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Poseidon: Adventures

Poseidon: Adventures

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Download File (430.73 KB)
430.73 KB
Praya Maya v2
To the south of the map lies Praya Maya island. A beautiful tropical paradise.
by LeRatonMopeur
- 123 0 2
Download File (452.02 KB)
452.02 KB
The Realm Preservers
Your legacy has failed! Years have passed since your glorious ancestor took the reins of the realm, united humanity and lead it in its darkest time. But now, the realm face danger from whitin. You choose to build a new city to face this new danger
by LeRatonMopeur
- 168 0 10
Download File (26.9 MB)
26.9 MB
[MoW] The Lost Kingdom
9th and final adventure of Master of War: Ares. Drive the Greeks out of the continent and reforge the kingdom of Atlantis in blood with a long-lasting adventure.
by Imotep_tep
- 163 0 3
Download File (957.42 KB)
957.42 KB
Ionian Revolt
The Persians have advanced into Anatolia and are threatening to conquer Greece. The time has come to fight back and secure your freedom.
by Koocy
4.0 (1)
308 0 6
Download File (9.72 MB)
9.72 MB
[MoW] Clash of Wars
8th adventure of Master of War: Ares. Atlantis needs Fartal to become the new dominant city in the Mediterranean. Call on the greatest of heroes and dominate the local peoples.
by Imotep_tep
- 255 0 2
Download File (8.62 MB)
8.62 MB
[MoW] The Hunt
Bonus adventure for MoW. You are cursed for daring to defy the gods. Survive the creatures sent by them to destroy you by protecting the vassals of your Empire.
by Imotep_tep
- 285 0 0
Download File (10.32 MB)
10.32 MB
[MoW] The Defeat of the West
7th chapter of Master of War: Ares. The western borders are under attack! Establish a military base and rescue your increasingly beleaguered allies. Choose your destiny through the colony you will build..
by Imotep_tep
- 263 0 0
Download File (12.34 MB)
12.34 MB
[MoW] Megalomania - Greek edition
This is the greek version of the 1st chapter of MoW. The Greeks invade the Atlantean continent. Build the most prestigious of cities and reconcile the most powerful gods of Olympus.
by Imotep_tep
- 225 0 0
Download File (10.5 MB)
10.5 MB
[MoW] The Atlantean Resistance
6th chapter of Master of War: Ares. The Atlantean Empire is about to be defeated. Resist the rebels who threaten him and regain control of the lost territories.
by Imotep_tep
- 258 0 1
Download File (12.3 MB)
12.3 MB
[MoW] Megalomania
This is the first chapter of Master of War: Ares. Build the most prestigious of cities and reconcile the most powerful gods of Olympus. Prepare your army and impose your authority on the conspirators who threaten the unity of the Atlantean people.
by Imotep_tep
5.0 (1)
760 0 1
Download File (9.86 MB)
9.86 MB
[MoW] Birth of an Empire
5th chapter of Master of War: Ares. Found a city in a place rich in resources and establish the new Atlantean Empire in Greece against the Trojans.
by Imotep_tep
- 286 0 2
Download File (20.73 MB)
20.73 MB
[MoW] A Pirate's Life
4th chapter of Master of War: Ares. Lead a group of Atlantean sailors and survive by founding a pirate thalassocracy. Loot your enemies throughout the Mediterranean and face their retaliation.
by Imotep_tep
4.4 (1)
365 0 2
Download File (874.81 KB)
874.81 KB
Delphi [Playtest]
4 parent and 1 colony (3 options)
by ilpaesaggista
- 103 0 0
Download File (15.29 MB)
15.29 MB
[MoW] Another Atlantean Civil War
This is the 3rd chapter of Master of War: Ares. Face your Atlantean brothers in a terrible conflict over the origin of your civilization. Foil the plots against the Kingdom and protect it from the mythological creatures that threaten it.
by Imotep_tep
4.0 (1)
361 1 5
Download File (1.51 MB)
1.51 MB
You are Queen Dido of Carthage, favourite plaything of the Gods. Prove them your worth and build an empire that will outlive Phoenicia, Greece, Persia, Macedon and even Rome. This adventure for advanced players has 8 parent episodes and 2 colonies.
by IberianHoplite
- 389 0 7
Download File (7.16 MB)
7.16 MB
[MoW] The Greek Revolution
This is the 2nd chapter of Master of War: Ares. Gain your independence by freeing yourself from the tyrannical Atlantean yoke. Organize the Greek rebellion and bring down the empire of Poseidon.
by Imotep_tep
- 357 0 6
Download File (443.33 KB)
443.33 KB
City for Hero
As a councilor of Rome you must found a city to help in the next war that is coming
by gideon18
3.6 (1)
257 0 3
Download File (732.4 KB)
732.4 KB
Dionysian Mysteries
After a long night out with the Centaurs, you and your drunkard friend (and self-proclaimed advisor) set out to build a city in honour of Dionysus
by Koocy
4.7 (2)
418 0 12
Download File (867.46 KB)
867.46 KB
The Grandsons of Geryon
Build the first city of Europe, survive a cataclysm, choose your allies and meet the greatest hero. This adventure is for advanced players and consists of four parent city episodes and a colony.
by IberianHoplite
- 451 0 14
Download File (712.22 KB)
712.22 KB
Orion's Tale
As an Atlantean cast from your homeland, you will need to forge your destiny in a new land. However, you will be challenged by hateful gods, jealous neighbours, and vicious monsters. As you build your destiny, you will come to learn of Orion's tale.
by Orionjoe
4.3 (2)
1170 0 10

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