News Archives: 2007

Zeus Decrees a Survey

Posted by Gweilo on February 13, 2007

The years have passed, and the Mighty Zeus is pleased with the usage of the Downloads Section at his heaven. Nevertheless, he is curious how we feel about it, and has decreed a new survey to solicit feedback. We, as mere mortals, are obliged to comply. Show honor to Zeus by sparing a minute or two to participate in the download survey.

ZeusMapper is Now Available!

Posted by Gweilo on January 24, 2007

The city of Atlantis minimap, as generated by ZeusMapper.

Angel Pecunia has just released ZeusMapper. It is a small utility program to create PNG minimaps directly from Zeus scenarios (.pak), map files (.map) and saved games (.sav). The created images look exactly like the in-game minimap. For adventures, the colony maps are also viewable.

ZeusMapper allows us to add an extra visual element to the saved cities that we share with the world-wide player community. Kudos to Pecunia for providing us with this capability!