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Forum Roundup

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 31, 2000

Impressions’s Kraken hit our forums today to clarify a couple of points which were under debate. First off, we have a follow-up on the news that there won’t be any labour-seekers in Zeus:

Any building that needs workers has access to them, provided it has a road connection and the city has an available labor pool. No radius or distance rules apply.

He also gave out some info regarding bronze smelting, and whether tin will be needed:

Tin is not a commodity in Zeus. If you have copper, you can make weapons and armor.

Sanctuaries = Monuments

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 31, 2000

Thanks to Sheila for pointing this thread on the official forum out to me. In it, Kraken goes on a bit about Sanctuaries, and compares them to Pharaoh’s pyramids:

The only assembled buildings in Zeus are Sanctuaries to the gods. The Sanctuaries vary in size according to each god’s importance, but none are as large as the big pyramids in Pharaoh. Sanctuary-building is not the major challenge in Zeus, although some of the larger ones will require significant time and resources.

Worker Walkers Abolished

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 27, 2000

Wow, here’s something a bit different. Kraken posted the following to this thread in the official forum stating that walkers sent out to seek workers have been abolished completely in Zeus:

> Pharaoh roadblocks were like “stop signs” for random
> walkers and of course, peasants looking for workers
> would stop there too.

That was the main problem with Roadblocks. Rather than making Roadblocks configurable, Zeus removes labor access walkers altogether. A building that has road access gains workers automatically, assuming your city has sufficient labor. That simplification makes Roadblocks much, much more effective.

Imp’s site gets an overhaul

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 25, 2000

Itchy dropped by to let us know that Impressions have given a lick of paint to the official Zeus site.

Very nice it looks too ;).

21st Birthday

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 25, 2000

Angel Reckless Rodent is celebrating his 21st birthday today. You can congratulate him here.

Happy Birthday, Reckless

Graphics Card Info

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 24, 2000

Kraken posted the following info on the official forum:

Zeus will require a graphics card with 2 MB of RAM, capable of displaying 1024×768 resolution in 16-bit color.

Addendum to previous news item

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 23, 2000

Okay, I lied, it wasn’t The Ancient One that wheedled the information out of Kraken, it was his friend Zeus Jr.

I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Beta News

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 22, 2000

Itchy took some time out from doin’ his thang to post this little message on the official forum:

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting more news on the beta test – we’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed by the response and it has taken some time to sort through the more than 10,000 people who signed up. Anyhow, e-mail invitations to participate in the beta test will be going out by Friday, so watch your mailboxes!

Thanks to all who signed up and good luck!

Adventure Length

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 22, 2000

First naked sheep, and now adventure length…you cup does verily runneth over ;).

Anyways, here’s Kraken a-krakin’ about…umm…adventure lengths:

Zeus adventures are shorter than the campaigns of our previous games. They each take place within a human lifetime. You may play them in any order, so there’s no notion of a single dynasty or career.

Misplaced naked sheep

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 22, 2000

Oops, can I blame solar spots? Anyway, the following message accidently appeared on the Pharaoh Heaven news page. So to put things back into perspective…

A while ago, in the interview Angel Reckless Rodent had with Chris Beatrice, the latter mentioned Naked Sheep. Now we’ve all been pondering about what that subtle hint could mean. The Ancient One recently managed to tease the answer out of Impressions’ Kraken when he visited the IRC chat our Greek friend has set up.

Basically…sheep will show they were shorn very well. No longer white and fluffy, they will show up pink and naked.

Thanks for the telling (and the permission to repeat it) Kraken.

That’s all folks…

Assorted Snippets

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 18, 2000

As well as the announcement of the closure of the beta signup period (see below), there’s been a wee bit of activity from the Golden Girls ( ;)) on the official forum today.

This thread contains a bit about the way suggestions placed on the forum are treated:

For the most part, we read our boards looking for topics that are of popular interest — that is, what are most people discussing or complaining about? The designers are highly unlikely to see a specific suggestion and adopt it…but they might see a general topic, read the messages relating to it, and let those messages influence their own design.

