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Only Gods

Author File Description
geronimo gero
File Details
Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 5
is the same adventure "With only one God," but in the version Zeus-Greek, with some variation but beautiful and exciting as that atlantidea.Buon fun and do not be angry if you can not carry it out the first time, try again.
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Map Design2.0
^ "spider who wants to climb a mirror".. Lmao, ok. Sorry for having a "different" opinion to you, and trying to be "nice" in the previous comment above.

If you're going to compare me, just because you don't like what I commented, then I might as well tell you what I truly feel about this adventure, rather than just pretend nothing's wrong.

Playability: 2
The designer's ideas and concepts are there, but he poorly executed them in this adventure. One would wonder if the creator even tried playtesting his adventure at all, before submitting it here.

Episode 1 requires you to build a sanctuary to demeter, to compensate for the lack of resources you have. So you have to rely on trade. The idea here would've been great, but was poorly done due to the following:

1). At olympian mode, you start with a treasury of 40,000 drachmas which is far too much. It ruined any challenge in the episode whatsoever.

2). Production per year goals: If you're gonna put something so high, like "150 wheat per year", that's just ASKING players to ramp up a 999,999 income by the end of the episode 1 alone. Not good. Indeed, the creator was right. You need to have patience in chapter 1. So I waited... waited... waited... to get upto 100,000 drachma (coz I felt like it), and then fulfill all the goals. In fact, it became so boring that I ended up turning off all messages and calculated how much time it took to get Hades to invade. :/ 2 hours later, I'm still here in my underpants, saying "What the hell am I doing with my life?"

ADVICE: For episode one, If you get bored playing this adventure, here's some tips:

- Just watch out for Hades in February. 1 year takes 1 minute 47 seconds in episode 1 if you turn off all messages. Until that time, you can make love to your wife, stroke your cat, urinate maybe - until the timer's up - if you're even willing to do this for 2 hours. -_-"

- it takes 27 seconds for a rival to invade you in June, after a god invades your city.

- it takes 3 minutes and 2 seconds for a 161 dr city request from Megara, after a god invasion.

- if you're not willing to wait for Hades, just summon Theseus and do the Hero trick.

3). The creator does not seem to understand how god invasions work. Hermes attacks your city in episode 1, rendering you unable to get exports up for one year, and then attacks again, recurringly... Isn't it odd that he attacks AS SOON AS land trade resumes? Means you have to WAIT.. WAIT.. WAIT again and again.

4). Episode 3 is a Raid and Conquer episode (YAY!!). You have nothing but rivals in the world, meaning you need to rely on raiding, and rival diplomacy to get what you need. You also have to conquer as well. Fun? For a while. It starts to get boring though, that every episode after that, you do this stuff OVER and OVER again.

Where is the variability? Conquer.. then conquer.. then conquer in every episode after the 3rd. C'mon, you can do better than this. :/ Why the repetition? Where's the story to justify this? Why don't you merge different elements together or something? Not just conquer.

5). Nothing really adds to replayability. Megara will always ask for drachmas, you will always build the same temples. You will always get the same invasion from the same rivals. You will always stroke your cat for 1 minute 47 seconds.

Balance: 1
If you get as much as 40,000 dr in Olympian mode, and you're being hedonistic as early as chapter One, and then save up 100,000 drachmas, complete episode 2 in record time, and then having 3 episodes of complete repetition, then I don't know what else is there to say here.

The only reason why it's not a "1" is because invasions increase gradually in every episode, which complements the army the player would have by this time - mostly due to the objectives.

EDIT: Eff it. Even that doesn't give any excuse. At many points, Hades attacks during invasions, cursing your palace. You don't have allies in the world to get aid when that happens, and no god other than Demeter, ironically. So you're unable to do anything. If this adventure didn't display the poorest sense of "balance", then I don't know what does. :/

Creativity: 2
Where is the creativity in this? Because I do not see it. In the World map, Thera is outside the mediterranean, Calydon and Megara are in Spain, and Mt Ida is in Slovakia. -_-" What the? And last time I checked, Carthage wasn't Egyptian. It was founded by Phoenicians. -_-" At least be accurate, man. Rename megara as "Tartessos" or something.

And asking 1 or 2 heroes to do the same "Sabotage the weapon" quest in 3 episodes is NOT creativity. There are other quests that makes sense in weakening rivals other than "Sabotage the weapon".

Why not use Demeter's "Argent maize" to poison the water supply of your rival? Or Poseidon's "Palladium" as a set of divine laws that prove you're the true leader, making others side by you, or something. All you need is a storyline. Why always "Sabotage, Sabotage, Sabotage"? Tch!!

And the same minotaur in 2 or 3 episodes in a row? What's "creative" about this? Every episode revolves around the same thing, and it's nothing but annoying.

It's clear the designer obviously lost any spark of creativity after the 3rd episode, so he was just recycling episode 3 four times. :/

Map Design: 2
Oh dear.. Oh dear.. Oh dear..

Let this be a lesson to all city designers. Never add letters to your map. Ever. It makes your map look bad, and it doesn't give your adventure a good first impression.

Story/Instructions: 2
There is no story. No substance. No immersiveness (if that's a word). The creator just made a tutorial and nothing else. Add a story for god sake. What did Athens and the rest of the world did to make the main character want to conquer them?

Quote from episode 2: "Well now you can conquer Athens" - WHY?!!! Porque? Pourquoi? Perche? Where's the story behind this grudge against Athens?

Why do the gods attack my city? Why is Hephaestus helping me "Sabotage the weapon" 14x in this adventure? Why did my allies not sell their goods at one point? Where is the story in this adventure?

Heck, the person above, who compared me using similes made a far better story than this adventure.

Additional Comments:
Tl;dr - it's pretty boring, and completing it is not really worth it, nor satisfying. The title says "Only Gods" - what Gods? You're only building Demeter's sanctuary. :/

The creator, from my point of view, designed this adventure, like a spider who wants to climb a mirror.

[Edited on 01/05/17 @ 03:17 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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