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From the Ashes

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Difficulty: Titan
Number of episodes: 9
Hello O./

I have been playing this game almost every other year for a long time now, but haven't actually finished a scenario yet...until now.

This Adventure has 9 Episodes, all of them are Parent Episodes. You will unlock new Areas when completing Episodes in order to further establish your city. There are NO DISASTERS, other than the ones I used to unlock parts of the map, those will however not destroy buildings!

The difficulty in this Adventure comes from the fact that Taxation is not possible until the very end, meaning you will have to export goods rather than getting by via Taxation. Early on your space will also be limiting, but this will also get better the more you progress.
Your City will start with very little and slowly grow into a self-sustaining metropolis.

I tested the Adventure on Olympian difficulty but I recommend Titan or Hero, if you don't want to stress out about money that early on, but those who want a bit of a challenge are welcome to play this on Olympian


You were on the Advisory team for the last King of Palaios, a city now in Ruin. When the King insulted Hades the god destroyed city and you just barely got away. Now its up to you to rebuild a new home and while the area looks promising, Hades is not quite done with you yet.

I hope you enjoy the Adventure. Any feedback or reviews are very welcome!
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File Author
Forgot to mention this in the original post:
Since I unlocked new Areas of the Map through earthquakes, you'll need to build paths over the rifts once they appear!
imred42 i dont think it loaded the colony adventure. i set stuff aside for one then 4 episodes later i cannot complete the tradeing partners goal. also Ammpolis is off the map and cannot select the city
File Author

There isn't supposed to be a Colony Adventure, the goods you set aside were for the expansion to the middle area. I should have made that clearer in the Adventure Text. The problem with the City being off the map didn't occur to me. Are you running any resolution mods?


The Trading Partner Goal is the last Episode, so luckily you haven't missed anything, I'll check if I can replicate what happened to you and will try to fix it though.

[Edited on 05/21/20 @ 04:56 AM]

imred42 Does a new city pop up in the last set of goals, maybe i just need to wait longer.
File Author
I tested it once again this time with and without the widescreen mod. It seems to be showing all 10 Trading Partners for me. All Foreign Cities should be there from the First episode onwards.

Here is an image of how it should look like:
nhibanh Im on Episode 3 I think which the goal is to produce 12 planks of wood per year, but Im not sure how to get my wood worker to get timber
dulano @nhibanh

Timber mills for Wood appeared as soon as Episode 3 started, along with the carding sheds for Fleece. It would also require a bridge or two to access the small island on the south for trees and meadow. You may also want to check if storehouses are able to accept Wood.

And a sidenote, I've got no issue with "10 Trading Partners". I'm running the widescreen mod of 1366x768 and the animation patch, the (smaller) world map was showing all the cities looked fine too.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Fairly easy on Hero, no notable bugs. For advanced players I'd suggest to jump right into Titan or Olympian level.

Balance: 4
On the easier side of the scale. I don't want to sound negative - I really wasn't - but the city Neos was never at risk of running out of resources. Granted, resources were overflowing and the only foremost challenge was on how distribute them efficiently in the stretched-out city. Shouldn't be a problem for any advanced players, especially with Hermes in town.

And this was a rather peaceful adventure, with the focus on cityscape and trades - a true building adventure.

Creativity: 4
The concept of unlocking a new area using earthquakes was very refreshing. Events were solid and flowed smoothly.

Map Design: 4
Great effort from the author. Areas were well-planned. If I'm being critical, each areas were a tad too large or bountiful. There was so much open space, there was no need to overthink when laying out constructions or housing blocks. Admittedly I wasn't building entirely efficient, but when my adventure ended there were still 30-40% of land unused lol.

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice story. No notable issues on grammar. I do find some minor encoding issue with the apostrophes ('), maybe it's just my laptop though.

Gamewise, I was actually expecting Hades to visit/wreck havoc in the city. Then I saw there wasn't Hades in the opponent God list. Lucky me I guess :D

Additional Comments:
A solid debut. There are few rooms for improvement. An increase of some of the goal numbers could be useful, like year production etc. Another example, in episode 6, where the city was supposedly very stable and was expecting to boost the military, a "4 spearmen" goal was really underwhelming here.

That said, this was still very satisfying and overall an interesting adventure. Thanks!
Map Design3.0
Great.But wish there was more Olives
File Author
Thank you both @dulano and @ObitzJeager for your reviews.

I got so motivated reading them I went ahead and made an entirely new Adventure! I just uploaded it and it should become available soon on here. I tried to address some of the things you mentioned in your review @dulano.

It's harder (at least I think so), the map is smaller, I put a bit more effort into the story and fixed the encoding issues and made the goals a bit more ambitious.

Thank you ever so much for your feedback!
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Map Design4.0
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