Atlantis Reborn

Cleitos - big, isn't it?Cleitos is the place you call home in this adventure (see right). The whole thing is structured as follows:

  • Cleitos 1
  • Cleitos 2
  • Cleitos 3
  • Thera (colony)
  • Cleitos 5
  • Malaca (colony)
  • Cleitos 7
  • Cleitos 8

The mission goals for the Cleitos-based episodes are as follows:

Cleitos 1
800 in townhouse or better
40 people in residences
Support 3 frigates
Cleitos 2
2000 in townhouse or better
120 in mansion or better
Cleitos 3
Quest (involves calling a Hero)
3000 in townhouse or better
200 in mansion
Atlas Sanctuary
Cleitos 5
Quest (involves calling Hero)
Monument to Sky
Ares Sanctuary
4000 in townhouse or better
280 in manor or better
Cleitos 7
Rule Mt. Aulip
Rule Carthage
Rule Memphis
Shrine to Poseidon
5000 in townhouse or better
340 in manor or better
Cleitos 8
Quest (involves calling Hero)
Rule Myceane
Rule Mt. Pelion
Temple to Olympus
5500 in townhouse or better
400 in estates

The colonies are:

support 3 frigates
support 32 spearmen
Ares Sanctuary
64 wheat for parent
64 fleece for parent
64 wine for parent