Athens Through the Ages

Missions and goals

AthensAnother long adventure here, with 8 missions, 6 of which take place on the Athens map you see to the right of this paragraph. The order of missions is:

  • Athens 1
  • Athens 2
  • Colony
  • Athens 4
  • Colony
  • Athens 6
  • Athens 7
  • Athens 8

The goals of the Athens-based missions are as follows:

Athens 1
12 skeins of fleece to colony
12 baskets of fish to colony
500 people in Homestead or better
Athens 2
Rule Knossos
Support 1 trireme
Support 4 hoplites or better
10 people in Mansion or better (Elite Housing)
Athens 4
Rule Sardis
Rule Delos
Support 3 triremes
980 people in Homestead or better
480 people in Tenement or better
Athens 6
Rule Marathon
Rule Hattusas
Rule Eretria
Athens 7
Rule Sparta
Rule Eretria
Rule Corinth
Slay a monster
Sanctuary to Apollo
960 people in Tenement
Athens 8
3 Sanctuaries
Population of 5000
200 people in Estate or better
2400 people in Apartment or better
Yearly profit on 2500dr
Fulfil a quest

Now for the colonies which you can build (not necessarily in this order, of course):

Yearly production of 12 bronze
16 bronze to parent city
Yearly production of 12 wood
24 wood to parent city
Yearly production of 24 marble
32 marble to parent city
Treasury of 7500
Yearly profit 1500
8 bronze to parent