language proficiency, I'd still recommend that most adventure designers, and especially non-native speakers, try to recruit collaborator-editors here at Heaven to polish all text. Regardless of what language an adventure is written in, it will benefit from a second pair of eyes and an editor's touch.
Valkm Good. I liked the map. Wish to see the next campaign.

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Map Design5.0
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