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geronimo gero
File Details
Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 5
it is a beautiful adventure that you will discover it by playing it with great patience.
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suez I still do not finish it, but it is more beautiful and more challenging than - in the desert - congratulations
walagos more beautiful and more unpredictable than adventure .. "in the desert". Very good.
Mazeppa 5 years... it's been 5 years since you've uploaded your first adventure, and you never improved since then..

They are by far, the worst adventures I've ever seen on here. I could even go on to say that they're also the laziest adventures ever uploaded in this site..

Not just one or two.. but all of your adventures.. and I'm beginning to suspect that these two users above are just multiple accounts created by you to bolster up your adventures... This doesn't do you any good at all.
geronimo gero
File Author
dear Mazeppa, apart from the fact that I and my friends Walagos and Suez have understood little of what you wanted to say, but one thing we have understood ... you are out of stock, cared for ... hahahahah.
beegtorres Mazeppa, you should stick on playing candy crush
geronimo gero
File Author
thanks Beegtorres for your collaboration, I Walagos and Suez are three friends of the same city and we are very passionate about playing Zeus, each of us creates the adventures as difficult as possible and we pass them, this is our secret and many do not they understand. Hello and thanks again.
Mazeppa beegtorres: Candy Crush? Seriously? Maybe you don't understand much English or something, but I'm not complaining on the difficulty. I enjoy challenges..

But what I'm complaining about is how ****ing lazy the guy's adventures are. Have you seen those maps? They are stupid, lazy and utterly shit... just a single plot of land with no creativity... absolutely ****ing no sign of creativeness... Garbage maps.

And the playability? It's just repetitive shit. If you actually defend this pile of crap, then I have no words to say to you... You should play farmville, since lazy maps like this with no love, character, or anything at all is what seems to appeal to you, beegtorres.

I mean, look at the map in this adventure: ... What the **** is this joke of a map... It's a map made with no effort... Sea/Land border isn't smoothed over, no scrub, stupid forest placement (and why only on the edges?? I mean, what is this? Pokemon?), swamp just placed on the coast with no thought behind it, land remaining on the lower edges... It's just a map made in 5 minutes.

Beegtorres, are you really defending this massive pile of shit?
Honestly?? Jesus ****ing Christ.

[Edited on 05/10/20 @ 03:03 PM]

Mazeppa Also, geronimo gero..

> Says he "creates difficult adventures"
> Adventure in Olympian mode starts with 24,000 drachmas


[Edited on 05/09/20 @ 04:58 AM]

geronimo gero
File Author
Hei Mazeppa calm down, now I want to teach you some history and geography for free. Maybe you don't know that this is the most real map of many that are on this site. In this adventure I wanted to explain the life of the Tuareg, which is a nomadic people who live in the Sahara and in the Sahara there is only desert and some oases and this is an adventure set in one of those oases surrounded only by the desert and bordered more the beyond from the Atlantic Ocean. Now you got it right, otherwise try to finish it that in the long run you broke the .....
Map Design2.0
Haha what's wrong with Candy Crush or Pokemon? I think these 2 games are quite fun too... not as much as Zeus of course lol.

Anyway Mazeppa may sound harsh but I agree his points are valid. To be fair since I'm curious about the adventure too, here is my humble review after playing, and mind some spoilers too.

Playability: 5
Well I guess this is an example of "Don't judge a book by its cover". Before playing my first impression of this adventure was, frankly speaking, very low. Looking the map preview, aesthetic really wasn't appealing. Land was huge, barren and flat. Most importantly a lack of decorative efforts, not even some simple scrubs. Mazeppa probably already covered this, but more on my take on Map Design section below.

For playability, I didn't encounter any game-breaking bug. I'd say the gameplay was pretty smooth, except for a few reloads I'm still OK with that. Episode goals are straightforward, they are a little rough at times. Definitely required us the players to think ahead on the city layout, distributions and blessing routes etc. Most of the gameplay revolved around how well the resources were managed. More on this later.

Tip for players: do take note of the huge amount of monuments, sanctuaries, the large population and military goals - trust me it'll end up taking almost all the land. The city needs to be prudent with space and resources to survive. Blessings are also especially important towards the late game.

Balance: 3
Some goals are repetitive, as they scaled larger as the episodes went. I've got a sneaky belief that this was the author's definition of "challenge", intending for the player to demolish/rebuild/resculpt their city often, especially if their city started inefficiently. I'll admit I'm not a big fan of this, I believe most of the players too, who are generally reluctant to "redo" their efforts on such big scale at any time. One of it was unavoidable though (Demeter for more meadow), so its a slight bummer but OK.

That said, all will be fine if the city was well planned, i.e. start from the edge and gradually build towards the center, leave space for rebuilds etc.

Things did get really rough near the end when there were only that much fleece available... it wasn't a nice situation to be in but I managed to limp over the finish line, with a sigh of relief.

Creativity: 4
There wasn't anything fancy or complicated - this is a compliment. The adventure would let us build at our pace, aside from the frequent invasions there wasn't any serious pressure to rush.

As the story implied, the most important thing was to stockpile (i.e. Fleece) as much as possible. The limited fleece and wood was always a hurdle to city growth. This was smart from a design point-of-view. Players have to manage wisely as bad choices could easily spell disaster.

Map Design: 2
Easily the weakest part. Sorry if I sounded harsh too, but the map design could really use some extra effort. The idea of a half-land, half-water map was nice. Barren land fits the desert/Sahara background. The tiny pieces of unusable land scattered in the ocean looks natural. Despite these, the map have major flaws, mostly visual.

Like Mazeppa commented, the edge of the map isn't smooth. In case you didn't notice, there is still a strip of land at the bottom part of the ocean. This is really awkward and not pleasing to the eyes. For fun I even tried to see if I could connect bridges to that land, which luckily I couldn't.

And then, the trees on the top and right corner. To me it felt lazy and doesn't serve any purposes. If you insist, place the trees or add scrubs as close to the edge of the map as possible, this can really make a better visual difference. Or simply reduce the trees - more empty land around the corner may have looked less awkward than this. Other things such as the coast's squarish shape... well I guess it's getting nitpicky so we'll skip them.

Positives: the land is clean and open. No random rocks or terrain. This is good news for players who like to attempt big housing blocks, total freedom to build - not exactly, since we need to be prudent and prepare for any rebuilds.

Story/Instructions: 3
Simple and clear, with some grammar issue. Good job on the hints/instructions within the story. A pity it's empty at most episode's victory screen. Overall the story's OK.

Additional Comments:
If we look past the flaws on the map, and don't mind the potential rebuilds, this actually wasn't bad at all. A somewhat tedious adventure, mainly due to the rebuilds. In fact this adventure exceeds my expectations, some up-n-downs and it took few long hours to complete, yet I'm quite satisfied at the end.

Lastly... is this adventure an update to "Nel deserto"? It was similar but I can't find it here at ZHG anymore.

Thanks for the adventure!

[Edited on 05/14/20 @ 06:27 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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