Worker Percentages

In Zeus, as was the case in Pharaoh, only a certain number of people in your city actually do any work. Forum regular RSC carried out a few tests, and came up with the following table showing the percentage of the population who actually work under different circumstances (difficulty level and wage rate):

Difficulty level Wage Rate
None Very Low Low Normal High Very High
Beginner 42 46 49 52 55 57
Mortal 37 41 44 47 50 52
Hero 32 36 39 42 45 47
Titan 29 33 36 39 42 44
Olympian 27 31 34 37 40 42

His further comments were:

"As you can see, Mortal is 5% less than Beginner, Hero is 5% less than Mortal, Titan is 3% less than Hero, and Olympian is 2% less than Titan.

I did two tests - 25 Huts (or 200 people) and 50 Townhouses (3000 people). All the worker percents came out to exactly the same "nice" numbers, so I didn't have to round."

Click here to see the forum thread in which this table was originally posted (post #26).

Wage rates

And this is what you're paying your workers per year for each wage rate setting:

Wage Rate Drachmas/year/worker
Very low2
Very high4