Voyages of Jason

Missions and goals

IolcusIolcus is the home city of this adventure - get used to looking at the map opposite, because you'll be spending quite a long while there, as evidenced by the mission list:

  • Iolcus 1
  • Iolcus 2
  • Iolcus 3
  • Colony
  • Iolcus 5

Proverbial flesh on the proverbial bones time:

Iolcus 1
Slay monster (involves Hero)
Treasury of 3000 dr
Iolcus 2
Slay monster (both involve Hero Theseus)
Iolcus 3
Fulfill a quest (involves Hero)
Have a treasury of 5,000 drachmas
24 jugs of oil for colony
24 fleece for colony
24 sheaves of wheat for colony
Iolcus 5
4 trading partners
Population of 4,000
10,000 drachmas in your treasury
72 people in residence or better

Although you only get 1 chance to find a colony, there is a choice of the following 2 places:

Build a sanctuary for Dionysus
Produce 32 amphorae of wine for Iolcus
Produce 32 sheaves of wheat for Iolcus
Provide 16 pieces of sculpture to Iolcus
Support 2 triremes
Support 12 hoplites or better
Produce 36 suits of armor in one year