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Difficulty: Titan
Number of episodes: 4 + 2
This adventure took forever creating, most of the time consumption being map creation (very extensive use of cliffs) and some prolongation due to being my first adventure.

This adventure is about the Aegean people being allowed to enter the secret land of Lanthana, where they shall build a city dedicated to Poseidon. During the adventure you will build two collonies, defend yourself against big armies (later episodes) and deal with decent space issues (no standard housing blocks).
All in all im happy with the result, though the story is a bit standard. Please forgive me the occasional mistake, as English is not my native language.
If you encounter any problems please notify me (through comments) though there shouldn't be any grave bugs (tested the adventure twice).

I encountered some minor bugs that shouldn't be of annoyance:

- Level 1 housings may have a bugged appearance when built next to a cliff. This will resolve itself once it evolves into better housings.
- In Ephora you may notice a visual bug at the height of 11 (highest elevation in that map). The bug occurs if something bigger than 1x1 is built (includes already added rocks of 2x2 or 3x3) and you don't move vision for about 2-3 seconds. That little problem is seen rarely so don't be afraid of it.

Now I hope you enjoy my adventure (especially the maps) and wish you lots of fun with it.

28.7: Corrected two minor visual bugs (cliffs)
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Balance: 4

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
Wow, this is campaign from hell. The main map made me actually pause the game and think for good 30 minutes how to even plan the first house block! I've avoided the plateaus on the west and made one just around the meadow hill in the centre. :P
And then we have the colonies. For example, when I saw Ephoria's landscape and the goals, I cringed. But I did complete it! Took me few tens of game years but got there eventually :)
This is both fun and challenging campaign and I refuse to believe it's your first. It's definitely done like by some professional maker ;D
You would get all 5's but in my eyes, it is a bit too hard and cramped map, so I had to lower the balance score just a tiny bit. I do have to admit I can't wait for your next missions, hopefully as challenging and interesting as Lanthana :)


[Edited on 08/02/12 @ 05:21 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 3
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
The map was awesome bud, the real downside that I had with the playthrough was how easy the other cities were to defeat, and there were times that I wanted to pull my hair out trying to figure out where I was going to come up with 5000 people in my city to complete that quest. I usually play on olympian or titan, It was a fun challenge untill the end where I ended up giving up when I saw that I had to build 4 sanctuarys including Poseidon's. There was no way without having just sanctuaries and maybe 200 people in the city. Big bummer. But otherwise good job.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I found the map to be somewhat playable but it was strict in doing so i.e. Build one way or fail the objective.

Balance: 2
The balance between building, sustaining population, being enjoyable and difficult is ridiculous and therefore has received a low score from me.

Creativity: 5
The map design is pretty straight forward but has obviously took a painstaking amount of time to do and using a almost flawless pathing system to allow citizens to enter the land gave maps a nice new taste of difficult.

Map Design: 3
The design of the maps are generally poor but creative and although there was a limited amount of thought seemingly gone into 'workable' land the map has still been a let down for me.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story behind the entire campaign was very interesting and was the only thing that kept me interested in this map.

Additional Comments:
There is some spelling errors throughout the story base. The map in total is somewhat playable but only advanced players should try this map as variety in city building is what this will bring to the player.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

First of all, Let me start by saying, Wow!! You made a really nice adventure here. The parent city map can really bite you in the a$$ if you don't plan properly; and the colony maps presented even more greater challenges than the parent city map.


Let's start with the Parent city. I'm a challenge freak and the plethora of challenges I met here whilst playing this adventure made me enjoy it.

