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Hand of Midas

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Difficulty: Olympian
Number of episodes: 5 + 1
Your love for silver has got you banned from Greece. And as if that wasn't enought, Hades has declared you as his enemy. Can you survive from the Wrath of Hades and his allies among Gods and men? This challanging adventure will test your skills with warfare, economy, city planning and diplomacy.

My second adventure after Defending Egypt. So you can expect something similar, but hopefully this one is better. And it has been tested a lot more before submitting. I like hard adventures, and this one has only been tested at Olympian difficulty.

English isn't my native language, so don't let some gramatical errors ruin your joy!
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baotq123 good adv
Senseisan Doable as Olympean , a nightmare ..
Good job , very challenging .
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I played this game at Olympian level, and like Senseisan said, it's indeed, a nightmare. There were so many instances where I had to micromanage a lot, due to the frequency and severity of threats (that were indeed, not monotonous at all), and in many cases, I had to keep restarting in order to familiarise myself with these unforeseen events and correct my own mistakes even, as this adventure can prove to be a punisher if one indeed, made mistakes in building his city - especially at the start.

The frequent amount of thinking and raiding I was required to utilize increased the fun I had in this adventure, and the fact that no taxation was allowed greatly increased the challenge this adventure possesses, heightening my personal enjoyment.

I enjoyed playing this adventure, and seeing the victory screen appear before me gratified my satisfaction, after completing an adventure as hard as this indeed. There seriously is a need for hard adventures like this in the future. :)

Balance: 4
This adventure shows quite a myriad of examples that show balance, despite the kaleidoscope of Olympian-level challenges it possesses.

Other than offering challenges worthy for experienced players, it also offered opportunities that allow one to survive the onslaught of events that will prove disastrous to anyone who's not privy to planning in advance.

However, there were indeed some instances where I felt like the creator wished to impose a time-limit, especially in episodes after the first, where spending too much time on an episode will render you susceptible to hordes of 3-man (in the world map) armies attacking from various cities (EDIT: The last episode however, was an exception, as the game will reward you for fending off these large armies by rendering certain cities conquerable, which is nice indeed). Now, despite being worthy as a challenge in itself, the player does not know this, due to no cues of it being mentioned in the storyline at all, meaning he's forced to experience said time limit, and start the episode again from scratch.

If my suspicions were correct, then I heavily recommend that an indication of this time-limit should be mentioned in the storyline - even directly, so that he knows what will happen and can thus, plan effectively to ensure he completes the episode within the allotted time-limit.

Creativity: 4
One thing I liked about this adventure were the presence of semi-visible events that occurred in case the player did something different. What I mean, is that military defense requests from rivals were incorporated in numerous episodes, just in case the player conquered these cities.

Hence, granted that the player conquered them, he is now met with the burden of choice: Aid the defense of these cities, or re-conquer them later? - I've only seen things like this applied in the game's adventures, like "Two Worlds Collide", and seeing it in this adventure, I heavily applaud the creator for incorporating this kind of stuff into his adventure.

Other events included rival requests, which provided additional optional burden of choices for me to decide what to do, if I had the items to comply to their demands. Should I comply, even though this good can be used for quicker sanctuary building, or should I not, granted that I can make them happy anyway, by raiding a different rival?

Adding events that facilitate giving the burden of choice to players like I, who did things differently added more to the challenge and made the adventure more versatile, unlike many of the generic adventures I saw that only had events directed solely to nothing else but completion of objectives, hence being nothing but one-directional. In contrast, this adventure was given events that operated on a multi-directional level, which is a good thing.

However, looking at the world map, things could still be improved. Regarding trade routes, most of them were linear and in cartesian fashion. Even some of these trade routes - due to not merging at some points - were messy and even unappealing. Would be nice if these routes were placed in relation to its surroundings, instead of meager straight lines giving off to more straight lines etc. For instance, if mountains were there, the trade routes could be seen curving viciously through mountains, towards the city, not just a straight line to the city. Things like that would give more appeal and a more immersive feel to the world map, instead of feeling like you're looking at a computer program, which Zeus/Poseidon is.

Aside from the unappealing trade routes in the world map, I'm pleased with the creativity I've seen thus far. Other instances of creativity was the fact that some cities demand tribute of military - and this was a refreshing sight to see, than the generic drachma tribute. Made the adventure more unique. :)

How do you do this btw? xD

Map Design: 4
The parent city was not bad, though I could see quite a few graphic glitches here and there, after rotating the map a little, but was nothing major.

The colony map however, was very impressive. It was like watching a scene of a battle that took place or something, and it definitely generates a feeling of immersiveness. I could for instance, even imagine that Hades would walk his dog somewhere along those cliffs. :D

The colony map was a nice sight to see. :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is adequate itself to fill the adventure text and there were traces of creative writing in various areas of the story - like Hades, walking his dog in Cydonia, for instance. It contributed to the adventure's immersiveness.

On the other hand, there were quite a few parts of the story that seemed a little too cheesy for my taste, and reminiscing past storyline episodes, it seemed that some events in certain episodes did not seem to complement the story well. For instance, a few rivals can only be rendered conquerable if one completes a quest - but the story only says that the hero that's required to complete the quest "can probably help us". It would've been nice if there was an explanation of why the Golden Bridle weakened Troy for instance, in the story.

To clarify though, I still knew what to do in the end, due to my experience of the game; I was thinking "the quest was included as part of the objective, so it should trigger something related to one of the other objectives, right? Might as well complete it early then" - so the instruction were nonetheless clear, but it would've been nice if there was an explanation in the story to why such a quest would weaken the target rival.

Would've been much nicer and more immersive to read than reading a generic "conquer your rivals" story text.

Additional comments:
Nothing more to add.
Great adventure. Truly enjoyed it.

[Edited on 02/02/17 @ 01:25 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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