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Only Gods

Author File Description
geronimo gero
File Details
Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 5
is the same adventure "With only one God," but in the version Zeus-Greek, with some variation but beautiful and exciting as that atlantidea.Buon fun and do not be angry if you can not carry it out the first time, try again.
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geronimo gero
File Author
dear "Mazeppa," I finally managed to connect, please do not give so much heed to my friends walagos and Suez because you have only given importance since you do not deserve it. I beg you to stop here.
Mazeppa Geronimo nero, call me crude, troll or whatnot, just bear in mind that I speak honestly here, based on what I saw. I may be harsh, but seeing a map like this, I'm frankly annoyed too. And before I stop, I have one last thing to say.

Don't know why I'm writing this, but.. There are many areas in this adventure you can improve, by a lot, if you wish to. Off the top of my head, here's a few examples:

1). The theme is Only Gods, right? You're depending on One God alone. Why does the adventure have to be so linear? Why not give players options? Different paths to take?

E.g. A Demeter sanctuary provides meadows and can maximize profits with new resources. She's also a strong goddess that can give food. A Hephaestus sanctuary gives bronze, and provides Talos to defend, but you need to rely on others in the world map to evolve your peasant houses. Zeus doesn't give resources, but he's the strongest (Hades attacks a lot, doesn't he?), and demands others to respect you.

Add at least these (or other) sanctuaries, and allow only one. Replace those yearly production goals with a treasury/profit per year goal, and you would have a much better Episode One. Things like this will encourage replayability by a mile. It gives players different options and different approaches to other future episodes. That's all I'm saying. I would've given you higher marks for playability and creativity if you did something like this.

2). Map design: If you can spare time to write "Solo contro tutti" in the map in big, clear letters (really, it's like you have nothing to do, and what's the point of doing that? It's stupid), then why not dedicate that time to make beautiful mountains, with lakes, swamps and rivers instead? If you did that, I would've given you much higher marks in map design.

3). The main thing that hurt your adventure, was that you try to put every element in the first episode. You put invasions, god invasions, monsters, sanctuary building, trade problems, townhouse population, yearly production, quests, pretty much everything apart from elites, in the FIRST episode.

If I did that in the first episode of my adventures, of course I would lose all my creativity for the other episodes, just like you did. So you've repeated everything after episode 1, rather than giving something new in every episode.

Why not put different elements in different episodes, rather than everything in one? Maybe you'll be paying tribute to someone in the first episode, build sanctuaries, a profit goal and small invasions. Next episode could be a monster invasion - (maybe a god was angry coz you started a city in his favourite place?) and maybe freeing your shackles. Next episode could be conquering a city who's plotting something against you etc etc.

If you did something like this, every rating I put would've been higher. Much higher; and if you playtested your adventure at all, you would've found things that would irritate your players - and you could correct it. That's all I'm saying. Seriously, you're just mashing events together with no testing at all. Don't be lazy in testing your adventure. Do it.

Regarding the rating, I won't remove it, nor change it. This is what I truly felt like for this adventure, so it'll stay as it is. Anyway, good luck and hope you improve more in your future adventures. But if your future maps continue to be as ugly as this (even though you seem so proud of it), then well.. Nothing I can do, really. What a pity.

Anyway, I'll comply with your request and stop commenting any longer here. I simply don't care if you can't take criticisms well, but I've said everything I wanted to say.

[Edited on 01/05/17 @ 08:33 PM]

geronimo gero
File Author
unfortunately in Italian-English translation you lose the true meaning, otherwise you would understand, dear Mazeppa, that what you think of me I do not "give a damn" niente.Io do adventures for fun and not to take votes.
Gentlemen, please refrain from further arguing or I will remove your posts. Thanks.
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