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Chunky Poseidon Goodness

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 25, 2001

Looking for something to relax you on a Friday and prepare you for the weekend? Well, the official site has just been updated with a bunch of Poseidon goodies (thanks Caesar Alan):

As most of you know, Hera and Atlas have joined the pantheon of gods in Atlantis. Take a closer look at this pair — and check out Poseidon’s new look — by clicking here. And, see the beautiful cities that these gods frequent!

Poseidon Hippodromes

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 24, 2001

Kraken has been keeping the juicy Poseidon tidbits coming over on the official forum. Here are a couple of posts regarding the hippodrome, which will be making an appearance in Poseidon:

Yes, the Hippodrome is built one 4×4 section at a time, like a super road — it can even be drag-drawn. It can be of any length and configuration, as long as it forms a closed loop. Longer Hippodromes bring in more revenue. Hippodromes also improve your Favor among vassals, colonies, allies and rivals, and affect your popularity at home. Beware, though: Hippodromes need horses, and we all know how precious horses can be during times of war. A very long Hippodrome needs a lot of horses, and can even reduce your popularity if your citizens think it’s excessive.

The popularity drop occurs when the Hippodrome reaches 200 segments (800 tiles). That’s pretty big. Your citizens are resentful that you’ve diverted so much money and land to such an ostentatious structure. Or maybe they’re just cheesed that the races last so long. Nothing will stop you from going over this length if you’re willing to absorb a downtick in your popularity.

New Look for HG Main

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 22, 2001

We’ve felt for a while now that the HeavenGames portal page needed something of a redesign. So Angel Zen, man of action and general superhero that he is, took it upon himself to undertake that redesign. You can see the results of his labours here, and I hope you’ll agree that it was a job well done :).

Poseidon Release Date

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 22, 2001

Kraken from Impressions took a little tour of our forums earlier this afternoon and landed up in here, where he posted some info concerning the relase date of Poseidon, the upcoming Zeus X-pack:

It will be all too soon in some ways, and not soon enough in others!
European street dates are expected to be 6-8 weeks after the US street date.

We have not published the US street date, nor am I going to do so now. We will, however, announce Poseidon’s gold master on the Impressions website.

E3 Poseidon Screenshots

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 20, 2001

Although Poseidon wasn’t being shown at this year’s E3, Sierra still included some nice screenshots in the press pack they gave out to members of the media. Those Poseidon screenshots can be viewed here.

Very nice!

New Poseidon Piccies!

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 19, 2001

I don’t know what these look like, since the official site keeps timing out or crashing on me, but Impressions have posted some new Poseidon concept art and some new Poseidon screenshots.

Poseidon Six-Pack

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 14, 2001

Eagle-eyed Laocon pointed this thread over at the official forum, in which King Kraken states that Poseidon will ship with a nice 6-pack of new adventure goodness:

Poseidon will ship with six all-new adventures, plus several new open-play adventures, if you prefer to stick with Impressions scenarios.

No More Beta Signups

Posted by Angel Reckless Rodent on May 1, 2001

As expected, today sees the closure of the application period for those interested in participating in the Poseidon beta test. This from the official site:

The Beta Sign-up period is now closed. Judging by the number of applications we received, you are just as excited about Poseidon as we are! If you were chosen to participate in the beta test, you have been notified by email. Thanks to all who applied!