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Children of the Nile Competition

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on February 9, 2005

Just a reminder about the current contest.

It took eighteen years to build…
…so Tilted Mill and Sega offer eighteen Children of the Nile t-shirts up for grabs, nine of these will be available for contestants from the US and Canada who have been playing for a while now, and another nine for those who just got the game.

The rules are simple.
We want you to play Men-nefer and see how quickly you can build that Great Pyramid. Time is the only thing that counts, so time is all you need to concentrate upon. You have one month, i.e. till March 4th, to give this your best shot.

The difficulty you can chose freely, but we won’t differentiate between hard or normal, so you probably want to pick the latter.

We will open up an additional section in the Downloads where you can upload your best attempt. Here you will be able to chose which region you are competing in (US/Canada or The World). Make sure you pick the right region because picking the wrong one will get you disqualified.

We’ll keep this section hidden so you won’t have to worry about other people seeing what you did, just like we do in other contests.

Who is eligeable?
Well, basically everybody is eligeable to compete. However, we feel that people from the rest of the world who already got the US version of the game (and thus have been playing longer) should participate in the US/Canada group.

What else?
Not much more than wishing you happy building!

If you have any question, you can post them here.

Downloads Deluxe

Posted by Angel Jayhawk on February 6, 2005

In her relentless quest to upgrade all the downloads systems in Heaven to the 0.6 version, Angel Pecunia has now finished upgrading the Zeus download section.

We hope you enjoy it.