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Difficulty: Beginner
Number of episodes: 1
Hi everyone,

this is my first attempt to create an adventure. Since my storytelling skills are not yet developed, this adventure is limited to one episode only. I've added in some events but nothing too fancy. My main focus was creating a nice map to build an even nicer city in. Since I always play the game in Beginner mode (I am lazy), I have set this adventure as Beginner. However, feel free to play this adventure with a higher difficulty and let me know how that works out.
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Haspen For a first mission the map looks very well.

I will try and play through today and review it if possible.
Haspen Sadly after I launched the adventure I found a terrible error: m/Caxb0lX.png

As you can see, cities and trade routes are waaaay out of the map for some reason.

My wild guess would be that you're using some sort of widescreen fix that also applies to editor's map. People playing on windowed/native resolutions (800x600, 1024x768) will encounter this error as the game is unable to properly show the map and that's because Zeus 'scales' the playable worldmap according to the screen resolution (yeah, it's that weird).

If my assumption about this bug is true, you will have to manually re-position all cities and redo all the trade routes so that they fit onto the 1024x768 worldmap...

[Edited on 10/24/16 @ 07:25 AM]

File Author
I was hoping I had circumvented this problem that occured while I was creating the world map. I am indeed using a widescreen fix version because the original gamescreen size is very limited for current day monitors. This widescreen fix comes with customized world maps which allow you to see world maps properly.

However, when adventure building you are unable to use the entire World map. Instead, you can only place and move cities within the boundaries of the original game-size.

(Customized world map with boundaries roughly shown as red square.)

I kinda hoped things would sort out themselves if I placed my cities within this square. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I think the only way to prevent this is to undo the widescreen fix while creating an adventure. If anyone has an other solution for this, feel free to share or to PM me.

Meanwhile I'll go and edit this adventure so it has a proper world map.

Edit: I have uploaded a new version of this adventure which has been exported from a normal Zeus+Poseidon game. The world map should now function as intented. Let me know if there is an issue.

[Edited on 10/24/16 @ 01:56 PM]

File Author
I have uploaded a new version of the game, with a fixed world map. Let me know if it works now.
Map Design4.0
Played on Olympean.

Playability: 3
It's nice adventure, albeit with rather slow pace and shortage of events to make the game a bit more interesting.

Balance: 3
Everything except wine was available in the city; to get wine, you need only to conquer one city, and then you can go on and curb-stomp all the opposition.

Creativity: 2
Not much to say in terms of events and their consequences.

Map Design: 4
For a first-campaign map, this one is quite well made. The shifts in elevation and uneven rivers force the player to plan ahead with the urban expansion, which is always good. Some graphical glitches (more about them below) and the obvious brush-only forests/grass was the only things I could be picky about (don't be afraid to use 1-tile brush!)

Story/Instructions: 2
Bare-bones story with little instructions.

Additional Comments:
Less commentary and more tips now!
You might want to put on food production goals a little higher than usual goods production; after all, food is *the* most important resource in any city; therefore the player will definitely make a lot of food producing buildings. 24 fish per year is trivial.
You might want to know that placing hills larger than height 3 will cause black/purple/green boxes to appear at the edges of city map. There were also some badly joined cliffsides that also suffered such problems and this was clearly visible after rotating the map once or twice.
Third, for a good story, you can use your events; why is Demeter attacking, why did she send the Medusa, what does that have to do with Byanxinthi and its attacks against our allies on the other side of the sea? Properly written out and with enough story this one-mission adventure could easily fill up three episodes, all giving you new opportunities, challenges and rewards.

All in all, you had a good start. If you try harder and continue to practice, you will only get better at making adventures! I believe in you :)
File Author
Thank you for your review, these comments are certainly useful.
Haspen You're welcome, and I will definitely be on a lookout for more of your adventures in the future :3
Mazeppa Woah, Anythin.

I saw the pic you provided, where you put cities outside the world map, (i.e. this one - ), and I was wondering.. How did you do that?! :o

Seriously, when I place the cities, the editor won't let me place cities to or near the edge of the world map, so I had to be content in placing them where the editor restricted me to.

I wanted to find a way on how to bypass that restriction (like the pic you provided, and also what you see in Athens through the ages adventure, I think) but never knew how.

Seriously, how did you manage to place cities there, like that? I really want to know. :o

[Edited on 11/01/16 @ 06:19 AM]

Haspen He used widescreen fix/hack that also worked with the worldmap in the Editor. We wrote about that earlier in the comments, Mazeppa :P

I assume that top-left corner remains inaccessible as the widescreen fix would only 'stretch' to the right and bottom.
File Author
With the widescreen fix you're also restricted by these same boundaries, marked by the red lines in my image. For example, I wouldn't have been able to place any city on the pelleponesos if I wanted to.

However, I suppose you could use the widescreen fix to edit an existing world map and placing maps further east. Like Haspen said, you still won't be able to put any cities in the top left, but it's at least something. Be warned that using such a widescreen fix is at your own risk, and if you mess up your world map or any part of the game because of it, that's on you.

[Edited on 11/02/16 @ 05:20 AM]

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