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Defending Egypt

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 5 + 1
How about a challenging adventure where you have to protect yourself and your allies when cursed by Hades?

I have created an adventure with the vision to create a hard one were the economy won't be a walk in the park just because you've a lot of manors..

This is my first adventure, but I still hope you'll find it both playable and fun.

Since english aint my native language, the texts are not written in perfect english. But it should still be readable. The language has also made it harder for me to read the instructions for creating adventures. but atleast the first episodes have been tested so many times I think I got it right.


11/16/12: Updated again. Now the game should be more well-balanced. But that doesn't mean it's easier. Monsters should be a little bit calmer and the later episodes harder. Enjoy!
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Grolf This was fun*, but on the second-to-last episode, the temple count was off by one (it showed 3 when I had 4 built), so I could never finish the episode.

I even tried demolishing the temples and rebuilding (because I already had three when the episode began), but the count continued to be wrong -- short by one.

(*I'm too new to the game, having only started playing it a couple months ago, to do an actual review. :) )

[Edited on 11/14/12 @ 08:18 AM]

File Author
Thanks Grolf. I had the same problem with the number of temples. I don't know why it's like that, but I've written in the forum.,7305,,20

I guess you downloaded the adventure before I updated it? Because now the goal has been changed to 3 temples to ignore the bug. And may I ask you one thing: did your workers use the bridges build on the flooded areas?
Grolf I did play it before the update... playing it again now. :)

And, no, they wouldn't use the bridges built across the flooded areas. I couldn't figure out why, and it didn't even occur to me that they *were* flooded areas. Now it makes sense.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
([Note that I did play this on Olympian] This was a very fun but very frustrating map at times. The first time i played through it I completely ragequit the 3rd map because i was just getting nowhere fast. I replayed it with a smarter strategy the next time and was able to accomplish it. It was incredibly difficult at times and the strategic decisions that had to be made at times, were not for the faint of heart. Overall it was a good map to play through but the difficulty at times was hard to manage, and I docked a point for making me rage.)

Balance: 4
(This map was designed to be incredibly difficult, and it accomplished that. The only map that has made be rage quit from sheer difficulty, and not losing my city to disasters/walkers bug. The first episode was very challenging to start off with, but was well balanced other then Cerebrus perhaps roaming into your city a bit too often. The 2nd episode was a bit easier and gave you some breathing room but the 3rd episode was brutal. The Invasions that you have to fight off, the God Invasions, and Talos wrecking havoc made for a nightmare challenge that was very frustrating my first time playing it. At times there seemed like just too much to deal with all at once, and there were many times where I'd survive by only a hair. The biggest issue was not being able to get a huge population due to low oil, I had to manage my worker force so often since every invasion i had to fight forced me to have to shut off wood and bronze/silver sometimes so i could map triremes and towers and rally the rabble. This severely stunted the growth of my city and treasury. Overall it felt like a bit too much all at once, but the only thing i think i would personally change is making Talos a little less aggressive, i think, since he was just killing everything he came across. The Colony was a refreshing sight, as it was not too difficult with an invasion chokepoint making defense mush easier, and the profit to be gained there was just good enough to go back to your parent city with some spare cash. The 4th parent episode was more difficult then the colony but was not as hard as the 3rd episode. On completion of Athena's sanctuary basically single-handed turned the difficulty down, allowing for all houses to go to townhouses, Elites all have oil, and finally you can maximize profits with a larger working force that you didn't need to cut 2/3rd of it out just to defend your city. The final episode however, was very easy. Your army is big enough to basically immediately conquer Troy and Sparta when they decline, and from the previous episode Athens' shield strength was low from all the Ally defending you had to do, allowing you to raid them down to 1 shield and make them no threat at all, even though they were still unconquerable. Achilles was simple to summon at that point and quickly dispatched Hector, and the amount of invasions to be dealt with were lower then in previous episodes. Overall it was difficult but it was much more difficult early on and was much easier later on in the game.)

Creativity: 5
(Just for the premise of the no Taxes you deserve max points here. With limited profits and no taxes to balance it out made for interesting challenges as you had to fight off or surrender nearly every invasion sent. The God invasions were not hectic and often like some, but were rare but fairly deadly. The monsters provided fairly big challenges rather then just sitting quietly in a swamp or guarding some metal. Timing of events were superb for the difficulty levels, causing chaos when a god invades while a monster is tearing through your city, and you still have to fight off two must-win invasions at the same time.)

Map Design: 5
(Both maps were well made [although i disliked the hearts] with the colony map being just the perfect size to fit everything you needed on it. The parent map had everything it really needed, but still forced you into some difficult spacing challenges as both your exports and imports for the most part were through choke points, which led to my first loss when i foolishly separated them. The only issue was the previously mentioned bridge issues, which were saddening but were merely a problem with the game itself, had they not existed then the map splitting would have worked out much better, but that's life i guess.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(The story was not overly in-depth but was a solid overall story and was well written. There could definitely have been more to the story but there were no problems with what was given.)

