Zeus @ E3 2000

While he was at E3, Angel Washizu from Age of Kings Heaven took some time out to head over to Impressions's booth, where they were showing Zeus. He asked for clarification about some of the points raised by our interview with Chris Beatrice, and here's the information he managed to glean:

  • It doesn't take quite as long to build sanctuaries as it did to build monuments, but it is still fairly long. You can build a maximum of four. They are built similar to the way monuments were built in Pharaoh, although it doesn't take quite as long to build them.
  • When returning to your city after building a colony, it will be exactly as you left it.
  • Resource acquiring seemed basically the same. I saw stone miners, farms, and sheep herding.
  • The pyro effects were part of the new alpha blending capability they've added to the engine. It can be used for things like pixel transparency and such. Mainly it will make the Gods more 'Godlike'.
  • Smarter units and other pathfinding improvements have been made.
  • There will be 12 Gods in all, including Apollo, Athena, and Zeus. The gods will be more involved in helping you rather than punishing you.
  • The two housing types are common and elite housing. To reflect the Greek idea of the citizen army, common and elite soldiers come from the housing, and not barracks. The soldiers are not full time fighters, so building an army will take people away from their other jobs.
  • The interface was a bit different than previous games in the series.
  • I asked about a scenario editor, but they declined to comment on whether they were releasing one at shipping time, some time later, or at all.