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Difficulty: Hero
Number of episodes: 6+1
It's been nearly four years since I uploaded something... and not for the lack of campaigns. I just don't have the time or motivation to translate them :P

But here comes Heracleidae - based upon the mythological (historical?) conquest of Peloponnesus by descendants of hero Heracles. As you can imagine, it will be mostly a military campaign.

The adventure comes with some empty audio files - they're there only to force Zeus to play the briefing/ending music.

Have fun!
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Great map!
File Author
Thanks as always, Gweilo2. Now get to reviewing! :P
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

I played at Olympian level.

In general, the missions are a lot of fun. The objectives make sense and natural disasters pose a challenge without being sadistic. My one gripe is the last mission which can get a little tedious - with so many cities to conquer and defend, there's a fairly lengthy amount of time between amassing a large enough army to win the mission and actually winning the mission. I really like what the author was going for, here, and it works, I just think it was maybe 1 or 2 cities too many. Of course this might not be an issue at all on lower difficulties.

Balance: 5

Lovely campaign balance-wise. Challenging with the occasional curveball but nothing unfair or sadistic. I particularly enjoyed the colony episode, which provided some great hurdles both in terms of city planning and military.

Creativity: 3

This adventure doesn't have anything mind-blowing or heretofore unseen. Not that there's anything wrong with that - not every adventure needs to reinvent the wheel.

Map Design: 5

Again, absolutely love the colony map design. Parent map design is also great - enough space to give lots of freedom but just restricted enough to still make you think things through. The resources are plentiful but relatively concentrated - it's a map design that rewards good distribution networks.

Story/Instructions: 4

Story was solid and there was a good amount of continuity between intro/outro narration and the mission events. It particularly did a good job of ensuring that the player understood that the supplies being set aside for colonies in certain episodes were actually offerings being made to gods. The Heracleidae is great fodder for a Zeus adventure and the author did a great job adapting it. Perhaps the one issue is that the writing itself isn't always as clear as it could be, which is an issue compounded by the Hercleidae having a fairly large cast of characters with long names (the latter certainly isn't the author's fault). The story itself had some spelling and grammar issues.

Additional Comments:

Very nice, well-rounded adventure that's interesting and challenging without being cruel.
beegtorres Hi Haspen! Is this Zeus or Poseidon Adventure? It's on Poseidon Adventure category but when i open it, it's Zeus.
File Author
It was made using the Poseidon Editor, and therefore opens up in Poseidon Custom Adventures menu.

Thanks for the review, glad you've enjoyed it!
Mazeppa Nice to see you back here. ;)
And that map is simply fantastic.

Now, this is what a map is, when the creator devotes so much love, effort and creativity to it... things that you can really see in this map and be truly captivated by.

Gorgeous map!
beegtorres Hi Haspen!

I really can't figure out how to open this on Poseidon. Well, anyways, thank you for this wonderful adventure!

Though Heracleidae opened as a Zeus Adventure on my end, I was still able to complete it. I uploaded my completed adventure of this under Zeus:Completed cities. Please check it out if possible. Thanks! (please upload new adventure soon!) =)

[Edited on 05/13/20 @ 02:07 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It was between easy to moderate at Hero level. Playable with no game-breaking bugs. Overall the gameplay was smooth. The tougher part was to work around with low funds at the early episodes, but once the foundation was stable and resources grew, the city just snowballed onwards.

Balance: 4
Difficulty scaled well as the episodes went. Goals were fair, though the last episode it was slightly tedious. Even on Hero, it took quite a while to replenish the military for each conquests, rinse-and-repeat.

Creativity: 4
Events in the adventure were solid, as one would expect from a good adventure. The colony Naupactus was one of the better colonies made; unlike some adventure where colonies were merely a pitstop, there were actually some huge goals to work on here.

Map Design: 4
Both maps looked nice and natural. In the colony, land was at a premium, there was some work to fit elite houses and 3 sanctuaries. While the parent map was somewhat easier due to larger space, there were still apt challenges especially on proper distributions.

Earthquakes however were surprise. I managed to dodge the one in the colony, but not the one near the middle in the parent city. It was a shock, luckily the damage wasn't too much, so recovery wasn't too big of an effort. But it could have gone much worse easily.

Story/Instructions: 4
A story well-written exudes sincere effort.

Additional Comments:
An interesting and enjoyable adventure. Thanks!

[Edited on 05/14/20 @ 07:11 AM]

Project Nova I thought this was a Poseidon Adventure.

Sad to say I'm disappointed.

There was a comment here saying:

"It was made using the Poseidon Editor, and therefore opens up in Poseidon Custom Adventures menu."

No. That's technically true but no. There's a button in the editor that classifies if this is a Zeus adventure or Poseidon adventure. If this is greek, then it's a Zeus. No exceptions. Meaning, no black marble, no oranges, no orihalc, and no pyramid. If this is Atlantean, then it's a Poseidon adventure.

It's a nice map, but I'm looking for a poseidon adventure.

Edit: So black marble, oranges, orihalc and pyramids do exist in Zeus adventure. Sorry bout that. But still, it's a Zeus adventure.

I only played the old version of Zeus (Where atlas, and hera didn't exist and there was no editor) and after that never again. I only play Poseidon when using the latest.

[Edited on 06/17/20 @ 02:13 AM]

dulano Hello @Project Nova,

Heracleidae showed up in my game under Poseidon Custom Adventure, but us players do play as Greeks here. No black marble, no chariots, no pyramids, common housings were red-roof not green, and etc.

Yet this would still be considered as a Poseidon Adventure because some newer elements from the Poseidon expansion were used, I think. Hera as an Unfriendly God, maybe Corral/Cows too. I'm not entirely sure as I'm not familiar with adventure editors... but those were some potential reasons I could think of.

[Edited on 06/17/20 @ 02:43 PM]

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