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Difficulty: Mortal
Number of episodes: 5
Tested a few times, will need feedback, first time i try to input a story let me know if it needs work or more detail. As mentioned in the story last mission has some extra events over quite some time to allow further open play near the end of the quest.
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Map Design4.0
Just a note, Hermepolis is actually a Poseidon Adventure, as it showed up in-game under Poseidon Adventure not Zeus. While we do play as the Greeks here, we'd still need the Poseidon Expansion to run this adventure too.

Now for the review, it may contain spoilers.

Playability: 5
Easy to moderate difficulty in my opinion. Playable as there isn't any notable bugs and issues. *walkthrough snipped*

Balance: 4
Difficulty scaled well as the episodes progressed. Some of the goals or demands may be tough on higher difficulty. We'll need to time the Hermes prayers for some really huge demands.

Creativity: 5
In the parent city, the use of bridge to control access is a nice touch, although the resources are no longer really necessary at that point. The dual monster goals added some nice pressure to the unprepared. The colonies are the bright spots of this adventure. Well-designed goals and maps provide sufficient challenge unlike regular colony maps, which are often pushovers too easy.

In the last episode, the author placed a huge goal as a gate to complete this adventure. While the other goals are rather easy, the key points of this episode are the events - few new rivals, more huge demands and invasions, and some nasty surprises too.

Map Design: 4
All maps are pleasing to look at. Hermepolis is pretty much self-sufficient and the map itself is actually quite large, resources are somewhat scattered or separated by some distance. Distributions can be a challenge, but this is where Hermes shine. That flood near the end is a real surprise and a lucky dodge for me. Maenad's spawn point is a real pity, though Kraken did some good constant damage. Poseidon and especially Zeus are nasty.

The colonies map are fairly tight especially Dermolis. Some smart city-planning are required to win.

Story/Instructions: 3
While there's room to improve, the story is simple yet concise.

Additional Comments:
I understand this links to the story, but the last episode goal "Athena Sanctuary" is still an odd one. Getting both Perseus and Achilles before this would have built 3 sanctuaries including Athena. So perhaps another goal like "4 sanctuaries" would be more fitting, and really encourage us to build any other sanctuary as a challenge.

The last Olive Oil goal could really take some time, but it will not deter any completionist (like me :P) from achieving it. But to be fair, I believe I let my save run long enough to see out most of the events before truly ending the adventure I hope.

Overall a really enjoyable adventure over the weekend. Great effort and thanks!

[Edited on 02/29/20 @ 10:35 AM]

Map Design5.0
First of all, i´d like to say, that i thouroughly enjoyed your map. The continuity with Hermes was a very nice touch, and gave it a personal feel.

Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)
Every map was complete doable, even on Olympian. The reason i only give a 4, is because of the flood in the last episode. Having a plan for your city is essential in this game, but floods completely ruin said plan, by changing the map. Disasters are lovely additions, but floods change to much for me.

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
The adventure was nicely balanced, and you did a good job, in prepping the players treasury for the colony episodes (as in a certain amount was a mission goal). I was entertained right through the adventure, and its very hard to hit that sweet spot, where events are more than nuisances, but not completely ruining the fun.
Very good job on that.
New players may find it somewhat challenging, but it definitely is doable.

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
The variety in the maps was very good, with objectives varying from quests to production, to temples etc.

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
The map designs were very good. I personally like having a big map as a main city, and you did splendidly by making a varied map, with a lot of open space, but not too much. I did 1 elite neighboorhood, and 2 common, and had a pop of around 8.500.
I will say though, that the mint on the island became somewhat obsolete, having access to it so late in the game.
Elite housing generate so much tax, that compared to mints, its just more feasible to build those, plus it also adds more soldiers.

Story/Instructions: 3
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
Having in mind, that this is your first adventure with a story, i think you did very well. I would much rather prefer something brief with good continuity, than when a developer bites off more than said person can chew.

Additional Comments:
Overall one of the greater adventures i´ve played in quite a while.
I really like that you utilized Hermes the way you did. He and Atlas are the rarest Sanctuaries built/available in adventures. With good reason, but the adventure would have been near impossible, had it not been for Hermes, so great job putting him in there.
So if i am to sum up:
Great continuity - develop on that, and you can become truly great at this.
Good story - if it troubles you to write, maybe try and get some help from some ppl on here. Im sure somebody are willing to help you there.
Great variety - keep doing this!!
I´m really looking forward to play more of your adventures.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Balance: 4

Creativity: 4

Map Design: 4

Story/Instructions: 3

Additional Comments:
Good adventure. But the tsunami is too much

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