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Praya Maya

Author File Description
File Details
Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 8
To the south of the map lies Praya Maya island. A beautiful tropical paradise. This is where you will build Lemuria. Our people are great fishermen, able thinkers and strong builder. Together, we will build a city of knowledge and culture. Greatness awaits us!

For Zeus + Poseidon veteran

UPDATED 2019-09-02

New version with reviews taken into account.
Scenario is now easier and much less tedious to play.
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Armourduck Thanks for the adventure! Currently playing through it :)

Just a question; Is there a way to keep Stradh Port from withering? I'm having issues getting wood (ha.) in ep 4 or 5 and was thinking maybe SP was the key to that, since I can't seem to conquer the dark elf cities.
File Author
Yes, at that point, pillaging the dark elves is the only way to get wood. I will be correcting this in a future release. Choose wisely which one you will attack ;)

Sadly, Stradh Port's downfall is a scripted event.

Thanks for playing my scenario! :)
File Author

[Edited on 03/25/19 @ 12:56 PM]

LeonSalva I Play this Map on Olimpian, we need to follow what the creator want, LOL, i had relocate my Houses for Several time cos of that Food, Must Try this Map,,

Only For Veteran,,
File Author
Mazeppa : I will make the ajustements as proposed. I think you bring great points. I do understand losing troops to uncapturable cities can be annoying. You cannot conquer 6 shields city, this is why you need to cripple the defense first.

ps in chapter 6 introduction : ."..Those drunken idiots are now preparing for war. They rallied Simirillion, cut off our caravans from Golden Lake city and are preparing to attack North Port.

Gytrix : Yea, the last island would originaly be opened, but it made for a bit of a easy way to obtain a really important ressource. I may put it back, but in the last chapter, where it's gonna be a litle less important.

[Edited on 09/03/19 @ 02:53 PM]

Mazeppa Quote: "I do understand losing troops to uncapturable cities can be annoying. You cannot conquer 6 shields city, this is why you need to cripple the defense first."

Yes, I know that... But you should at least HINT this in the storyline - in story format - to give players a sense of what's to come ahead, instead of playing the episode blindly, having no knowledge that all those cities were 6 shields in the first place.

And give a reason in the story as to WHY the protagonist has to "cripple the defenses", "retrieve the cornerstone" or whatnot, to connect the gameplay to the storyline... just any kind of reason, as long as it makes sense. That's all I'm saying.

Quote: "ps in chapter 6 introduction : ."..Those drunken idiots are now preparing for war. They rallied Simirillion, cut off our caravans from Golden Lake city and are preparing to attack North Port."

See, you've proved my point.. Fleece is produced by no-one in the world except that city.. and for such an important resource - fleece - and the fact that this distant city disappears IMMEDIATELY in ch 6, you actually put this info at the very intro of that chapter where the city disappears.. giving players no moment to prepare ahead, even in this chapter, because you made the city disappear IMMEDIATELY in ch 6..

That's bad writing.

You could've foreshadowed this previously.. anything, like an oracle in the story, hinting that you needed to hoard the fleece, or Golden Lake being a target due to fleece, which no one else had, and that it'd be wise to stockpile it.. anything.. the adventures from Impressions portray this foreshadowing nicely.

But in the end, you never gave any prior warning of this sudden fleece breakout.. so where would I get the fleece in ch 6 now? Not even rivals had it.. meaning I had to complete this episode in record time.

Your main issue is your storyline.. you didn't foreshadow most of the events that needed to be HINTED, which is why this adventure turned out to be very frustrating.

Nothing's wrong with having unconquerable lv 6 cities and quests that made them conquerable... I enjoy this.. but it's your lack of foreshadowing that's appalling.

[Edited on 09/23/19 @ 02:08 AM]

Mazeppa Here's a few things I've been thinking of that could possibly improve this adventure.. and they're subtle, as in.. they don't change the adventure much.

Regarding ch 6's fleece thing, you could've had ch 5 intro mention something about fleece, to foreshadow what would occur - without spoiling it, something like:

-- "Meanwhile, fleece has been difficult to come by lately, and demand for it has been soaring. Most cities have been amassing supplies for dire times ahead. It'd be wise to do the same."

Or something else really, that would foreshadow the problem you'll have with fleece in ch 6.. This gives players an incentive to actually PREPARE for what's coming.. whilst they wouldn't even know what the story will be in ch 6. THAT'S how you foreshadow a story.

Or you could have a certain ally help the player by giving them fleece in ch 6.. not much, something like 6 or so fleece per year, something that players would have to use wisely.. but inform that in the story..

Because srsly.. Elite houses need fleece to sustain.. without fleece, no soldiers.. so how are we going to conquer and complete ch 6 without soldiers?

Regarding the 6 shields thing.. this is simple.. just mention in the story how those cities are "formidable" or something and that you need a hero to weaken those cities..

You could've also mentioned trade change events in the story.. because the fact that they were suddenly there at certain episodes without a story to say why such things happened was pretty weird. That's all, really...

[Edited on 09/23/19 @ 06:52 AM]

maya_rayich I just started playing this adventure and i really like it.
P.S. Are you perhaps a fan of the Labyrinth beause i saw the goblin town in this adventure :-D?

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