Hercules's Labors

Missions and goals

TirynsThis adventure takes place around the city of Tiryns, which you can see in the map to the right. There are 4 missions based on this map, and 3 colonies which you'll have to build during the course of the adventure. Remember that the colonies can be played in any order. The sequence of missions is as follows:

  • Tiryns 1
  • Colony
  • Tiryns 3
  • Colony
  • Tiryns 5
  • Colony
  • Tiryns 7

Let's put a bit of flesh on those bones, with the mission goals for each of the Tiryns-based missions:

Tiryns 1
Yearly production of 30 fleece
250 population in tenements or better
Treasury of 7500 dr
Tiryns 3
Slay monster (involves Hero)
Sanctuary to any God
Tiryns 5
Support for 8 hoplites
Population of 2500
Tiryns 7
3000 population
Rule Mt. Pelion
Zeus Sanctuary
40 people in Manors

Now for the colonies which you can build (not necessarily in this order, of course):

Slay a monster
Fulfil a quest
Sanctuary to Aphrodite
Population of 2000
Fulfil a quest
Send 18 bronze to parent
Send 8 wood to parent