Additional Comments: First Map I've ever rage quit due to the difficulty and not due to losing my whole city to disasters, or due to the walker bug collapsing my city (That i did worry about at times due to Wood + Silver + Bronze) The premise of the map was brilliant, having often noticed myself about how much taxing elite housing can let you pay just about anything off, and making even difficult maps easy. The difficulty was a bit askew which was my main issue with the map. Overall a fun (but frustrating at times) map that i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a serious challenge, although without having major building space restriction which is a big turn off for me.
File Author
Thanks for a great review! I'm glad you say the first and third episode was so tough, as it was my purpose. And considering you played at olympian I shouldn't say it is too difficulty just because you have to restart the episode some times :)

I think it good some episodes are a bit easier than the hardest ones, like you for example say the colony is. To give time for recover and buildup. But I am now considering to update the adventure again and make the last episode harder to win and even survive.

And about the monsters, they are all actually at the second lowest aggressive level. But I suppose the chosen difficulty affects this as well.
Knung Yeah I actually edited and cut out like half the review cause i thought it was too long and it still came out so huge :O I had no problem with the colony being a little easier, because it wasn't some super easy peasy rack up 50k drachmas a year and never worry about money again like some are, but the last episode's difficulty sure threw me off after how tough the other ones had been. Surprised to see that the monster aggressiveness was 2nd lowest level, since Cerebrus would walk up and destroy all my wood, walk back home, 3 seconds later he comes back out to destroy my wood again. Talos would spend more then 75% of his time just walking through my city and destroying everything. He destroyed Ares' sanctuary a couple times, would continually destroy a single trireme wharf as soon as i rebuilt the Trireme, and when he was bored he'd wander into my elite housing blocks and spend time killing off my Agoras. He was the single most frustrating part of the 3rd level for me, but my 2nd time through i spent some time in the 2nd episode raiding up some wheat and i was able to go for horsemen much easier so i was able to summon Jason much quicker.
febacb Well, how the hell can Athens drive 20.000 Drachmas worthy attacks with only two shields. I consider this as unbalanced and slightly unfair. I'm already low on money and can neither conquer Athens nor bribe them. They ruin nearly all my Elite Housings and I'm playing only on level Mortal. Let's go to the third restart of the episode... I guess I'm a bloody beginner :D

This makes the adventure as the hardest I've known so far. Kudos for that.
File Author
Febacb: Some invasions are scripted to happen on certain times and so is the amount of soldiers and therefore the bribe. The only way to change this is to lower the difficulty. Some invasions depend on the number of shield the enemy has, but only the ones caused of you annoying them.

And I don't think bribing is a good idea since you won't have the money. I suggest you use the palace as a carrot and build a lot of towers and walls like a labyrinth. Then kill them there with the towers and rabble. And one more hint: place it close to where the enemies attacks so they don't destroy so much on the way. And also avoid gateways: the enemy prefers an open way even if it is much longer...
Mazeppa To be honest, I fail to see what's the fuss going on about the bridge issues. It worked fine for me.

Anyway, moving on, I seriously believe the map design should be underscored. The hearts are annoying, meadows are just placed at places with no character whatsoever, the western land is too barren and the placement of silver ores there are just silly; it is useless and doesn't contribute to any pleasing character. It would've been better if it was removed completely. The cliffs there do not have any slight of character too; except for the odd mashing up of meadow tiling there which just burns my eyes - and my brain. :/ . Furthermore, the coasts edges are all perpendicular to each other and this also contributes negatively to a map's natural character and the odd scrub painting here and there is just annoying. I'm starting to get the feeling that the creator just wants to add stuff there in order for "the map to have something" and not for "the map to have something of aesthetic quality".

In contrast however, I do like the low elevated land just below along the coast in the western part of the map. It kinda adds something unique there, which I quite like. And the mountain openings along with the edge decoration in the western map adds something of character in the parent map, though it could still be improved.

I have nothing much to say about the colony map, except that it looks like a bad fan-made design of nyan cat.

All-in-all, the lousy map design doesn't hinder me from trying out this adventure though. And like others said before me, chapter 3 is quite tricky to do and as it was your intention, kudos to that. Though, I have to complain a bit and agree with knung that the aggressiveness of Talos was little too much. ;-)
File Author
Oh, that was some hard words about my map! I know my map isn't perfect, but it should at least be okay, and not so bad that it disturbs the gameplay? If I should redo the map today I would of course have done some things different, but my ambition was only to make it feasible for the scenario, and not worthy an artist. I never thought of doing it aesthetically beautiful, I just saw the map at another tool to give the adventure the intended difficulty. SO you are probably right when you say I "placed the stuff there just in order to have something".

I have replayed the adventure some times since I last edited it and yes, some things should need to be improved. I have learn a lot from this episode and from your comments, in case I will ever do another episode.

But I just want to say something to those out there with more imagination and artistic quality then me: Please make your adventures very hard, like I have intended to do this one. There are hundreds of easy adventures on this website, but only a few really challenging. "Orichalc" has done some very good, and "Nightwolf" as well (the Tributasies series). I think it is a good idea to make the economy a harder part even in the later episodes, by not giving the player huge tax incomes from the elite houses. Like I have done here.


[Edited on 04/13/14 @ 01:23 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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