The Peloponnesian War

Missions and goals

SpartaSparta is home base for this mission - see map opposite. Here's how the adventure unfolds:

  • Sparta 1
  • Soarta 2
  • Sparta 3
  • Colony
  • Sparta 5

The mission goals for the Sparta-based missions are as follows:

Sparta 1
800 population in homesteads or better
Sparta 2
Sanctuary to Ares
Rule Olympia
Sparta 3
Send 20 fleece to colony
Send 20 wheat to colony
2 Sanctuaries complete
80 population in Mansions or better
Sparta 5
Rule Athens
Rule Delos
Rule Eretria
50 population in Estates

Now for the colonies which you can build (not necessarily in this order, of course):

Fulfil a quest
Rule Odessos
Slay a monster
Slay a monster
Rule delos
Support for 2 triremes