Perseus and Medusa

Missions and goals

ArgosHere's where you'll be calling home for this adventure: Argos. Not that you'll be here all the time, of course. This adventure unfolds like this:

  • Argos 1
  • Argos 2
  • Colony
  • Argos 4
  • Colony
  • Argos 6

Clearly, you're not going to spend all your time in Argos admiring Impressions's map-=designing skill. Oh no, there are actually some goals to fulfil:

Argos 1
500 in homestead or better
Yearly production of 20 skeins of fleece
500 dr yearly profit
Argos 2
640 in tenement or better
Yearly production of 48 slabs of marble
12 olive oil yearly production
Argos 4
Quest (hero needed)
Quest (and again)
48 marble set aside for colony
24 oil set aside for colony
Argos 6
4 Sanctuaries
Population of 5000
10,000 dr in treasury
Support for 16 horsemen
32 oil yearly production
Slay monster

Now for the colonies which you can build (not necessarily in this order, of course):

Slay a monster
Sanctuary to Hermes
500 dr yearly profit
Set aside 8 sculpture for Argos
Slay monster (involves Hero)
Rule Ethiopia
Set aside 16 wheat for Argos
Set aside 24 wood for Argos
Set aside 8 bars of bronze for Argos