Due to reading some feedback here, I began to start planning what I should do from the start onwards. So I started the adventure by building my first housing block at the most southern part of the map, i.e. the small cliff space south of the map where the small scrub is - just under the small forest; alongside with building the dionysus sanctuary just right of the same forest; very near to it. Then my housing block turned into hovels and that was the moment I realised 'where the heck's the fleece? o.O ' . Eventually I noticed there was none specifically for that episode and started building 3 more housing blocks to squeeze in that small space available :D

Eventually I completed the objectives by not only selling the wine I had from Dionysus (He's a kind and chubby ol' fella), but also by setting my taxation to outrageous. My citizens didn't like it at first, but they got used to it eventually :P

Next I chose the Kimolos colony. Boy! Was it tough! Apparently I had to summon Jason to do his dirty work on a certain monster that was guarding something in one of the islands. Also, finding which path leads where was difficult at the start. Apparently, building piers OR triremes are possible only in one of the islands and to summon Jason, I had to quickly import wheat; and as soon as I had 8 or more horses, I deleted the pier and put on a 3rd trireme wharf. Eventually I completed the objectives. But it was NOT easy. My elite housing ended up getting very picky at the end about what's appealing and whatnot; mostly due to my own elite housing layout. :P But I finally completed the episode with a whopping 175 workers needed. Whoops :-S .

I finally returned back to the parent city and met with one of the objectives that I had to have 200 people in manor or better. It surely did look doable but it was easier said than done! I started building elite housing on the land surrounding a small meadow cliff in the centre and with one part, accomplished the building of 7 estates there. Then I eventually noticed the small pathway to the west part of the island and foresaw that I'm gonna need the west part just in case I had some huge population requirement in the end (boy was I right!), so I made another separate road and built a chain of 4 manors to complete that particular objective. Then before I knew it, I had no fleece left! It seemed the traders didn't come to sell me their fleece because I had only 9 out of 24 workers in the trading post - I was too late to discover this and had around more than 400 workers needed which stunted my production. Damn! Eventually recovered though by closing down half of my industry and completed the objective in the end. I enjoyed fighting the invasions in that episode and the fact that I could station my rabble up high above ground gave my rabble an advantage. There were some invasions though where I decided to bribe, got tired of fighting invasions eventually. :)

Anyway, let's move to the last episode, for the sake of not making this review too long as it's getting there already o.O . The last 2 episodes were burdenous. Since I didn't put any gymnasiums in 2 out of 3 of my housing blocks (though I used stadiums to evolve them to townhouses), I had to sacrifice a few stuff just for the sake of getting Hercules. Achilles wasn't tough at all, though I suspect there might've been a little error in the storytelling - it said I had to expect Odysseus from completing the palladium task? o.O Anyway, finishing off the 4 sanctuaries including poseidon's was actually very easy for me to accomplish as I planned the whole city development thing from the beginning and there was still plenty of building space for me to get upto that 8000 pop requirement in the end.

The invasions presented in the last episode were quite challenging indeed (at least on my treasury) and I had made it a goal to rule both Troy and Athens before my treasury expired. I couldn't risk fighting an invasion as I needed to preserve my horsemen and hoplites to conquer those 2 cities and I was around 500 workers short, but still producing goods efficient enough. :) So I used the surrender-bribe-surrender tactic to survive the last episode without putting too much dent on my > 100,000 drachma treasury. :)

In the end, I ended up becoming too lazy to finish the 8,000 pop goal and ended up conquering every city in the world map :P . But don't worry though, I'll finish it when I have the time :) .

Balance: 5

It was consistent. The purpose of the adventure was to provide the player with different options of building housing layouts instead of his usual housing block. Throughout the adventure, it accomplished this purpose.

Furthermore, each episode gave you some breathing room to manage your playing, so no matter what situation/error you've gotten into, each episode seemed forgiving and gave you chances to complete it despite being constantly challenging and making the player 'think' on how to complete the objectives.

Creativity: 5
A unique storyline blended with a unique city layout that demands one unique layout to accomplish. This deserves 5/5 on this factor here. It was inventive and indeed, never seen before.

Map Design: 4

The maps were awesome and to be honest, I don't really see why there are some people here complaining about how non-spacious the parent city map is o.O .. I don't really see any problem at all and it provided more than enough building space for me. *shrugs*

The maps were also inventive and was worth exploring - and the latter was important to do in order to make sure you know where to place your first housing block.

Story/Instructions: 5

This is by far your strongest point here. The storyline drew you into the game and the 'gravity' effect is strong here.

[Edited on 01/26/14 @ 10:56 AM]

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Map Design4.3
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