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The 4/5s continue

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 26, 2001

Time for some more Poseidon-style chunky review goodness (can help weight loss only as part of a calorie-controlled lifestyle). VE had word that CGO has posted its own Poseidon review. The score? Another creditable 4/5.

Poseidon Review Redux

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 25, 2001

During my daily trawl of the gaming news sites, I noticed on Blue’s that there are a few more Poseidon reviews out there. So, if you’re either still considering whether to pick it up, or are waiting for it to arrive on your shores, pin your ears back and listen up :).

  • GamesDomain gave it a creditable 4/5.
  • GamePen also thought 4/5 was the right rating.
  • Finally, GameSpy chose to do it the old-fashioned percentage way, and gave Poseidon 85%.

Gameraiders love Poseidon!

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 21, 2001

Another review courtesy of his Thunderyness this morning, and a pretty good one at that. took a lookat Poseidon and really took it to their hearts, giving it a hale and hearty 93%. Check out the full review here.

Gamezilla Poseidon Review

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 19, 2001

The ever-vigilant Angel Thunder has pointed me in the direction of another Poseidon review – this one’s from Gamezilla, and gives the Zeus x-pack a creitable 79%. Click here to learn more.

Age of Mythology Heaven Opens!

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 16, 2001

Today we see a very rare occurrence – the appearance of a new HeavenGames site. I’ll let the PR do the talking:

July 16, 2001 – HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Age of Mythology Heaven, the latest in its series of special-interest sites for Real Time Strategy & Citybuilding games.

Currently in development, Age of Mythology is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by Ensemble Studios/Microsoft. The game covers ancient times when mythological creatures and events were part of the human experience. The game features some of the more famous civilizations known for their mythological pasts – the Norse, Greek, and Egyptians. The game also features a new proprietary 3D engine enabling stunning visual effects, animated water, mythological characters and hundreds of on-screen units.

Age of Mythology Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of Age of Mythology as the game is being developed, and will bring you the latest news on the game, as well as chats with developers in the forums. Be sure to check out their E3 coverage of AoM as well!

AoM Heaven will be operated by an experienced staff of four. They are Graham “Thunder” Somers, Site Director; Chris “Angel Chris” Gouardo, Content Writer & Graphics Designer; HoYin “Zen” Au, Technical Director; and Tom “Spineman” Mescher, Downloads Director. Many have been actively involved in the gaming community for more than 4 years.

HeavenGames LLC, based in Villa Park, Illinois, is a privately-owned web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGame’s sites the premier destination for gamers worldwide.

Have Your Say!

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 16, 2001

Although this isn’t strictly city-building related, it has something to do with Impressions, so I thought I might as well post it anyway. Their Lords of Magic site has been updated with a poll asking what features you’d like to see in future fantasy games they produce.

A clue to what the guys in Cambridge, MA are up to next, perhaps?

BobT on Colonies

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 15, 2001

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Cherub bobT has added another article to our Scenario Design section. Having already tackled the basics of map-making, and given out some tips on parent cities, he has now turned his attention to the colonial aspect of Zeus. Read his ‘Colonies and their Uses’ here.

Atlantis Reborn Walkthrough Up

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 7, 2001

Our first Poseidon walkthrough has been posted. It’s by the one and only Angel Gustavia, and covers the Atlantis Reborn adventure. Click here to have a read.

Poseidon Reviews

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 4, 2001

Thanks to Thunder for letting me know that a couple of Poseidon reviews have his the virtual stalls, both in a highly complimentary mood. GameSpot gave it a solid 8.5 out of 10, and I gather that IGN did the same (though you have to be a premium user to read the review).

Official Poseidon Walkthroughs Up

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on July 4, 2001

Getting stuck in Poseidon? Does Atlantis keep sinking beneath the waves at the most inopportune moments? Well, your troubles could be over, as Impressions have posted a bunch of Poseidon walkthroughs to help you through troublesome times in the Zeus x-pack.

We’ll be getting some walkthroughs up over the next few weeks.