There’s also this small snippet in this thread:

Adventure design and creation is still in progress, so we don’t want to talk about it.

Beta Signups Closed

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on August 18, 2000

Nixon posted the following little message in this thread on the official forum to let us all know that beta signups are officially over:

While the application period has come to an end, we are still making selections from the 10,000 plus applications we’ve already received. The selection process will continue for approximately one more week. Those who are selected will be informed via email.

We won’t reveal our selection process, but it’s fair to say that the Zeus beta testers will come from many different parts of the world, both young and old and collectively cover a wide range of hardware and operating system configurations.

We are very pleased with the response we’ve had and would like to thank everybody who’s applied for their interest and time.

More words from the wise

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 17, 2000

While checking the Impressions site, I’ve found a few more nuggets of information. The first is from Kraken and concerns water distribution.

The common folk need deliveries from a water bearer. Elite homes have their own wells, and don’t need a public water supply.

The second one, again from Kraken, has to do with the Naming of Walkers and introduces another Impressions’ staff member.

Agagagnon is the Namer of Walkers. Her nose is buried deeply in the manual and the online help at present…and then there are all those people clamoring for a newsletter…but I reckon she’ll be combing the boards for names when her documentation tasks are wrapped up.

Another nugget concerns the speech of the walkers and how that will be handled both in the final game and in the beta

All speech is performed by professional voice actors. Auditioning and contracting with them is a big project in itself.

At the moment, all speech files in the game are placeholders using Keith’s voice. Beta testers will thrill to the sounds of such stirring speech as “Watchman, exact phrase two.” 🙂

Again a lot of things to look forward to.

More info and screenshots

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 14, 2000

Here’s a bit of news brought to our attention by Impressions’ Itchy. GameSpy published an interview with Chris Beatrice, Impression Games’ Director of Design & Development concerning Zeus.It contains a lot of (new) information and some new screenshots. Here’s an appetizer

Over 40 [ gods ]? Is that all? There are so many gods, heroes, quasi-gods, half gods, other immortals, and even just kick-ass mortals that it really boggles the mind! I’m sure your average ancient Greek citizen had no trouble keeping them straight, right? Anyway, eventually the Greeks settled on the twelve Olympians, plus Hades as their main deities.

What? Still here?

More on beta testing

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 13, 2000

Angel Gustavia pointed out to me, a little article on the up coming Zeus beta testing on the Electronic Boutique site. Here’s a snippet:

Be one of up to 350 beta testers chosen by Impressions and you will receive a pre-release playable version of the new city building strategy game filled with heroes, gods and other mythological creatures. You’ll be able to build a working Greek metropolis, toy with the gods and earn a place for yourself on the world stage. Testers will be asked to provide frequent feedback and suggestions directly to Impressions Games.

The site contains a link to the beta signup, so if you’re still hesitating…

Tantalising titbits

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 10, 2000

Browsing the offical Zeus forum over at Impressions I found a few more tantalising titbits. First of all Kraken on Zeus walkers

We’ve hired smarter walkers to work in Zeus. They do, however, retain free will.

Next is…a joined effort with Kraken responding to a longish post of your’s truly on the various military units in the game. It’s a bit long to quote, so I’ll just put in the link.

Another crumb from Kraken is concerning the future:

We know what we’re doing next, although we haven’t announced it yet, and we’re quite excited by it.

For more of the same, click here.

That’s all for now…

Beta Test sign-up has started

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 6, 2000

I just had a note from Sinuhe and Robert, who mailed me an updated Pre-release FAQ. The biggest change in there is the message that the sign-up for beta testing has started.
You can find the sign-up page here.

Good luck!

Quiet times…

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on August 3, 2000

This is Angel Jayhawk filling in for Angel Reckless Rodent. However, since he left the official forum has been very quiet. So quiet that people have been wondering what the Golden Gods are doing…

In my opinion that can be only one thing, i.e. working even harder on Zeus than before. So please be patient and don’t wander all over that Impressions board. Okay?