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The Peon of Hermes

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 4 + 1
And here comes my second adventure. Took around 100+ hours for scripting and 100 for testing...

You will take on the role of Entimander, who has a less fortunate relationship with Hermes (at first).

The map design worked out really well and I'm quite content with it. I also recommend reading it for a few hints on the scenario.

The play style is both similar and different to Lanthana. Regarding similarities, you're going to deal again with space issues (I'm tired of standard housing blocks...), make clever use of the terrain when defending and build temples. The main difference to Lanthana lies in the focus on economy, allowing you to plant oranges, olives and grapes.

In terms of difficulty, it's a bit complicated to assess as the creator. I'd say it is even harder than Lanthana, but surely doable. As I don't like frustrating battles, I made them easy, as long as you find out the correct way to defend (bribing shouldn't work permamently). All in all it feels a bit like a big puzzle the way you're going to build the city. The duration is probably longer than Lanthana because you'll have to put more thought into the housing blocks and certain goals.

Giving you a last challenge: I fulfilled the "X amount of profit per year" goals solely with city-produced goods. It's doable, but very hard. There are many other ways to ease these goals up, but where's the fun in that ;)?

15.12: slight update because some (not so important) cities had a fifth food type as a tribute.
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sevnef Hey.
There is a problem in the second episode.
We must kill the monster, and to call a hero, you need a horse / orichalcum and wine.

Because the most of the city faded. Wine and orichalcum no one to buy. Okay, with that guess, built ships and captured in the raid. But the problem with horses, because nobody produces wheat and in the city you can not build a stable.

Sorry for grammotno, I do not know English, translated from the native language by Google.
File Author
Hi sevnef

You do not need the hero. Apollo can kill monsters too. Just build his temple (the marble must be acquired from the ennemy).

Anyway, are people content with the scenario? Any critics? ^^
sevnef I thought about the Apollo, even built a bridge between the islands where there is Apollo and the monster, but the monster did not go away from their island.
Thanks for the tip, I'll try.

The most difficult adventure I've ever played.
It was very interesting.

Thanks a lot.

If there are more complicated situations, be sure to write.
Map Design4.0
Note that this is the first downloaded adventure I've played, so I fear some of my comments on this adventure could be biased or exaggerated based on that factor. But aside from this, here's my review. Hope it's ok enough. :)

Playability: 4

This is a great, sophisticated adventure for people who 1. Got bored of playing the game's default adventures and would love to try something new, and 2. love to deal with new challenges like I do.

The map of the parent city gave some sort of feel for me wanting to try the adventure out. Its something I'd like to call 'the gravity effect'; It was like it was pulling me down on the spot and persuading me to try it out. The challenges it displayed such as the spacing issues and the like gave me a massive 5 on my fun scale. Heck, I even designed a fortress on that episode =) and it was well worth it considering the invasions on the last 2 episodes. Also, it was not only the map that gave the 'gravity effect', but it was also the storyline. It was so detailed with imagination and creativity; it was captivating to read. It made the adventure really addictive, kudos to that :) . Personally, I love the part about the mirrors. It was pretty awesome. :)

However, the reason I finally gave it a 4 instead of a 5 was due to some weird goals set in the objectives. The 300 oranges a year in one certain episode seemed totally unrealistic. 120 was fine, but 300 is just.. Masochistic (is that a word?). In that episode, I dealt with Knossos and Amphipolis with ease but after that, I became so bored with wishing to get 300 oranges a year that I literally just left the game operating on its own (hoping it wouldn't crash) and coming back to it later on - after that, I just grew tired of it and Ambrosia'd the episode :/ . In my book, if that triggered behaviour is experienced during gameplay, I would have to automatically deduct 1 point from that.

Also.. Why only one colony? Personally, I just feel the re-playability factor would be blown down to smithereens if the player can only choose one colony. Also, I don't think the storyline would be affected much if you could put in another colony there, imho; but your choice.

Balance: 5

The Parent city map with its spacing issues and unique pathways across certain areas gave a new genre of challenge indeed and it really accomplished that factor. Furthermore, there was a good rhythm of building up your city, monster invasions and defending/conquering your rivals.

Creativity: 4

The captivating storyline draws you in the adventure, spurring you to do your best in finishing each episode in curiosity of finding out what'll happen next. The Parent city map was astonishing and provided just enough room to build up your city, though not too much and that was much appreciated. The triggering of events was good, though I didn't see the point of adding 'city becomes active' events on 12 cities in episode 2 that were active in episode 1 on the same year and month, but that's just a minor thing. The colony map was good too and I especially liked the position where the monster spot was put in.

The World map was great as well and one thing I noticed - Hippopotamus as a leader! :D I also wrote that name on an adventure I was doing which is yet to be finished; purely by coincidence! :D

In addition, there were several unique (even hidden!) pathways to certain areas and I enjoyed rotating the parent city map just to explore the paths :)

Again, the 300 oranges a year objective threw me off the rooftop and gave me so much boredom on that episode. However, the objective was explained (well, sort of..) in the beginning of the chapter and hence I could understand why such a goal was set up, but it was too much. Furthermore, having all cities visible and active in the beginning of the scenario put me off a little in the beginning of the scenario. It was the map and the storyline that rescued the addictive quality it had :) If you could somehow make some distant and other cities active later on in episode 1 and 2 instead of in the beginning; or possibly, cities active during a colony episode, I wouldn't be put off with that.

Map Design: 4

The Parent city map.. must I mention it again?
Great, challenging, draws you in etc etc etc.
Also, I forgot to mention a certain lake in the parent city that I was really fond of - I could imagine certain things on that lake, like swans having a bath, possibly a monster's den perhaps :D. It was captivating :) It felt complete.

The colony map was great, had a nice tropical feeling, as if you're really in that place :D . It looked like.. a sort of.. Pirates of the Carribean type of place without the characters :). The Monster positions - especially on the colony episode was good :) . But there were some particular islands in the colony episode which didn't look so natural to me - including the one with the completely straight line coast on the south part of that island. Too linear! So it didn't fulfil the 'feels complete factor' to me. But still, a 4 is great, no? :)

Story/Instructions: 5

It was captivating, a pleasure to read. It also made you curious to what will happen next. It was like a novel; written by an award-winning writer! ;) Furthermore, it explained objectives and events thoroughly and still kept the story on track, making a whole scenario very much understandable and not intriguing. A few errors were here and there but not frequent and still legible nonetheless so that didn't matter (though you putting 'olymp' instead of 'olympus' is still a dilemma to me o.O ). I can tell, a great effort was put into this category.

Additional Comments:

If at least only some cities in the beginning were active instead of all of them, it would've added a greater feel for the adventure. In addition, if more than one colony was available to choose from and more realistic 'produce x amounts of a good in one year' type of goals set up, this would've easily become a 5 adventure. But it was enjoyable nonetheless.

[Edited on 11/12/13 @ 07:36 PM]

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