Sometimes, you just reach a point where nothing seems to work at all - you've tried conquest, negotiation, slave labour, everything. That's when people tend to turn to cheats. If you reach this point, don't despair - just press Ctrl + Alt + C to bring up the cheat window, and type in the following (exactly as printed, including capitalisation):

Useful Cheats

  • Delian Treasury - adds 1000 drachmae to your account. This will only work if you have less than 15,000dr in your treasury.
  • Ambrosia - wins the level, and moves on to the next one. Allow a couple of months for this to come into effect.

Useless Cheats

  • Bowvine and Arrow - Towers will now shoot cows instead of arrows (don't ask...).
  • Cheese Puff - makes dairy workers put on cheese suit and wobble around (again, don't ask...).
  • Fireballs from Heaven - lets you strike a particular piece of ground with a fireball from above. This can be used to kill off monsters attacking your city (thanks, Tearrek).


  • Mammaldrome - The horses running in a completed hippodrome change into a boar, a bull, a wolf and a deer, including sound effects


  • SoundFrags - "It is a small trick to improve sound performance. First you open zeus.ini file in a text editor and after the CPU= line you add this: "SoundFrags=48" Then you can increase it in increments of 16 up to 96 for improved sound performance." (Thanks, Orion)