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Pelops and Sons

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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 8+1
Someone on the Polish forums told me to try my hand at myth-based campaign for Zeus. 'Pelops and Sons' is the product of that attempt.

It follows the story of Pelops, who becomes King of Pisa in the land of Greece. His rule of Pisa and courting of Hippodamia is included in the story, then there's the rise and fall of his sons, Atreus and Thyestes, and in the finale we shall help young Agamemnon and Menelaus in just a few tasks.

I have extensively tested it and therefore there should be no bugs whatsoever. Little advice: do not over-spend in the first two episodes, and keep your housing districts away from the large plateaus, as during the adventure you will be required to construct a few (rather large) Sanctuaries.

Have fun!

18/01/16: Reduced the military strength of Elis so it should be easier to conquer if you fail to pay the ransom in time.
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Mazeppa Damn, you beat me to it. XD
This story was one of the custom adventures I planned on making in the future. :D - You know, starting with how Tantalus cooked him and got punished, and of how he beat the King of Elis and won the King's daughter, and of Menelaus and Thyestes etc. :D

I also began making the story of Orestes as a custom adventure I planned on finishing. :)

Would it be ok if I would upload an adventure in the future telling that same Pelops story as similar as yours? :( (If I by any chance decide to, that is :-S )

[Edited on 10/05/15 @ 02:26 AM]

File Author

Sure, why not, I always like to play new campaigns :3
zapo Playing at Hero. Now in Episode 4.

Unable to conquer Ellis with 34 Hops to get 4th trading partner. Also tried earlier with fewer Hops plus Cilla but couldn't. No opportunity to pay the 10,000 ransom now that I have the money.

Putting aside adventure for now.
File Author
Hmmm, that's strange. The ransom should be payable.

Unless it is overdue (orange), then it won't work, because editor triggers don't, well, trigger on overdue requests.

Try paying the ransom before it goes overdue?
Mazeppa ^ I think there was a way to trigger that even if the payment was overdue. I stumbled that in one of DerangedDuck's hex editing posts, and it was actually not so tricky to find when you get some hex editing tool and you could eventually take note and understand what he posted. :) I never managed to dedicate any time to experiment with this stuff though. :(

Zapo, perhaps you could treat that ransom as a sort-of time limit if you want to in that episode, even though I doubt it was intended to be that way. :)

It's just an idea though. :)

[Edited on 01/07/16 @ 12:09 PM]

zapo I don't think I've had an opportunity to pay the ransom in E3. I only got the ransom request(s) in earlier episodes, when I didn't have any money.

I'll restart at to see.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, there is an opportunity to pay ransom in E3. I must have forgotten about it or I didn't have the Ds until later. I'll see if I can generate 10,000 in time as I only start the episode with 1,000.

Once I understood that I had to pay the bribe I was able to focus on making money. I restarted E3 and was able to make and sell enough armor and meat to make the pay-off about a year before it was due.

I can now proceed.

Thanks again, I've enjoyed many of your adventures!

[Edited on 01/08/16 @ 11:20 AM]

File Author
If getting enough money is such a problem, postpone construction of Sanctuary to Apollo in the Cillia colony and gather money there; the colony has some good exports (fleece, timber) plus if you fulfill Troy's requests, you will be able to ask them for extra money!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Played at the Hero level.

If you looked at my posts you will see that I had a problem - should I pay the ransom or acquire a 4th trading partner by conquest? The story line would indicate that you could take either approach, but I could not find a way to conquer, so restarted that episode to concentrate on making money to pay the ransom.

There are a lot of sanctuaries and housing to fit in. I built my first Elite in a place where it could not be improved to meet later requirements. I did find a new place later to fit in a larger Elite without having to demolish a sanctuary. Not knowing what future episodes would require my first Elite placement worked out well and I kept it.

Balance: 4
Good balance in a long adventure.

Creativity: 4
A very solid adventure with a little of everything.

Map Design: 4
Pleasing design and varied terrain. Always adequate resources available, somehow, to complete an episode.

Story/Instructions: 5
Haspen always weaves a good story. He also provides very helpful guidance. Ignore the story and his instructions at your peril.

Additional Comments:

Many thanks to Haspen for all of his adventure writing.
File Author
I've uploaded a new version, Elis should be much easier to conquer now.
Valentinavale Thank you for this beautiful adventure. Quite challenging because of stop and little trade, a quite impressive ransom to pay when i am pretty pennyless,.. Really engaging, bravo! I am going to download another one of yours, i like your style!
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